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slosumo - Administrator
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10/05/2022 12:31
Development update

I. "Tech cleanup" is almost underway
We've finally managed to adjust some schedules & reserve time from our lead programmer, to begin a series of improvements for our architecture, that would allow us to achieve 2 important goals:

1) Improve website stability & speed
2) Reduce Server/Database /DB) costs as much as possible

While ideally all of the websites should be "rewritten for scratch" to achieve best result, that's simply not feasible in our current team & financial situation. That said, we've managed to come up with several solutions that would get rid of "90%+" of the problems/bring "90%+ of the benefits", for a fraction of the time/Cost needed.

Shortly put, we're preparing a series of evaluations & procedures that would:
- allow us to "delete" 95% of "useless data" that presents a bulk of DB storage costs, as well as has a negative effect on overall DB performance (i.e. this is data not visible to users in any way, such as ad issue histories from 1+ years ago).
- archive and/or aggregate most of the reporting data, such as revenues/monetization & balance/BAP histories
- either provide us with a "rolling procedure", that would keep optimizing our data on a daily basis going forward OR allow us to repeat this procedures i.e. "once yearly", to clean up the system. Luckily, something like this was almost fully developed/prepared years back, but was never fully implemented, so there's a good chance we'll be able to implement it with minimal work.
- The above would result in very likely massive performance/stability/speed benefits, improving overall user experience, put us at less risk from any attacks, etc.
- The above would allow us to reduce our monthly server invoices by a minimum of $500, but up to $2000 range (depending on how much performance is improved, we might have room to cut server costs further)

Is there any downtime expected?
Yes, but it is unclear yet how much or when exactly -> we'd like to get these things implemented as soon as possible, so as soon as we have more clear ETAs we will advance any such maintenance in-advance (though most likely they wouldn't be longer than a day or two)

Next week we might also do some test/evaluation maintenance on PaidVerts and PTCshare separately (each 1 day), to help us determine how much each of the websites has an effect on overall performance, and how much cutting PV's data levels down to Ptcs, would help.
This is not yet confirmed, but if it is will be announced in advance, and any ad issue of such maintenance will be rolled over to the next day, when the site is back.

II. Recent downtime/revenue loss has forced us to downsize additionally
While the original goal was to get the 2 games we are developing released "as fast as possible & with minimal costs", the current massive downtime situation has forced us to adjust course here.

The recent massive downtime & the loss of revenues, development funds & users due to that, has cost us dearly and at this point it is impossible to say how much exactly, and how fast/slow we will need to recover back to stable/profitable levels.

The roughly $4k/month (~15% of overall monthly upkeep costs) that was put towards the games development, has to be lowered due to this situation, as otherwise we will be digging a deeper whole, until revenues & dev funds get to recover to profitable levels.

Our Slovenian office responsible for the game development has already been invoicing the bare minimum to get by, and the current unclear revenue situation puts us and MTV in a very precarious position if we were not to do any changes here. So as we are unable to really keep going with these minimum invoices (underpaid salaries for our effort/skill set we could get elsewhere, a member had a child recently and needs to provide better etc.), but at the same time it'd be an additional burden on MTV, we have made a decision and fast-forwarded the process of limiting our work for MTV as much as possible.

We are currently exploring various part-time jobs & freelance opportunities for our team, besides the absolutely urgent work our team needs to keep doing to keep MTV running (cashout verifications, high-end support, administration, management etc.). We have to act fast as our office has no cash reserves – we'll see how this goes, but there's a high likelihood we won't be able to find proper 3rd party work for our programmer (the one working on the 2nd game) and might have to part our ways there.

These changes will be done quickly, ideally we're aiming to lower the invoicing to MTV to the absolute minimum, potentially by $4-5k per month. This might happen gradually over the next 2-3 months, depending on how much time we can devote to find the work and make the transition.

While this will free up some financial burden on MTV, it also means that development of games will be slowed down significantly, and depending on how much outside work we have to find, particularly for myself, it might also affect speed/progress of other things that I tended to keep picking up to keep things going (i.e. site improvements, new offerwalls, payment methods,...).

But at this stage, we simply have no other solution, as fact of the matter is that -> The extended downtime hit us hard and MTV needs as much leeway in monthly upkeep costs as possible, but at the same time our team has to make a living as well, and find other work.

What does this mean for the 2 games in development?
This doesn't mean the games will be discarded or effort & potential waste at all – in fact one of the games (Isletopia) is due to reach a development stage for promotion via various online events, which will allow us to start building up an audience & prepare for release at a much faster pace.

The second game, we are for the time being wrapping up, and focusing on packing it as a minimal viable marketable product, so we can release a "coming soon" page on Steam, so it can start gathering wishlists. This should be achieved in roughly 2 weeks from now. Having this game in a basic marketable state, will allow us to start building an audience, and as we can devote development time to it, built towards a full product.

For the time being, the development of these games will continue mostly in extra/free time to keep bringing them forward. We are also on the lookout for potential publishing partnerships, which if we find a worthy one, that would also inject development funds, at that point we could continue the development at a faster & more focused pace.

Either way, this results in delayed release times for the games, but with that gives us more time to market & release them in a properly finished & marketed state, which guarantees better release results in the future, while at the same time removing some stress on MTV's financial costs.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/05/2022 08:24
This has slipped under our radar, but we're finally paying the rewards for the "Neteller is back" promotion, where those purchasing with Neteller during 8th March- 8th April were eligible for a 2million BAP prize pool!

Congrats to the winners!
fantomas 1000000 BAP
barf949 200000 BAP
svetlyi 80000 BAP
ksccark 60000 BAP
Hoppa61 60000 BAP
dvemuhi 60000 BAP
manager9 60000 BAP
grujav 40000 BAP
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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19/05/2022 07:33
May "Spring Cleaning" events!

We're excited to announce a set of massive events & discounts that will run through 20th-31st May on our sites!

The recent downtime issues caused a lot of issues for users and our websites, so we wanted to make some special one-time events, BIGGER than even our December events, which are usually the biggest!

We will not be offering as massive ad discounts & bonuses as we will offer here, for at least 6 months, so we highly suggest you take the opportunity, and stock up on ads, and make the most of the various competitions and rewards that will be for grabs smile

There is something for everyone here, so make sure to be prepared to make the most out of it smile

*** Special recommendation to stock up on PTC PureAds, where you'll be able to get up to 13k ad views for just $1, and the Daily Login and Fixed ads!!! ***

Share the word with your referrals, as there is no better time to get them more involved as well!

All events will be active during 20th-31st May (unless otherwise noted)

Bulk Ad purchase competitions:
PaidVerts - 2mil BAP prize pool
PTCshare - 2mil BAP prize pool

50% extra bigger deposit bonuses on PlayBitcoinGames & PlayPerfectMoneyGames
MyTrafficValue cashback on any game losses - 100% cashback up to $5 + 30% extra up to $1000

Wagering competitions:

MyTrafficValue - $400 prize pool
PaidVerts - 3m BAP prize pool
PTCshare - 2.5m BAP prize pool
PlayBitcoinGames - 5mBTC prize pool
PlayPerfectMoneyGames - $500 prize pool

x5 ad views on Bulk Ad Purchases:
PV - 50->250
PTC - 100->500

Ad sales
70% off banner impressions (PV & PTC)
70% off FA & LA (PV & PTC)
70% off AG & AF (PV)
70% of BAP banners (PV)
Pure ads x3 Ad views (PTC) ? 3->9k, 18-54k, 90-270k
MTV auctions 50% off

Neteller purchase bonuses! (on paidverts)
50% lower fees (1.75% & $0.625 instead of 3.5% & $1.25)
500K BAP rewards to 10 random neteller purchasers - The more you buy, the more tickets to win you get!
250k BAP first prize

Payeer purchase bonuses! (on paidverts & PTC)

500K BAP rewards to 10 random payeer purchasers - The more you buy, the more tickets to win you get!
250k BAP first prize

20% bonus extra on all offerwalls & PTCwalls (PV & PTC)
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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27/05/2022 07:49
Here's a bit of a headsup for the reveal of the final massive sale of the "May Spring Cleaning" event!

The BIGGEST ever Extra BAP bonus sale on Bulk Ads is coming! We've never had one big like this in the past 4 years, and we definitely won't be doing something like this for at least the next 6 months cool smirk

Buy Bulk Ads and Get 35% extra BAP (40% if buying with bitcoin or litecoin directly)!

This sale starts will be valid 28th-31st of May!

Remember that all BA purchases during this sale will also count towards the ongoing BA purchase competitions (2mil BAP reward), and the special 500k BAP reward pools to 10 random purchases with Neteller or Payeer (direct purchases only)!

And if you also intend to play games, that will also help you get better results in the ongoing 2.5m BAP wagering competitions!

Again, this is THE biggest ever such bonus, so you better be ready to make the most of it wink
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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30/05/2022 07:04
Reminder that the ongoing Spring cleaning events will end in less than 48 hours!

Please read the above posts for all the details, but I'd like to pin-point 2 that are not clearly pointed out elsewhere on the sites already:

MyTrafficValue cashback on any game losses - 100% cashback up to $5 + 30% extra up to $1000

PTCshare Pure Ads - 3x views, get 9000-13500 views per $1 ad spent, packs starting from just $1 <- BEST DEAL ON THE PTC MARKET
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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02/06/2022 10:50
We are currently experiencing some delays in Perfect Money cashouts, which we can not send as we had a network ban on our outgoing IPs again due to too many requests.

This is now the 4th time in the last 2 years this happened, and although we found a faster solution last time, unfortunately we weren't able to sync Sys Admin's & Marc's time to get it working this time yet, as it requires them updating some things at the same time.

Unfortunately this might take another day or two to get sorted, so we apologize for the inconvenience and ask for some more patience as we get this issue resolved.

That said, we did manage to find some potential situations in our software that have likely been the causes of this (happens in certain rare situations), so something like this happening again is far less likely going forward.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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07/06/2022 09:45
PerfectMoney cashouts were just sorted and sent out. Apologies for the delay again.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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04/07/2022 07:11
IMPORTANT – we are changing how we are sending ad issues

Up to recently we have been sending out ad issues on a fixed schedule & amounts, for example (Mon->Friday, $300, $350, $400,$450, $500 on PaidVerts, and 5x $300 on PTCshare) – We were doing this despite of how many ads were sold & other money going towards ad issues came in, and this meant that we were sending more ad issues than we could afford, meaning this ate into our profits & funds available to keep running the business.

We always wanted to give out as much earning opportunity as possible to our users, but we're now in a situation when we can no longer afford this. In particular the several massive downtimes we had in the past 6 months, have hurt our active userbase & sales so much, that we simply can no longer afford giving out extra money to ad issues – money which is needed to pay for all monthly operating costs.

So until we manage to get back into a more healthy state with extra development funds we could potentially give out as extra ad issues, we have to cut the ad issues to a more sustainable level.

Without further ado, this is how we will be distributing ad issues going forwards:
- Starting August $1st 2022, we will no longer be sending fixed weekly amounts of ad issues, but the ad issues will be based off of previous week's contributions to “ad issue pool”. At the start of each week we will post this amount in our ad issue reports <- however we will try to as soon as possible prepare an automated & rolling report of this stat in your dashboard
-Starting 11th July, we will be reducing the total weekly ad issue by 25% -> PaidVerts from $2000 to $1500 (Mon->Fri, 5x $300), and for PTCshare from $1500 to $1125 (Mon->Fri 5x$300 to 5 x $225). Ads will be issued as such until 1st August, when we will switch to the above mentioned model.

Other notes:
- To accommodate for this lowering of ad issues, we will also make it less work on you to click through, so we will be sending you about only half of ads to click on, to collect your daily ad issue amount.

How can YOU help us increase ad issues again?
Most of our “non-Bulk Ads” ads contribute nearly everything after 10% ref commission to the ad issue pool. So if you help us promote our advertising options and we get more ad sales again, then our ad issues will be able to increase, and you will also rake in a 10% referral commission!

In the following months we will also be working on other area of the business to help with this, such as improving server stability and reducing server costs and exploring some new revenue generation options.

Sustainability is always our top priority so thank you for understanding this much needed change to our ad issues.

MTV team
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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11/07/2022 12:09
Chopmania Steam store page released

We're excited to make the official announcement of the other commercial game we have been developing - Chopmania!

If you've ever played the classic and legendary mining games like Motherload, you'll love this one!

"Chopmania is a relaxing RPG, where you drive a harvester to cut your way through overgrown forests. Reclaim humanity's land, after Earth fought back deforestation and engulfed it in plants! Uncover the mysteries and save humanity! "

Help support our store page release, and Wishlist it on Steam smile

By doing so and providing proof in our discord channel, you will get 3000 BAP added to your account, with potential for more if you complete some other tasks.

What are the tasks & how do I claim my rewards?
To claim the rewards you must join our discord group where you will find all the instructions, and a place to post your proof to claim the rewards.

While due to recent downtime & staff limitations, we are not currently actively developing the game, we have managed to at least bring it to a marketable state to start gathering wishlist and building an audience.

Currently Chopmania is set to release in late 2023 - development will only continue as extra time will allow us to do so - but it would be a shame to not be able to have it at least market organically in the meantime.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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20/07/2022 07:46
We're in the middle of a hot summer, so here are some hot deals for you to make the most of on our sites:

Have some fun, and increase your chances of winning with these gaming events:
- Play on MyTrafficValue and be eligible for a cashback should on any overall loses -> 100% up to $5, + 20% extra up to $1000
- Get 50% higher deposit bonuses on PlayBitcoinGames & PlayPerfectMoneyGames (make sure to turn ON deposit promotions when making one)

Wagering competitions everywhere!
MyTrafficValue -> $200 prize pool
PlayPerfectMoneyGames -> $200 prize pool
PlayBitCoinGames -> 4mBTC prize pool
PaidVerts -> 1000000 BAP prize pool
PTCshare -> 1000000 BAP prize pool

And to top all of that off, any Bulk Ad purchases you make for more BAP will count towards 1million BAP prize pool purchases competitions on PaidVerts & PTCshare!

Have some fun, play the games you haven't yet - live a little!

Have a splash of a summer!
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