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Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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15/09/2022 21:48

Do not forget they have notifications on registered mails and they can notify about changes each and every single user to mail provided, with some explosive name MTV" is back, CHECK MAIL! Or something like that. Believe me, many would return.
They are maybe scared of price of 5 or 10 cents, but a lot of people forgot that best days of MTV were exactly in between 5-10 cents.


I did my best to try to contact and help them, negotiate with them not only about those solutions, but about giving them my whole idea......... They are either not interested, and honestly I do not have coding knowledge, and honestly right now time either to pull it off........ So I wanted to cooperate with them, but also help them. Believe me this is only small part what I told them now. There is possible to do so much more to improve not only this, but also ptcshare and advertising online in general. There is so much more.......

I will not try to write support tickets anymore, nor humiliate myself, I do not care, hope they do read this and hope they will realize its possible to revive project. If they had loss, now is perfect time to recover. What is best in that, neither them nor users lose anything, because all will have option to sell right away with slightly over 5 cents (if they include tex on market.

We all would start from start like nothing happened.
Traffic Value: $53,683.67577 Germany
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16/09/2022 04:55
@ MisterDD

Please contact me:
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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16/09/2022 08:33

I sent e-mail.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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16/09/2022 08:55
Well misterdd, 

What will happen when there are more then 8 million rp's with a minimum price of 5 cents:
Nothing, because nobody will buy. Tell me why people would buy against 5 cents (valueing the company at 400k+ while it is now 200k-250k)?

Why the reverse split? You can also issue 350 million extra rp and distribute them to the ftq-holders.
And what will happen when we do that without a minimum price? Without a minimum price, the rp-price will drop in half. Giving the ftq-holders 50 cents on the dollar and dilluting current rp-holders also.

I am not saying that issuing extra rp couldn't be a solution, but I don't think it is the golden idea, you want it to be.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/09/2022 09:14
Bravo Hoppa, that's one of the best points made - what would most of those changes realistically do? Nothing.

I understand the frustration of little changing & "things seeing so simple to solve", but that's the situation we 're in. You have to understand & realize the following:

a) Changing anything requires a LOT of programming work/costs a lot. You probably don't realize the scope of many of these changes
b) Any sort of changes to RPs/FTQs are meaningless, if there is no profit to distribute in the first place.
And also a) -> They'd just be a waste of time & money to implement. Money & time that is already unavailable.

The only realistic way to any significant improvements is:
- profits improve, and we can afford more changes
- we have people who have time & Willing to work for no pay, to bring those changes

Bottom line is that even if we created some product, if there's is noone available to properly manage anyone working on that product, and then managing the product & marketing it, the product will bring in no revenue and change nothing.

@misterDD You have a skewed perception on the power of our email database. We utilize emails regularly, but there's only up to 100-200k emails from out base that are still active/deliverable, and the open/activity rates are minuscule to what you probably think. Realistically even if somehow magically things changed over night and MTV was suddenly attractive to everyone, the emails wouldn't really make a massive difference on their own. Sure we'd use them and they'd bring some activity (there's a reason we use them even now for promotional purposes), but you're highly overestimating the size of active & quality emails addresses.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/09/2022 09:17
Also Ideas & "specs" are worth next to nothing.
Team, execution & perseverance to create a product is everything.

I can drop you 100 ideas with huge potential in a day, but none of them is worth squat if there's noone managing them with expertise, time & money to make them a reality.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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16/09/2022 09:20

Let's be realistic:


1. For new players 5 cent might be high.
2. You got locked market that can not go under 5 + tax cents.


1. You got rid of total debt, and you do not need to pay anyone anything from your own pocket anymore. We talk about genius Jo, who lets be realistic, in that time was, but his own interest in the end did what it did. Marc and Slosumo did great job so far, but lets face it, market aint that active, and does not bring enough money to pay FTQ.

2. 5 cents on 8+ mill deividends = same as 0.0005 on 500 mill dividends aka RP's. That is what I constantly try to say.

3. Fee on one RP for 5 cent is higher than fee on 99 for 0.0005, and thus since they will be ripped of debt, they would finally be able to pay with at least 1/3 of fee profit daily dividents to all RP holders. Small steps, make big steps.

I see more benefits than losses. There can be improved all areas of MTV-PV also, but I am not paid to develop something that aint mine. I told just enough to help. I do not say they should do it, I said what I think its easier way.

I am happy we debate about solutions tho. This is best way for whole project. No mean intentions on my side, hope all understand that. Was supported of project since I came, and will stay like that.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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16/09/2022 09:29
The market isn’t active because bully bids are jamming it with high volume bids that the market can’t absorb fast enough. Either people need to be less greedy and selfish or there needs to be maximum bids and daily bid limits per person relative to market volume
Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
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16/09/2022 16:58
@MisterDD: we had a market limit at 1 Cent for quite some time and it was an absolute catastrophy. 
The market didn't move at all. What makes you think a five times higher limit would change anything? 
Quite the opposite the queue would get longer and longer without anyone buying at all.
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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16/09/2022 17:14
Slosumo is right in the sense that without profits these changes won't do much. What I simply don't understand is this: If you look at PPMG's revenue till date, it's over $500k. This might not include server and staff costs but this is one of the main income producers/the main one. The FTQ could have probably been repaid with this alone (assuming the shutdown of everything else). 

I know the focus is on increasing income but tbh. most people aren't here for the long run and will leave once they get paid/already left. If you want to build a profitable income stream for the investors here, sites like Paidverts and PTCShare honestly won't cut it and just cause financial losses. I think it's really not about what new products to add at this point but how to pay back the investors with the profitable products that already exist while cutting down costs to close to zero. The management as well as staff have worked a lot and haven't been paid well at all. You guys know yourself that you could probably find a better paying job somewhere else and maybe already have. 

I know people don't want to hear all this but it is the truth at the end of the day. The other option is that we try launching new products but we have launched so many products over the years and really the only successful ones are the casinos. Why not let the casinos pay of the FTQ? Close down the sites and send the investors their profits through other means (Bitcoin, etc.)? There really is no need to maintain a business at this scale to be able to repay people.
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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16/09/2022 17:15
@mio yes but there would technically be less shares, so it shouldn't really make a difference as the market cap would be around the same...
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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17/09/2022 00:13

I will tell you now one sad story.
There was unknown guy who tried to earn some money and something in what believes and loves. He was from good family, but personally poor, did not believe in internet earnings, but tried it, and started MisterDD.
Eventually he was growing, finding own ways, never scammed anyone, but then in one hyip website with PayPal was down and he refunded money. One referall inested 20 USD, but there was no way to contact him, only hope he will refund too.

After that MisterDD never invited anyone in any ponzy website. He could invest as others, he could do dirty ways, but he never did. People laughed of him, people insulted him, people hated him, but they do not know he worked 12 + hours daily, in 8 months from nothing he started something, and decided to help to those who needed help, to some gave money and didnt ask anything back. In return from some received thanks, and from those who scammed him (he knw how will end), he did not receive even sorry. He then refused to talk to shady people, and starting to help people who did not receive help. First that was forum where others blocked him, but people continued to ask him for creation of e-mail, then facebook, and he got bigger and starting helping more. But more he earned, more people he helped, more others hated him, trashed him, ridiculed, and some who did not know better threat with jail for scamming (because some did not believe internet earnings can be honest, back then all believed its ponzy and cheating). Some said sorry and asked him for help them and friends. All went well till one day bad decisions forced him to recover but get tired on too much scams online. His group and results were bigger and bigger, mostly because of writing sites, MTV and games, but reality was, he lost quite some money during the road, despite even more profit, and he started to try change team, and on MTV moderators, owners and good people despite wild but honest nature tolerated his idea and gave him 2 days. Those people (cat, slosumo, jo, Carlos, Marc), got his respect despite total differences in some things. But no hard feelings ever.

MisterDD gathered the group raised the funds, and got offer from owner of MTV to legalize project which he declined because he did not know what is behind. Some said MisterDD wants to ruin MTV what is utter BS, because only goal was to end era of ponzy scamms. Why? In about 10-20 websites he invested several 10-ths dollars and waited for result, and result was devastating comparing to past when some honest sites ruled. He needed several weeks to sketch idea, because despite he was one of most rounded internet workers and marketers online in over 15 ways of internet earnings, its one to work online, and other to know background and how things work. So he sketched design of website, Then he needed to create sustainable math and needed few weeks for that, and was super complex, and realized, you can not return 150 %, nor 100 %, nor more than 50 % because you would be break, and he knew that, and did not lied about that in project.
Then he needed to find programmers because most of others didnt give a single shit, and he needed to do all, he did that, and hired crew with most rounded script online, but that script was not good enough and modifications started, big modifications, in all possible areas, no ponzy, no gambling, no negative bilance in any area, and a lot of improvements even in marketplace and payments.
Today in 2022 idea would be 50 % even better than then, but its irrelevant. What was relevant is that after heavy work and almost 5 months of constant work, lack of private life he was almost kicked from project because some greedy people was sure he want to overtake project and kick him out?????? He stepped out after he gave and helped with money to people who back then could not get the money, and later returned. Then they called him back, and funny those 3 people fucked up rest 7.......... So programmer were waiting, and waiting, and MisterDD was in stress......... Day D came and MisterDD had to make a call, admit all lost 360 usd and start over, and kick those people out, otherwise they would lose whole project who was in hands of programmers.
Then MisterDD was called by same 3 people as scammer that should return them money back (after they ruined project for rest 7 people, its their right to not pay, but its rest 7 people right to kick them out and start new company).
Sadly in next several months after making new project (because once you lose original owners on papaer, youre not worth any trust) they had to start again with better team...... Then after 360 bugs programmers said MistrerDD we can not like that anymore, there is always something, and you guess its again MisterDD's fault, because he worked like a horse, after people trashed him, humiliated him, after he transfered Polish and saw that in script progammers for communication borrowed parts of ideas for their new v2.0 script, and MisterDD made a deal with them to receive script and admin panel, impressive, but needed to protect own rights and make friendly goodbye with those programmers.
So MisterDD you guess had to find professional programmer on Fiver who said they did mess with code and you need 2k more to fix it......... Then came next year and Brexit came. MisterDD's team investigated that and said totally invested is 720 $ usd for each, and they still decided to go on. But CEO on papers (person with most skills in real life) did not do work well about Brexit, and despite MisterDD's team appeals to be careful, dates are wrong, report has to be filled before, he rather insulted MisterDD and said that he will do his job, and he trusts to formation team in UK. Guess what, he said few weeks after that has problems in family, and left........ Same did 2 more........ So team of 7 was left behind, MisterDD's team investigated all and saw there is payment overdue fine of 2 k pounds........ Guess what Brexit report was chanced to till -rd month, and not 6-th as before. So not only you lost 720 usd, you need to start company again cause to pay changes costs 150 usd per person + its visible online and makes you suspicious, and if you leave them in papers you have to pay them by law. You know money changes people even if they say we dont mind to stay in papr, they would ask for money if ammount rolls good, right? So all 7 people decided its enough. That is how you lose 97 % completed project before all started.

MisterDD never really left, he just never found passion to return as he was before. And today's MisterDD will soon start to refund those 6 people, or at least as much of them wants money back. All said, that he does not need, but it is human call. Its a lot of k's of dollars, but honsty over all because MisterDD brought them in, its human to pay them despite years passed. And he will do it, or he will die trying, money is not that big issue. Rest? They ridiculed them for some months till truth about them was exposed, and MisterDD's humanity and selfrespect hardly sees reason why to reward some of them who cause others to lose 360 and then again more to 720 usd. Those who left either forced others or left on themself, and man can not reward someone for quit.

After a lot of popularity, honesty, passion, and lost over 1 year of life for working something you trully believe, Mister DD never returned back as he could. He is not anymore relevant marketer, or earner. 

He retired quietly, but will stay active with payment till last cent and support in few remaining project he is still in, till God will deide what will be with him.

So yes my dear friend, I know how it is to be ridiculed by other people, I know how it is to be asked for money, I know how it is when programmers stab you in the back, and I know some coding. And you can bet your ass off, I know all about admin panel and what dirty tricks most of them using (yeas they can get in your account, yes they can empty your wallet, and yes mony is not in website, its website that is actually connected with bank accunt). Yes my dear friends, I know something about fails, dedication, insults, and success. I know time and work costs. In last 8 years I still believe project might see daylight, could sell it, could cooperate, but now I am not even sure I will do it on my own. Life goes fast, and I am every day coser to my sudden end. But with that you learn to be better person (despite i never scammed anyone neither online or in real life, because I never told anyone to invest or gamble online or in real life) and you learn to live day by day, and hope good days may come.

To all those who read this, congrats and remember I only am here to help as MTV once bounced me up, I decided to return favor back. Many said money will change me, or I say that because I do not have money I never liked money when I did not have it much , I do not like money now when I have it. Its just paper and you need to have it enough for happy life, because happy life and happiness of ou and people around you means more than anything else.  

I apologize for every bad word both in real life and online, but MisterDD you knew before, and today aint same. Whetever left from him. Do not have doubts I am here to help and always will help. What will be with project and idea, its in God's hands. I am not even sure I have time and strenght to bother with that, Gift or success I do not care, its just money.

Wish you all, all the best, enjoy.

Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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17/09/2022 04:33
Coding is not all that difficult. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands. You can learn for free here:
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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17/09/2022 21:16

I do not have time. I finished all basic things I need to know, html, css, php, javascript, jquery, databases.

I only need to repeat it one more time, and I can play with it. But one is to play, and other is to create gigantic database what will work well with that Insane math behind the project that is setup to calculate honest tax directly to country to rip you from hussle and scams of programmers or formation teams and paperwork scammers, as I said bad experience happened with both 5 of total 12 people, and its hard to trust anyone aftr that, specially programmers who caused after each repair new bugs, and then said (lasts too long), how convinient, but they were not shamed to ask more money each time.

In short, as I said I am not competent to create super important databases, I can hangle login form, front end and design, but super important databases and admin panel...... Hardly....... And for that you need to have professional you can trust, what may be problem, otherwise people may get hacked or scammed if any loophole in project, and nobody wants that.

Other thing, I am on laptop now, no mean machine with me, since I moved to Nederland for some not defined period of time, and my pro computer is stuck in Croatia, till I settle and bring all stuff with me, and combining with barelly any gaming, training, work and girlfriend, I jut do not have any time.Not to mention you need to learn language. 

Anyway I bla bla a lot. If MTV will struggle with any area, just remember all areas can be mproved massivelly, and MTV can be transformed even more, sure with coding, or without coding with steps I told. I dont know why pople do not se ethat cleared FTQ will make clear focus on marketplace and trading, but well it seems I am only one who see's profit if revenues from RP's finally start come. Plus I would easiely again invite people back.

Whatever you guys decide I will always support this project.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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18/09/2022 10:40
@mio2815 more or less @freak300 answered you

1. 5 million on 5 cents would be same as 500 million on 0.0005 difference in market, but its less sold RP's per day, BUT its SAME impact on RP's sold on 500 millions (based on bigger feee + easier flow of RP's. So should be same.

2. Remaining 3 800 000+ RP's would come from FTQ (fast track queue or investments, BUT they will totally be switched to other people, and not to MTV burden anymore.

3. You need to cap 5 cents + fee to make all legit and avoid confuse, or you can allow them, but put big notification that every sale under 5 cents + fee is LOSS, otherwise some would lose money, or not be avare what is happening and that they have less RP's that are actually worth 5 cents now. (you can make 10 cents as starter, or 2 cents, I just picked 5 + fee as this purpose of solution, so does not need to be 8 million + RP's, it can be any starting ground).

4. MTV would totally lose debt and would finally be able to focus on development and profit because as I said FTQ qould not be anymore their problem. Yes, it would be probably 8 million starting 5+ cents RP's for sale, but that is no difference than now, some would sell for minimal price, others would sell for 6 cents.

5. Problems started when Jo entered in last multiplication, that was step too far, I needed personally a lot of time to recoup, and believe me I am great strategiest same as Jo was brilliant mind, all what he said he would do, I always made strategy for my referalls, but I knew 500 mill is super big problem, there was just not enough people to buy all that + you had constantly to invest back and back in Paidverts because he did also BAP thing.

Conclusion, if there is no stated debt in project, people would come in clear project + if they pay 1/3 of fee earnings to RP's, believe me motivation will start to grow, and we will have stronger and faster MTV. Why would that pay anything from fee profit on RP's? Because revenues in RP market, would motivate people to use marketplace.

Wonna hear my secret in my idea? Make again brilliant Jo's secrion of personal advertising where you vote best website, but I did that in my idea way better. Make section of forum only for gaming advertisements on youtube! 10 per week, and use payment for advertisement, then people pick best, and he gets part of revenues...... Part goes to payment, and 1/3 goes to RP's.
Why stop with that, make part of forum where people advertise their articles.
Where people advertise their sales........Websites.......
Or just modify Jo's idea little better.

Make one game for test on high score, lets see how it will go, lets crowdfound it, and lets put 1/4 for reward, 1/4 for payment or reward and 1/4 that goes to RP's reward pool., and 1/4 goes for payment for reward pool.

Only little bit of creativity, believe me, Jo was smart guy but sadly he turned to scamming, what is sad waste of potential, Slosumo and Marc are super smart also, many of you are great, but there has to be less depression, more passion and faith. If I found ways before 8 years to improve every single section of MTV back then, then we can do it 8 years later at least 70 % even better.

Wonna hear something better? If you guys promise you will not make ponzy non sustainable version of my idea, I will publically post whole document here, we can improve it, create it, crowdfund it. Call its MTV/PV 2, because believe me it is something what is not seen on the internet, and is simplified version of both where you do not lose money, but you are able to motivate and pay people as they advertise or generate money from rewards or market.. But database would be big, because of 7-10 different versions of revenues and revenue streams. Anyway I only want to help, same as any of you wants. And I bet we can find loopholes and improvement even in my 2022 idea sketch and make it even better and make biggest gigant in history of internet marketing.

You think I am not scared as you, or Slosumo or anyone here is scared? But let be realistic, WTF can we lose if we try one more time to create one big giant? Nothing. I will personally fund it and invest to crowdfund it.

I appologize its just too wide topic to talk about that, thats why my posts are big, even basic description in 2012 was over 180+ pages, so you can bet its a lot of things to debate.

Hope I didnt cause mess, just want to motivate you guys to stop being negative, and lets try one more time....... But now lets do it proper way and together, and please DO NOT use anything online, HAS TO BE MADE BY US. Believe me, you do not want to modify anything online, do not make my mistake, and do not trust any programmer. Has to be honest one who is not interested into building of scripts, because his hour salary is better than that anyway.

You guys have material hope noone will attack me, sorry for offtopic, just tried to explain on more detail way my vision how I see it.

Wish you all nice weekend.
Traffic Value: $114,601.66988 Spain
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24/09/2022 20:30
1. The problem was Jo.
2. A lot of money and time has been wasted on makiing thing for garbaje.
3. Where is the money of captchas? only 1 example. Several copy-games for nothing.
4. Nowadays nobody want to invest here cozz before people invest for get something and after all is changing. (FTQ, SHARES...) 
5. A lot of salary ( maybe now not, but before have salary even the cats).
I read before now start working out for get salary etc etc.
6. a lot ideas on forum (same changing all facescream of MTV) but after nothing.
7. Where money of all games ¿only for pays salary? IDK
8. Yeah, shares of mtv is crazy. There are  a lot cozz scammer of Jo (Richard) made split sahres several time but, now can´t reverse the all split or part of split of shares. (adm and co. no interesting cozz have million of million of shares and have control of market-shares.
Traffic Value: $1,581.80953 Spain
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25/09/2022 12:59
Personally, I do believe in the honesty of the current administrators. Another issue is whether they have taken the proper steps to get out of this quagmire, which they probably haven't. Now it looks really hard to get out of the water. Time and inactivity makes people lose trust and that's the worst thing that can happen to a website like this...
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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27/09/2022 07:21
Jo did mistake, probably willing one, and people like me knew last one would be super devastating. Rest I will not go into. I do know Joel scammed on one project after. That is enough for me about him. Jo's punishemnt is enough that I will never step in any website related to him anymore, I am sure many more of us.

But this administration is not perfect either, do not forget I was trashed several times even as moderator because some moderators tolerated insults which I did not, and since they were Slovenians, they had open hands to threat me and others even with ban. Not to mention girl back then who was connected with Marc, and openly tried to shush me, just because I was back then very strong player and my growth was insane. I was one of top 10 investors in 186 % if I am right, had solid ammount of MTV shares back then and over 20 million BAP in PV. So i was one of top 10 there too. There was a lot of injustice to me on both sides. With Joel I struggled to save money of my referrals, with Slosumo and Marc I was attacked just because I was believer of Jo (I never attacked anyone if I never had valid reason). But I am not perfect person either so I do not put fingers. 

I have no problem with this road, but I always said, I do not like gamble and can not bring new people on website that is moving path on gamble. I respect their way, but I will not push people to gamble, did not before, will not now, will not ever. That is when goes to me. I onyl want first sustainable profitable project online, but you people have to face it ALMOST NOBODY wants that. The sooner you face reality, better will be for you guys. Why? Because ponzy sites are scamm, but they bring a lot of money for owners. Period. I am sorry if I am so honest, but that is reality online in quite a lot of cases.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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27/09/2022 07:45
If you do not believe me, tell me, where are now that girl and those people that attacked me openly on forum to ban me? They told I want to ruin MTV-PV, they told lies I am Joel's follower and spy. They told lies why I was removed as moderator! Truth is I asked Slosumo on my own to remove my moderator status based on trash of many people on my back.
As I said I am not perfect and I have totally no grudge against anyone, we are humans and are not perfect, but the yall left the ship, and MisterDD is still with you guys and it is trying to help.

I still believe we can find solution, or crowdfund it. But I do believe. But I will not push them into something they do not want to, or maybe if they do not believe insuccess. I just know I can not bring people into gambling. Advertising model with pure advertisements and referral commissions with profit or not, yes, but gambling no. That always was my policy.
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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27/09/2022 14:42
Question: If I decided to buy 50M shares (10%) of the company at some point in the future, will it be possible for me to actively get involved in the management of the business? Is that rule still in place?
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