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How are the RPs doing?

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Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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15/10/2015 01:15
Since we talked about small sale bids yesterday:
7,417,167 of the RPs for sale come from bids 10k and above, which leaves 1,160,005 for sale from bids smaller than 10k RPs

98 bids, i.e. 10 pages of bids 10k+
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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15/10/2015 13:15
8.690.431 RPs for sale @ 0.01 
or $86.904.31
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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16/10/2015 00:16
Update end of server day 15-Oct-2015

Available RPs @0.01 9,186,500 RPs or $91,865

Compared to last night's 8,577,172 we have "gained" another 609,328 shares for sale.
2 day average(since 14th Oct):    496,030

Share transfer volume(15th Oct): 78,400
7 day average(since 9th Oct): 254,123
Share transfer total (since 4th Oct): 3,360,584
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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16/10/2015 00:22
  RPs for sale (100k and up)

Leehuyn68 156,050
MikeMazzone 800,000
eduardoart 100,000
screwedz 170,000
m0hamed 200,000
ccarlosdulce 120,000
EthanCruise 330,000
eduardoart 100,000
EthanCruise 276,491
tjtan0929 1,602,458
bingoictu 103,541
eduardoart 100,000
arslan75 300,000
shaukat19 106,758
eduardoart 100,000
kosar7777777 175,877
lorenzolegni 370,499
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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16/10/2015 12:06
Hm, there are some users that bought RPs today, but have ones listed @ $0.01... One of those users is selling over a total of over $100k RPs (didn't really check all of them)...

What do you guys think of that?
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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16/10/2015 12:07
maybe they are selling their RP's in order to create the perfect atmosphere to buy?
If not, i cannot find any sense to do that.
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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16/10/2015 12:09
" the perfect atmosphere to buy"

I really fail to understand what you mean by that. There are more than enough sellers to keep the price down... Most of them are small users with no more than 100 RPs for sale, but that guy with the 100k+ did catch my eye... 
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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16/10/2015 12:10
That some users are only pretending to sell in order to try and create "panic" so they can scoop up more cheap RP's.

I was hoping this wasn't the case, but it probably is for some.

Which should mean that not as much is actually a true sell, meaning easier to get our way through this 1c mass roadblock.

Just how much is being bought by the users who have some for sale?
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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16/10/2015 12:11
Hypothetically selling huge amount of shares would  help to create the feeling that RP price won't move.That would help to dry buyers (as they have no motivation to buy), so they would have time to save money (ref com, paidverts, fast tracks, dividends or even ourside money) to buy 0.01 shares.
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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16/10/2015 12:12
I have no idea, I'll check that later, obviously not too much, there are not a lot of transfers anyways... 

They do have plenty of time to save money, RP price is not going anywhere soon...

And in a normal environment it would create panic, we are already in panic mode, I don't think anyone is even paying attention on the sellers and buyers now...
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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16/10/2015 12:20
And then what would your explanation be to be in the queue to sell shares at $0.01 while buying shares at $0.01?

May be te opposite? Try to create the feeling that people is buying shares in order to sell quicker? That would make less sense IMHO, although it is possible too.
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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16/10/2015 12:29
Definitely not try to create the feeling that people are buying shares... 
And what panic would a user with less than 100 shares create, are you joking with me? Even 100k shares are nothing in the current situation... 
As I said, for the users with less than 100 shares for sale, I understand, most of them have no idea what they are doing, but for the others... And 100k shares scattered in a few sale bids (I am not talking about one), how would that create panic in the current situation? There are worse sales out there than that one...
Traffic Value: $24,334.30701 Italy
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16/10/2015 12:30
maybe just for have a "full" number of shares.. for example if i have 49100 shares i will buy 900 shares and stop..just for a good visual effect.
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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16/10/2015 12:33
I don't know. I am just trying to understand why would someone set for sale shares at the same price he is actively buying. And that was my reasoning.

Maybe they are playing 2 games. While they still rely in mtv they buy shares, but just in case everything goes to hell they are already in the queue.
Traffic Value: $143.65392 Pakistan
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16/10/2015 13:54
I hope no one will like what I  say, but it is a disappointment for those who had shares during swap. our BAPs were converted at the rate of 700 BAP per share, but now it is not rising even to 100 BAP or 0.1$.I have all the dollars stuck, which I used to Buy BAPs, and now I am waiting for more than a year to sell the shares and get my BAPs or dollars back. in such situations, there should be a minimum selling price; say 500 BAPs; this would not only prevent our loss, but also retain the disappointed users from quitting the platform. something must be done in this regard.
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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16/10/2015 14:04
I am sure no one likes the current situation, but can you get over the swap already? It's your fault you had BAP/FTQ investments that got swapped. No only swapped people are effected by the current situation, but you never miss a chance to mention it. If another swap happens in a few weeks, a month, or whenever, will you cry like a baby again?

And it wasn't 700 BAP per share, it was 600

If you like 500 BAP per share, buy up to 500... no other way it's going to happen...
Traffic Value: $2,314.01294 Chile
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16/10/2015 14:08
For short term users RP are now a nightmare.
For medium-long term users RP should be a great opportunity.

At minimum prices is the best option on investing.
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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16/10/2015 16:04
There is nothing strange with selling at 0.01 and buying again. 
Somebody can change his mind.
Be happy he does. 
Traffic Value: $176.69082 Argentina
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16/10/2015 18:58
Unverified members will be able to sell RPs for cash if they already have it? or just convert it to BAP?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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16/10/2015 20:13

Unconfirmed, that's a grey area since he didn't mention sell only buy. And, b/c from what little I know about law, our assets should be ours, at some sort of value...even if it has to be current rate on verification day. Ofc, I know too little about law or the exact law(s) we are dealing with.

In any case, BAP is "Bonus", but also seen as an investment by some, so that would be "buying".

So, if it's one or another it could easily be just cash.

And, don't forget, PV and MTV balances, including say BitCoin, could end up being not linked anymore. Thus, then you couldn't transfer, and thus since he said you can't cashout, you won't be able to cashout.

IMO, it's way to grey an area, that if he actually knows more, should enlighten us. If he doesn't he should talk with our lawyers, in btwn PayPal paid minutes, and sort this out. If even they don't know for sure yet, then we should be told. We know there is very little hard knowledge, we will update you as soon as we know more.

Py, if they change their mind, they should cancel their sell bids, no?
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