It’s all about : potential customers at the right place.
  • My Traffic Value
    a crowd-funding project
    Our business is based on a crowd-funding system,
    aiming to get a monetization portfolio. We use your
    investments to add products, games, services, and
    websites to our portfolio. These products are
    developed and implemented in the website and
    available to the guests and customers. The full
    100% of daily revenues from our portfolio, are
    directed towards repaying the investors at the top
    of the Fast Track Queue.
  • Crowd-funding
    to develop our portfolio
    Crowd-funding finances our portfolio by using
    a group of people. Small amounts of money are
    collected by our potential investors instead
    of borrowing big amounts from just few big investors.
    In order to repay every single investor, our
    portfolio products must return 3.6x their
    development costs. Once investors receive their
    full returns, they're removed from the queue.
    And the next person lines up to get paid!
Our most important feature

Our process and business model are completely transparent. Check out our daily Result Cards, to see a breakdown of every cent earned, and paid out to investors.
To keep you safe

Our business is legally registered in New Zealand, certified by our GeoTrust Inc. SSL Certificate. Visit us, find out how to make it happen here.