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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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12/07/2021 08:26
19 more days to fund the SEO funding campaign.
This was highly requested.. Make it count.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/07/2021 05:14
I'm sorry for the delay in cashouts and lack of marketing at the moment.
That's on me.
I am going through a hard phase as of now, but I'll try to keep up.
slosumo - Administrator
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29/07/2021 13:04
Here's a reminder that our newest Project Funding ends in 3 days - again, this is a guaranteed 130% return within maximum of 1 year, most "safe" investments don't even come close to that!

Read more and invest here:
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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20/08/2021 08:48
Just wanted to post a short note about an additional delay in some updates I was due to post last week:

I've been a bit busier as I've also been filling up some general programming/upkeep tasks, and couldn't get to it yet, and I wanted for it to include a testable version of one of the new game prototypes. We're due to have it ready this coming Wednesday/Thursday.

Also I'm wondering if you generally prefer to wait for one bigger set of news, or prefer shorter ones if they can be posted before?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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25/08/2021 11:36
MTV Development Updates Part 1/4 – New “Game Prototype 1” now live – looking for first testers!

I'll be writing a set of updates/news about general development status in the following days, to try and keep it relevant to specific topics, especially today, where we are looking for some help with first playtest of our new game prototype to help us determine the viability and general appeal of the game idea, before committing to it additionally.

Updates to come:
Part 2 - General MTV development, SEO progress, SimPocalypse update...
Part 3 – Prototype 1 followup with more information & general approach behind it and any others
Part 4 – Prototype 2 playtests

Part 1 – Looking for first playtests of our new prototype “Forestator” (codename)

Our first new game prototype “Forestator” has been uploaded live, and is available for first tests!
Going forward with any games we develop, we want to primarily confirm or reject any ideas early in development cycle, based on how generally appealing and marketable concepts they are, before committing more resources. This will help ensure we don't commit to ideas based on bias and to confirm the core concept/loop of the game is engaging and has a good chance of being accepted well amongst a wider audience.

What's the game about?

It's a casual optimization game where you bring life to desolate lands by placing vegetation and buildings – it has a super simple, but hopefully engaging core loop which offers a lot of replayability with procedural maps and chasing new highscores.

Try it out – tell us what you think!

We would appreciate each one of you playing it (even if just for 5 minutes), and giving your honest feedback about it smile In many ways this is a very crude prototype, where we want to get some first outside feedback of how the core game play loop feels, if we should adjust it or even completely scrap the idea and work on something else.

Please also fill out this quick survey about the game -> ideally while playing it smile

You can play the game at:

While we want you to keep in mind this is a prototype with placeholder graphics, bad balancing, limited features, limited animations, please be honest/unbiased with your feedback – if you like the general concept/idea/loop, or hate it. And while the main feedback we're looking for is on how that core loop of the game feels to you, feel free to comment on anything.

Ideally, please join our MTV discord channel where you can immediately chat with us, give feedback, post pictures etc.!

Why this prototype idea, and some examples of what we're trying to build towards
- It serves as a great starting point to work on preparing a framework optimized for the art style we want to commit to as well as the distribution mechanisms (more in next point).
- It allows us to build a vertical slice (i.e. unlike a bigger, more complex game which requires a ton of systems & mechanics to give a great full user experience) of the game quickly, which we can start marketing early, with near finished graphics & visual style, while we continue expanding the features, gameplay and polish the game more. This also allows us to publish early or with limited scope.
- It has a very appealing/positive fantasy that can appeal to a wider audience, and which can be very marketable and visually appealing
- “optimization building games” genre has a growing target audience, with few game releases, but clearly a wide appeal, as some of the competing games have done extremely well
- without a dedicated in-house artist, we want to keep the UI and graphics minimal & non-complicated -> with which we can hire 3rd party to help us create professional art for
- The simpler core game loop also requires less testing, balancing, bug fixing, which saves a lot of time for a small team, and we can put more effort into polishing the game
- To give you a bit of idea what sort of games we're inspired by & trying to build towards to with this one in terms of visual appeal & simple, yet great core game loops (but in a different art style):
Terra Nil

Optimizing our development & marketing process

As we've written about before, one of the core things we have to improve in order to ensure a faster turnaround for any games we make, is to ensure we can optimize our development and marketing process with each game we make.

Especially with a tiny team, this means committing to a narrow genre/style of games, where we can build off previous games – not just in terms of codes, assets & workflows, but also our audiences, marketing materials, PR contacts, influencers, etc.

Given our current team, past experiences and where we've identified market opportunities, here's a few of the main pillars we want to build our games on:
- Prototype & evaluate appeal of games early
- Focus on more mechanical games, but based around an appealing art style that is marketable
- Work on developing smaller games -> not only because of less risk, but also because this way we can utilize one of our members strengths as a full time marketer -> and for that to be most efficient, we need a faster frequency of new game releases to market efficiently more often
- We've identified Top-down 2D style to be most appropriate for us to work off, as it offers us to develop interesting new game mechanics with appealing visuals in the incremental and casual game genres. We are also able to optimize our code and art development pipelines specifically for this style, allowing us rapid prototyping of games while also knowing the inns and outs of our framework, to ensure bug-free and performant games
- Utilize our existing web technologies experience, to help reach testers, and markets most other games can't/don't (web platforms), as well as reuse our existing code & experiences in a ton of “little things”, that would take significant time to re-learn & prepare in other engines/frameworks
- Develop 2 games in parallel whenever possible – i.e. Instead of one of our programmers waiting (or doing non-optimal work) on the other to prepare some game systems, he can work on a second game in parallel when time is better spent there

Feel free to ask any questions, and again – please try out the prototype and give us your first thoughts on it smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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27/08/2021 07:24
MTV Development update 2/4

As part of keeping our upkeep costs as low as possible, we are focusing only on improving some main parts of our sites. And in the past month or two, even those things were delayed a bit further due to limited availability of our main programmer and system admin (vacations, and generally being busy).

So we are still waiting on addition of the AirTM payment method, and we've had some delays with implementing the first batch of on-site SEO changes for PPMG. These have now been implemented and you might have noticed PPMG's homepage look being slightly updated to be more SEO friendly (similar to PBG's now):

There will be a few more batches of other SEO/Content adjustments on PPMG in the following month or two - for both PBG & PPMG our contracted team is continuing to work their plan -> we receive monthly reports of those at the beginning of each month, so a status update on that will follow when we receive the next one (there was no point in posting August's as a bunch of work was delayed).

Sometime in the following two months we'll also try to have an annual review of offerwall/ad providers, and see if we want to update any of those. There's a ton of "Low priority fixes/improvements" in our backlog, but with limited programming time and their expected minimal impact, we are not pushing for those, and focusing only on the main priorities. If some things get delayed too much into September, I will temporarily shift my focus and help with some of these things myself, as well as evaluate some things surrounding the business and if we can improve anything with minimal additional work (PV, PTC, casinos promotion...)

After a bad streak of SimPocalypse negative reviews (Which temporarily dropped it into the "recent mostly negative average reviews"wink that affected our conversion/sales quite negatively. Since June we have been averaging 200 unit sales per month, which is lower than our minimum target of 300 post launch month. As soon as time allows in the following months, we will try to find some extra time for an update batch, to help convert existing wishlists as well as run an additional bigger promotional round to help elevate that sale long-tail.

We are also looking at some additional publishing deals, to bring SimPocalypse to some additional platforms, and even considering some rework to beign able to publish it on some web platforms as a demo version, but users would be able to unlock the full version given viewing unlocking enough ads.

As mentioned before, any further SimPocalypse work isn't costing MTV anything – we simply try to get some in extra time when we'll be able to.

To date, SimPocalypse has sold 4708 units, totalling to $29487 revenue. After taxes, refunds etc., net share for MTV comes to around 35%, meaning it has contributed ~$10k to results -> again this is not visible directly in results, but is deducted directly from our invoices.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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29/08/2021 13:59
MTV Development update 3/4 – Some more info about Prototying/releasing new games

I've actually covered quite a bit about our desired development process in Part 1 already, but I'm following up with some additional information and thoughts.

To develop games profitably (especially with a small team) it is essential to be able to prototype quickly to confirm or reject ideas, as well as allow us to fill our team's time as much as possible to what each team member does best (i.e. marketing, or splitting programming tasks).

We also want to reduce the scope(size) of our games, so that they don't need 1-2 years of development -> as that increases risk vastly, as if one game doesn't do well enough, it could be a huge loss. Not only that, as a relatively new team, it is much better to iterate and improve quickly on on not only development, but also marketing side of game development. Experience is times more valuable to release profitable games, than reading/theorizing about releasing games -> there are simply things, processes and estimations you can only really learn and improve on after releasing games. And the more often you do that process (no matter how big of a game), the more you experience what works, what doesn't, which helps not only make better future games, but also optimize marketability of games.

There are a ton of super quality games out there, which have sold awfully, simple because the teams behind them left their release to "luck", or simply it was their first or second project, and they weren't able to release efficiently, as a ton of suboptimal choices were made. And while developing a game for a longer time gives you more choices to correct those ahead of release, it is still generally a sub-optimal way to spend years of development. There is hardly ever a case where a game by a small team" did well when it was their very first game -> there are rare cases where this happened, but that's something that you really shouldn't count on, especially as a business/investment.

So what are some of the things we are doing to help expedite the process of us being able to release profitable games consistently?

First and foremost – prototype and test the core game loops early on. It is better to make a game prototype in a month, and scratch it, than keep developing it for a year, and see it's not an ideal candidate. One of the things we are focusing to achieve/confirm with our prototypes are that the games can have an appealing art style, that their core basic loop is engaging and fun, and that even when we do prototypes, the code/system we build for them can be helpful in our other games.

Secondly, we want to make sure that the game can have a good "vertical slice" – which basically means that we can make a game that has "all" of the game's mechanics, and near complete final visual style – and that game can feel complete at that point. Without this, it is much harder to test and get good feedback on marketability early on, but also makes it much harder to begin marketing the game early on. With ability of having a good vertical slice, it gives us the option to be able to start marketing the effectively early on, without the need of the full game needing to be complete. I.e. Having even only a few screenshots or tutorials of the basic mechanics can be enough for the game to look complete and appealing from a marketing standpoint very early on.

Compare that to some genre of games that make that extremely difficult, such as RTS, simulation or non-visually appealing games like pure incremental games -> to be able to present such games properly on is hard, as often the game's visuals & UI keep on changing once more depth is added to the games. So it is genres like those that we want to avoid going forward, as it prevents us to use one of our key strengths, of being able to have a near full time marketer marketing the game early on. For releasing on Steam, we want to be able to be marketing a game at least for 6 months before release – this was something we did do with SimPocalypse, but because of its depth and iterative approach to its mechanics and adding enough depth, the game was not really marketable or visually appealing enough for 8 out of 10months it was visible on Steam before its release.

Additionally, with a smaller scope of a game, we can always finish the game, and leave it at that, while we keep marketing/hyping it up release, without having to keep working on it to "finish it/make the experience good enough" – which again gives us ability to work on another game in parallel.

I've created a small timeline to give you a better visual idea of how we can vastly improve our workflow and performance of game releases, especially after having gone over such cycle at least once (click to enlarge)

We also want to build upon each game and allow us for faster prototyping and development, which in terms of tech/code/art here's a just few things that can help a ton once we go over them, and keep in mind future projects will be able to reuse a lot of these (and each take significant time to develop if doing them for each game from scratch, or working on severly different game grenres):
- (2D) art style rendering, performance and animation workflow
- Core game logic such collissions, procedural generation mostly reusable
- Audio systems & even sounds to be reused
- Save systems
- Analytic Systems
- Tutorial/Onboarding Systems
- Popup Systems
- UI Systems
- Achievement Systems
Bundling And Deployments pipelines

In Terms of marketing there's a lot of reusability as well:
- Reusing game communities to cross promote
- Reusing Influencer & PR contacts (these are massive lists of 1000s of contacts would otherwise have to prepare/adjust for totally different games)
- Reusing web pages to publish on
- Reusing web game platforms to publish demos or ad versions of the games
- Reusing paid services for several games
- Established tracking & paid ad optimizations
- Building our social media following
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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31/08/2021 13:46
MTV Development update 4/4 – Game Prototype #2 available for first tests

We've just made our second game "ChopMania" prototype available for first public tests!

What's the game about?
The game is a "mining-like platformer" game where you control a tree harvester and chop your way deeper into the forest to rake profits with more valuable trees and reconnect human settlements as you do it.

You can play the game at: (if you don't see all images loading, please wait a few minutes and refresh the page as loading is not optimally handled yet)

Please also fill out this quick survey about the game -> ideally while playing it

This one is quite less polished that the first one, as there was some more techincal/Framework work needed for the core mechanics, and is aimed primarily at seeing how the 2-axis map exploration/chopping works.

Again, we'd primarily love your feedback on how the core mechanics of the game feel, and if this concept of chopping deeper into a procedural world, uncovering new trees, mechanics, secrets feel interesting!

Target audience
It is targeting both our existing incremental game audiences, but extending it to the platforming/mining audiences, in a new theme and an extended 2-axis procedural map, that will offer us new interesting ways of adding mechanics and depth to the game. We think that the theme of chopping/forests is a similarly interesting theme as mining, and one that hasn't been done as much yet and brings us a good factor of novelty.

To give you a better idea of the sort of final game we'd be aiming here for (but in a different perspective), you might be familiar with popular mining games, such as the old classic Motherload (click to check out web version), or a newer take on the genre SteamWorld Dig

Building off of prototypes
You might see several similarities between our first prototype – which was the intention and a great example of how we want to build off code, mechanics and systems between any games we make going forward. Roughly speaking, with these 2 prototypes we gain the framework basis for fixed maps or procedural top-down games, which when polished and extended will allow us the option to switch into a vast array of genres if ever need be, while being able to reuse a good portion of our underlying project code.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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06/09/2021 13:49
Update on PBG & PPMG SEO optimization

PlayBitCoinsGames SEO update
We've just passed 3 of our 6 months extended PBG SEO optimization plan, which after this point involves mostly “off-site SEO” -> building quality backlinks, linking content etc. There's still on-site changes to be done as needed, but it's minimal at this point.

Things are still consistenly improving and month to month we are seeing consistent 50%+ results in impressions, keywords ranking higher and our general domain authority improving. There is slight improvement in clicks as well, but not as noticeable yet, as we're mostly starting to rank on soem big keywords, and as we get to the top of results with those, the clicks should start growing “exponentially”. So given current more linear improvements, the KPIs for the SEO team to unlock payment bonuses seem to be out of reach at this pace, but if things start kicking up as expected in the last few months, there's every chance to hit them.

In order to do so (which benefits both us and them) they've offered to extend their work free of charge for another 2 months before we measure final results for the KPI based bonuses. With this, the current SEO plan for PBG will end in January 2022. And based on consistent progress up to this point we've also passed the first checkpoint of continuing the plan until its end.

Here's comparisons between the last 3 months (+37% clicks, 177%+ impressions):

And here are quick comparisons of 3 consecutive month periods:

Nov2020-Jan2021 – 92 clicks , 5.26k impressions (before SEO work started)
Feb2021-Apr2021 – 129 clicks (+40%), 14.7k impressions (+180%)
May2021-Jul2021 – 154 clicks (+20%), 48.5k impressions ( +230%)

PlayPerfectMoneyGames SEO Update
We've also just passed a bit under 2 months since SEO work started on PPMG, due to delays with getting on-site improvements done (some are still pending).

There's not as many notable improvements visible yet here, as it's been such a short period, coupled with on-site delays, as well as a Google's “Core Update” which resulted in temporary potential search data loss or less results -> which is we assume also affected PBG's performance, then that part likely had even more impressive improvements.

Here's comparison of PPMG's results of what was the first full month after SEO work began: (-38% clicks, +28% impressions):

Additionally, we've had less on-site PPMG promos last 2 months, which currently makes up for a good portion of search engine traffic, but is really irrelevant to its SEO status. More importantly, we're getting new keywords ranked, and main keywords like “Perfect money” starting to climb up the rankings. We should see more clear effects of these efforts after at least another 1-2 months have passed, after which the expected “exponential” growth in results should be even higher compared to PBG, as some keywords are targeted with a ton of potential traffic.

Our current PPMG SEO plan also ends in January 2022, but is subject to progress evaluation in 1.5 months before continuing.

To give you an idea of the expected SEO contractual goals for PPMG at the end of our 6 month plan (ends in 4.5 months), a similar 1 month graph should show 3k+ clicks (*currently realistically under 50/month, excluding certain keywords, so essentially a 6000%+ increase in Search Engine traffic compared to now).

Additionally, there are several caveats in our KPIs, which require us reaching TOP3 or first page results for some heavily-contested keywords, with MASSIVE amounts of potential traffic, such as “Online Gambling, Online Casino, Online Casino Games...”

*NOTE: Our contractual KPI's actually exclude any searches containing “perfect money games” as those are pretty much our domain name, and we have near 100% control over them already <- and currently, without those, we're getting less than 50 clicks per month.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/09/2021 07:06
A reminder that we are currently running 3 wagering competitions, and that sometimes, you can easily snag up one of the prizes with practically 0 risk/100% certainty by just making a few small bets - i.e. if there are no other qualified users or they've qualified with total bets of less than 50x of the prize, which currently is the case on PBG.

Check out the details and start playing our games to win some extra prizes today: <- Win a share of $300  <- Win a share of 3mBTC <- Win a share of $150
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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10/09/2021 11:37
We've just uploaded a new version of Forestator, which solves some of the most common issues/annoyances to convey the core mechanics better.

You can play it at:

Please make sure to leave feedback if you haven't yet - you'll find link in the game menu smile

*Compared to the previous one, this version has mainly some usability/experience/balance improvements, so we can do another round of a bit broader testing before we confirm to move it from prototype towards full-development - so your feedback is super helpful to help us make the final decision on that!
** If you already filled out the survey the first time, feel free to leave additional feedback here or in our discord.

We'll likely upload a slightly updated version of ChopMania as well next week, to get some broader feedback. Generally speaking, both prototypes seem to have been accepted well so far, but we want to clean them up a bit more and do a final round of broader playtests, before making the final decision end of next week.
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