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How are the RPs doing?

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14/10/2015 00:17
Looking at the RP talks on the forum, I came to realize that people were holding more on estimates about the RP situation. Pages have grown quite a lot, and it's getting hard to go through every page to see how many RPs are for sale. There are 5-7M RPs for sale is a really bad estimate. Relying on pages is also not representative enough. A page with 100 RPs for sale is as much of a page as it is one with 2M RPs. 

Since we have topics with stats about cashouts and PV, things that are much more "visible", I decided to open this topic to help us all together see how the RPs are actually doing. 
I'll try to post daily, around reset time, the exact number of shares for sale each day, and some other stats that will not really take a lot of my time, and would help us all have a better view on the current situation.

Since this is my first post, I'll just post the number of shares for sale roughly around server reset and the number of shares sold the previous day. 
Starting tomorrow, will be able to compare those numbers with today's and come up with a bit more stats.

RPs for sale @ $0.01 14-Oct-2015:  8.194.441 RPs or $81.944,41  
RP transfer volume 13-Oct-2015:    402.622 RPs

Yesterday (13-Oct-2015), right after noon server time, the amount of RPs for sale @ $0.01 was 7.563.159, but as I said, I'll try to make this a 24 hour thing, so I'll ignore that value.

I hope this topic makes it a lot easier for all of us to follow the RP market situation. angel
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14/10/2015 00:35
Nice initiative. 

A good thing to know is not only how many sales are for sale and how much this number is growing/decreasing, but how many shares are bought daily.

After reading many posts I get that people have the negative perception that shares are being put on sale, but they don't perceive they are still being bought and how fluidly the market is moving.

Maybe putting this number out there for all to see and compare, may help some to make a less negative picture out of the whole situation.
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14/10/2015 00:39

Use Roadblocks as math measurements.

The first would be
Goofy255 200,000 to amarsunnyas 30,000 (220 btwn)
Second Would be
amarsunnyas 30,000 to Leehuyn68 156,050 (16,586 btwn)

And you can create totals until each as you want as well.
Basically create benchmarks to not do so much redundant math.
OFC, some may actually cancel their bids, after 24hrs, but I still think it will help.
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14/10/2015 00:40
We have that for yesterday: RP transfer volume 13-Oct-2015:    402.622 RPs

Starting tomorrow we will see how the number of RPs is evolving, there's really not much you can do with only one input smile
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14/10/2015 00:41

Oct 4th onwards is only 1c sales. Prior to that, day trading existed.

October 14th 2,500 $25.00 $0.12504
October 13th 402,622 $4,026.22 $20.13399
October 12th 361,754 $3,617.54 $18.09126
October 11th 192,063 $1,920.63 $9.60475
October 10th 277,191 $2,771.91 $13.8616
October 9th 355,030 $3,550.30 $17.75495
October 8th 212,582 $2,125.82 $10.6327
October 7th 249,157 $2,491.57 $12.46151
October 6th 234,923 $2,349.23 $11.75013
October 5th 419,219 $4,192.19 $20.96501
October 4th 465,844 $4,659.8929 $23.30369
October 3rd 1,130,014 $11,366.1629 $56.84734
October 2nd 549,978 $5,517.5149 $27.60858
October 1st 1,270,712 $12,871.2693 $64.38084
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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14/10/2015 00:43

Feel free to contribute, I don't own the topic, this is a public forum, I won't get mad if you guys help smile
I have a really busy lifestyle, this is just a 2 min work, a bit of html editing to get the numbers wink
I actually didn't do almost any calculating smile
Traffic Value: $1,701.2323 Honduras
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14/10/2015 00:50
I follow those numbers too druth8x. It's just that so many come to the forum to say "the market is dead" and it is not. When one looks closely the stats you gave (first column), the number of shares being bought tends to grow as days go by. Not many people knows how to find that stat or understand what it means.

The shares are being bought and held, and if people would start listing them at $0.0101 instead of 1c, the numbers would move up at least that bit and day trading would be back. Then more people would be happy.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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14/10/2015 00:56
Only 2min of work, well in that case, carry on.
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14/10/2015 01:43
How about we add these too:

Total RP transfers (04-Oct-2015 to 13-Oct-2015):          3,170,385
7 days average on RP transfers (from 07-Oct-2015):    292,914
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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14/10/2015 08:01
If anyone does the scrolling and wishes to contribute, it would be nice to have some info about the biggest selling bids angel
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14/10/2015 08:20
100,000 and up:

goofy255     181,155     $0.01     $1,812.53 (page 1)
Leehuyn68     156,050     $0.01     $1,560.50 (page 6)
MikeMazzone     800,000     $0.01     $8,000.00 (page 19)
eduardoart     100,000     $0.01     $1,000.00 (page 25)
screwedz     170,000     $0.01     $1,700.00 (page 44)
m0hamed     200,000     $0.01     $2,000.00 (page 56)
ccarlosdulce     120,000     $0.01     $1,200.00 (page 71)
EthanCruise     330,000     $0.01     $3,300.00 (page 86)
eduardoart     100,000     $0.01     $1,000.00 (page 87)
EthanCruise     276,491     $0.01     $2,764.91 (page 104)
tjtan0929     1,602,458     $0.01     $16,024.58 (page 119)
bingoictu     103,541     $0.01     $1,035.41 (page 120)
eduardoart     100,000     $0.01     $1,000.00 (page 131)
arslan75     300,000     $0.01     $3,000.00 (page 154)
shaukat19     106,758     $0.01     $1,067.58 (page 156)
Eric1800     154,399     $0.01     $1,543.99 (page 167)
eduardoart     100,000     $0.01     $1,000.00 (page 181)
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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14/10/2015 08:23
I wonder if I can qualify for a bank loan for 25K?
Traffic Value: $11,038.09657 Slovenia
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14/10/2015 08:37
with job you should be able to do so smile Big risk high reward type of man? grin
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14/10/2015 08:48
why inpatient MTV member's are always complaining about the present RP share-price @ $0.01cent...the previous price of MTV share price before it Hit...$0.45cent in previous year ,$0.10 in December 2014 & $0.08 in April 2015..,instead of us to take advantage of low price @0.01cent by buying a lot of RP shares everyday before it's hit expensive price level again during share split...but i belief the price it will skyrocket again between December -January 2016...stay calm & take the advantage, you can even earn free 5-6RP share daily by converting your free PV 200bap after clicking and exchange it for share in marketplace
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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14/10/2015 09:04
Michael if you would really took a loan I would fly over to US just to shake your hand and congratulate you for your bravery smile
Don't get me wrong, i belive in MTV, but that would be to much of gamble wink
But i have a feeling that you were just daydreaming smile
Traffic Value: $125,324.67968 Netherlands
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14/10/2015 09:18
Royalty Positions Available for $0.01: 8.194.217

Price: $81.942,17
Traffic Value: $1,428.22378 Netherlands
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14/10/2015 09:34
i dont get why all those people are selling..
Traffic Value: $393.36782 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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14/10/2015 09:37
There should be fee for RP's like in Bap...fee that portfolio account take RP's not money so we can reduce large amount of RP's...
Traffic Value: $2,066.50335 Korea Republic of
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14/10/2015 09:40
@pelle1990, one of the reasons is forced verification I think.
Traffic Value: $1,428.22378 Netherlands
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14/10/2015 09:56
@ cloud4me yeah maybe.. but still it's stupid. dont they get they loose money ?? 
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