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How are the RPs doing?

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Traffic Value: $2,194.18215 India
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30/11/2018 05:42
hey anybody  can when will be rp's price goes up any news that i missed please post i am not here upto 10 months
Traffic Value: $1,079.62867 Hungary
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30/11/2018 07:49

Maybe months or years,who knows.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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30/11/2018 08:59
RP price is not controlled by Admin it's a free market, so no news will tell you when. In fact noone knows, unless that someone buys every last one of them that show up on the market (or at least any that others don't as it rses).
Traffic Value: $13,639.83048 France
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01/12/2018 18:10
In the past, Jo was interfering in the downside market, while MarcdeKoning does not interfere with the downward price, has there been a difference in management practices, or only the name of the site administrator has changed? Portfolio has its account baned.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/12/2018 21:34
If you have to ask such a thing, you haven´t paid much attention.
Literally everything changed since the change of leadership.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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02/12/2018 21:59

For having such a high traffic value that was an embarrassing question. You would have to had not logged in for years to not know what has changed/what is going on. Honestly just do like 10 min of forum searches before asking a stupid question...

Sorry for being rude but I'm French and your making us look bad.
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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03/12/2018 01:51

Sent you a PM in Facebook. Please take a look.
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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10/12/2018 01:36
Hi guys,what's the lowest price ever that the RP's has fallen too?

Right now I know that they cost around $0.0008/0.0007 current price.

But my question is has it ever went lower and if so....can you guys tell me?
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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10/12/2018 03:17

It may have touched .0006 recently when it took a bit of a dip, but I don't remember lower than that (I've been here about 3 years I think).

If my memory serves me correctly, when Marc took over he originally proposed an artificial floor of 0.01, but that was then subsequently removed.  Markets need to be allowed to find their natural level (whether we like that level or not)

Just my personal opinion, but I think we're at the bottom.  People may say that at current prices it's irrelevant because they are 'worthless' anyway, but every tiny incremental change now represents a big percentage change.  That offers trading opportunities for anyone who cares to look for them and shows a bit of patience.  This is no bad thing for MTV as it creates the market (currently very thin) and generates some fees.

The question everyone has to ask themselves is does MTV have a future.  If your answer is No, then don't touch the RPs.  If your answer is Yes then current prices are an incredible opportunity.  You could literally be buying dollars for cents.

To work out if you're a No or a Yes person you have to factor in MTV's various products:

Paidverts - Not a money maker (in fact it's really a money loser) but it's the engine that brings users.  Currently the active account trend is up, which is thanks to the recent simplification of the ad viewing process. Kudos to the team for that.  It does however still create BAP debt (slowly).  We need this to be reversed, and I'd still argue the easiest way to do this is via a slight house edge improvement on coinflip.  If the BAP debt starts to go down, the value of ads starts to go up and the users are happy.  Sure, you may piss off some gamblers, but frankly any business that gives away all of its money deserves what it gets.

MTV - A solid product with decent gaming revenues.  This should be the meeting place and discussion point for all serious RP holders.  Currently the tumbleweed is blowing through.

BMF - Still got lots of potential but struggling in a crypto bear market.  This will turn at some point, but there will be lots of competing exchanges when it does

Warclicks - Either the team see this as the biggest potential or they are blinded by the fact that they want to create a game.  I have no idea which, but it's the one that seems to be getting the most time spent on it.  I'd like to see another review of the finances created by the standalone game, the one on Kongregate and the one on Armor Games.  

PBG - Huge potential (much more than PPMG) but is struggling due to the bear market and the fact that people HODL Bitcoin. 

PPMG - The cash cow.  The one that has been keeping us afloat for the last year +.  Apparently most new users come from Google searches, so I think more time should be spent on SEO and possibly Google ad campaigns.  Perfect Money is a niche market and it needs well paid for and very targeted advertising.

Personally, I'm in the Yes camp, even if I'm far from happy with some of the decision making.  I do believe the intent is good.

Everyone has to make up their own minds, but if you had $100 'spare', it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy some RPs and just put them in the drawer and forget about them for a while.  You might just come back to $10K!

Edit: I forgot to add the weight that is the debt of the FTQ.  The day we clear that is the day I'll tell you the RP price is heading to the moon!
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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10/12/2018 03:26
Good news

Warclicks has just reached the magic 3.8 rating on Kongregate.  Maybe someone can let us know the benefits this brings?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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10/12/2018 11:43
I wanted to clear up a few things regarding War Clicks, because it seems it's a thorn in many people's feet for some reason...

First off, War Clicks is not our sole focus. In fact, the monthly development costs of War Clicks for MTV have been much less than comparable amount of work on any other project. Only lately when I myself have been putting a good portion of my time into helping develop it and bring it to the next level that's increased proportinatelly. And even for most part of warclicks development it's not been „5 full time people at it“, but typically 50-80 design hours and 100-120 programming hours. And that at lower rates than for other project. And even after that as it's a split revenue project, all of the costs (operating and development) associated with it MTV bares only 60% of. Not to mention all the extra hours some of our team put on top of that.

It's indeed been a steady development over the past 2 years, and we're now hitting the critical mass that will start paying off all that work/time/money that was put into. It's simply a market/product that requires time/learning along the way to get right and optimize along the way. But once you do, any future products will require much elss time/money and develop results much much quicker.

Why work on a game(s)? Because once we've touched the markets, and figured/developed a lot of things/skills along the way it can result in quickly made products, with a lot of potential – short term boom potential, and long-tail potential with consistent revenues. Our team's main purpose since the start was to work on games, and War Clicks allowed us to keep developing/working at it for a low monthly cost to MTV. There never was a reason for our programmer or designer to work (and again note that pretty much through none of these have been working 160h/m!) on anything else as THAT would be a complete waste of their time, working in areas they don't know about or have no desire working in.

Due to MTV's legal status we had very little room of what sort of products to work on, and with that it also resulted in narrowing down the team, as we were not able to cover it, nor make proper big projects as we had no proper management or marketing budgets to make them work. There's been a ton of projects in MTV's past that were a much worse time/money investment, and yet War Clicks is getting all the hate, when it's one of the rare product we can consistently manage and grow, and with all things learned/Done with it it also brings us tools/connections/skills/release/marketing practices that we can do over and over with potential future games at a much faster pace. It's one of the benefits that none of the other products have.

As the game is managed by our office, we are not bound to any legal/management boundaries that MTV faces with its other products. This gives us far better flexibility, development speed and potential we are sure we can tap into, whereas often with a lot of other products we face a dead wall.

Because of this, it also helps us circumvent some of the very high payment costs for our invoices, which can be 5-10% using the processors MTV uses for payments.

Lastly, our team working on War Clicks also allowed us to keep the team together, by sharing the risks/reward with MTV, whereas otherwise we'd likely be forced to dissolve our office quite a while a go as well, losing any sort of product development all together. Add on top of that that that would then require us to put more work/time on our own side to keep things together and allow us, particularly myself to keep working for MTV.

Do you really think we'd keep working on something with 0 potential, and stopped focusing on getting some things/products to work unless we have very good reasons for it? There's things we can't share at this time that are holding us down on some things, and instead of focusing on things/products that we can't have a major affect/control over, we rather focus on what we can. War Clicks is one of the things we have most control over. It may have taken a long time and feels like „everything“ was invested into it, so I can't wait that we've now reached some of the goals and potential of it after all this time. It's been a long process, but it will be worth it in the end. Especially with the things we've learned/setup/connected it will give us a great future opportunity to expand this line of products, products we can control and that have far less risk than the rest of them out there in the current company state.

And just in general to think that games have small potential is a false notion. Some may not like the genre War Clicks is in, which is completely fine! What is important is that we've found a way to make great games in this growing genre, and have come to a point where we can make, release, monetize and market these types of game very effectively in the future, quickly.

I can't wait that December and some of the goals we've acheived/are achieving are thorugh, so we can share more info/numbers, and prepare a proper plan for the future on this front.

War Clicks/games are just one of the things we can control, it doesn't mean we'll stop working on other things we can improve/work on. Just like we've reverted our focus back to PaidVerts, where especially in the following months we will be focusing a lot more again on.

As for the 3.8 rating benefits, Marc's posted it in the latest news.
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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10/12/2018 18:50
@Fraser thank you kindly for the reply you

I just asked cause I wanted to try and trade a lil with the RP's...and see how it goes.

Well I'm still with PV and MTV almost since the day it began.Saw multiple bad things etc that has happened.But all in all I'm still with PV and MTV to see if the direction will sooner or later go up or down,but regardless i'm still with Marc and his team.Hope they can lead PV and MTV on the right path to recover and profit long term we just gotta have faith I suppose....
(Though until now i'm not in profit at all not yet anyways.)
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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10/12/2018 23:56

You're welcome.  Good luck with your trading.  


With regards to your "War Clicks is getting all the hate" comment, I think you're wrong.  Or at least it's not happening on this forum.  You guys need to be able to listen to the ideas and opinions of others without seeing them as personal attacks.  If you think this is hate, just wait til the business gets bigger and the RPs are worth a lot more.  

In relation to:

"As the game is managed by our office, we are not bound to any legal/management boundaries that MTV faces with its other products. This gives us far better flexibility, development speed and potential we are sure we can tap into, whereas often with a lot of other products we face a dead wall."


"There's things we can't share at this time that are holding us down on some things, and instead of focusing on things/products that we can't have a major affect/control over, we rather focus on what we can."

These are a big concern, and anyone that holds a decent position here that is not concerned by this is sticking their head in the sand.

Are we talking structural (ie legal status issues) or personal (ie a person or persons who are actively seeking to damage the business)?

If the latter, and it's not you and/or Marc (which I don't think it is) then this leaves Carlos.  I cannot see the motivation for someone to actively trying to damage their business.  That said, I've seen the share price of countless companies be trashed so that the shares can be picked up on the cheap by those in the know.

As for this:

"I can't wait that December and some of the goals we've acheived/are achieving are thorugh, so we can share more info/numbers, and prepare a proper plan for the future on this front."

Me too.  

Don't get me wrong.  I hope to see a very successful Warclicks product.  We are all looking for the same thing here.  What you must realise is that if information is held back from the crowd (and this meant to be a collective business where some operate and others invest) then those who operate are going to receive criticism.  Some of this will be constructive and some won't.

Sycophants and yes men are of no help to you.  They only hold the business back.  You must address the things you know are holding us back but have been placed in the too hard pile.

The crowd will support but not if they feel they don't have the full picture.  I wish you every success.
Traffic Value: $13,639.83048 France
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05/02/2019 07:42
Still, seeing RP transfers from the Portfolio account to users account instead of buying and reducing the number of shares by admin and helping to boost the market, we are seeing more RP on the market and lowering prices. So far they have been loisaguirred and toniomos and krrut have sold the stocks.

Transfer to folx MTV Earnings Balance 1,364,014 -- --
Transfer to Jamal MTV Earnings Balance 847,542 -- --
Transfer to luisaguirred MTV Earnings Balance 331,071 -- --
Transfer to dremis MTV Earnings Balance 728,357 -- --
Transfer to toniomos MTV Earnings Balance 158,914 -- --
Transfer to stark100 MTV Earnings Balance 66,214 -- --
Transfer to krrut MTV Earnings Balance 66,214 -- --
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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05/02/2019 08:46
Alireza1394, I've been seeing you here for years, you are active on RP market, buying and selling on daily basis, you've got tons of them and yet, every post you make seems like it's written by complete newbie, like someone who doesn't understand anything. How come?
These RP are transfered from Portfolio account, like it's stated in the news, to all those users who decided to bail out from crypto investment.
Why is Portfolio not buying RPs, you ask? What would company get with that, except spend money that it doesn't have? We could all get rich if company is successful, but it can't succeed if it spends money irrationally. Give them a chance, I know we are waiting long enough already, but we are still here, alive, which can't be said for hundreds of programs that don't exist anymore.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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05/02/2019 13:48

About Paidverts part, if they will be ever interested to make a supersuatainable project I already told (not joke and not hoax), that I am ready to build that project with my own concept. That means that you people, or team, or anyone would not do anything, I have already all, except programmers and sadly fundings, I can put some of my money, but far from all. Actually, give me free hands and I can restructure current PV into sustainable idea. It will not be easy because debt would have to be paid (same as in Investments because of past ponzy history in MTV), but clean start would revive WHOLE PV + Market of Royalty positions can be setup WAY BETTER. 

As I said I worked 2 years to create something seriously good, even my past co-workers have no clue how good because only I know what I actually have in my mind since idea never saw daylight because of sad sad sad technical problems, but it was seriously close. Thing is that I dont have enough funds, I dont intend to take loan from Croatian country, nor I trust EU funds, because I do not want to return percentage to anyone.

But as I said before if MTV has EVER EVER desire to work with me, I would invest my own money, they can involve you guys as depositors who would receive part of clear revenue, till profit, while on papers would be me or MTV, or all depositors, not that i care. I am not scared because I know it would be sustainable, impossible to crush it. Without ponzy elements. Thing is, that has cost, and cost would be probably 20 k USD. I can put on my own several k directly but........ Without team and money its hard to do that short term probably would still be needed 3-4 months for programming and tests.

With programmers MTV-PV has + their stuff already have, I would be able to build with them such project in months. Reason I dont try again is because I dont have trust...... If you make company based on shareholders, they can trash you, or sabotage financing, and you cant do a thing except to vote them out of project what costs then money, and people would ask you why shareholders left of project........ And you know what that mean? Problems in eyes of users since papers would be modified and nobody would ask you if that was because people tried to scam or blackmail you as past team tried to me and several honest co-owners.

I do not want to make same mistakes, but trust me......... PV can be better, WAY WAY WAY WAY better than any of you can imagine. Scratch that I can combine MTV-PV together on non ponzy way. I know many of you guys would not like that, that is why I proposed MTV-PV to make sister site, I would help them, and trust me, that can be some serious global thing.

Thing is...... I want to be in such project, because I invested lot of money to build my idea and honestly I have desire to be part of history, because such project would bring serious improvement over any current advertising site online you know.

Dont scratch PV, things can be turned around, sure it would be needed some work, probably would be better to make sister site, but can be done.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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05/02/2019 14:19
"These RP are transfered from Portfolio account, like it's stated in the news, to all those users who decided to bail out from crypto investment."

~ yes this is how I got my current holdings of RP, but from another project I think

I like the safety net that they put in place. smart, 
now we just need to find the Royal floor lol
Traffic Value: $13,639.83048 France
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05/02/2019 18:01
@il051  I know what you mean and I do not know for what reason the RP was sent ..... but was it better to help the site than return the money RP that investors had given back because after the sale of the stock By users again, the RP of sold shares should be paid to them if they did not send money directly to users instead of sending them directly to the downside and market downturn......................If you remember, last year, several millions of shares were sent to investors who had invested in Project Funding, where most users were selling shares and withdrawing money from the site, which slowed the upswing of the site .... In any case, the money from the site But if the shares are shipped instead of the money invested, it will lower the prices of the prices, like today
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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06/02/2019 02:54

Not entirely sure why that was directed at me, but it seems to me that you have made the case for your idea and it has been politely declined.  

I'm not saying it is a good idea or a bad idea, but I wouldn't think continually repeating it is going to make anyone change their mind.  I'd say the best you can hope for is that the team decide to open up the Project Funding page to users and then it will be up to you to convince your peers on MTV that your idea is solid and that they should invest to help you build it.  

I would however suggest that just telling people you have a great idea, and asking for their money without giving them a solid business plan or white paper is not likely to be a successful strategy.

If you do not want to share the idea because you consider it commercially sensitive, then there are many other routes of funding.  Bank loans, crowd funding, angel investors etc.  But given the current state of global economies, credit is drying up.  There will (in my opinion) be another big bull run on Bitcoin (and therefore probably alt coins as well) at some point.  At that stage you may be able to convince some less diligent 'investors' to part with their crypto to help fund your idea.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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06/02/2019 03:17
Not rational have any confidence they haven't  made bad decisions.
Just have to hope Carlos runs these yokels off. Feels like it'a coming.
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