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Traffic Value: $264.40909 Turkey
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14/02/2020 11:29
Seems strange. I click on the bap ads but when retuening to click the next one I get the PHP error with 1 ad down but no bap value added. Has anyone been able to click today. I cleared my cache earlier so that is not the problem.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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14/02/2020 15:56
Wow! 60K pure ads for $20 is a great deal!
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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14/02/2020 21:16
Anyone else get an email with PTCShare in the title and a link to a survey supposedly sponsored by Opinion Network?

I've never done a survey from PTCShare/PV that came directly to my email.
I haven't done a survey from either site in weeks.

The $1.20 reward for 30min would be nice, but not sure where that money would be withdrawn from as I'm not a member of Opinion Network, that I know of. Also, if it's a phishing scam, there could be serious issues down the road.
Traffic Value: $684.68747 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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15/02/2020 16:39
I didn't receive  ads for Friday? Anyone else?
Traffic Value: $87.28947 United States
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15/02/2020 16:39
Hello guys

I didn't receive my usual paid ads on Friday,just a few on both sites Paidverts and PTCshare,only BAP on both sites.Someone experienced the same?PTCshare was giving Database error,but I suceed to see BAP.
Paidverts,after seeng BAP, was unaccessable for hours.Missed Clixgirid.Later night when I checked,again only BAP came,but no paid ads.I wrote to support twice,but the answer was the same like from answer bot.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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15/02/2020 17:29

I think the guy from rotate4all would be willing to work out a special ad packet for his site.

My idea would be that the packet would be a certain price that allows members to break even on their earnings there based on their ad spend here. You could make it a larger pack so as to encourage more spending on it. The plan would be a referral ad pack. If people break even on the earnings then any referral they get would be a bonus and they can build their earnings long term through referrals. He has just instituted a rule that views need to be a minimum of 4 seconds and a fixed ad view. We have the tech to accommodate both of those so it would be a nice fit. Maybe just have a place for people to put their referral ID# in so as to keep it to that referral link

The benefit would be that it would generate a lot of traffic/cash flow for both sites and create a nice synergy
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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15/02/2020 17:31
@Bulsara & Rayden,

With the tech difficulties on Friday, I think they just held off the issue. They will probably make up for it on Monday
Traffic Value: $354.01015 Serbia
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15/02/2020 18:39
Missing regular ads and receiving double issue on Monday is one thing... but missing Referral ad issue for yesterday is something completely different. By Monday, the number of eligible refs will change (drop) and the compensation on Monday will not be adequate.
Traffic Value: $242.59861 United Kingdom
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15/02/2020 20:06
Things went really bad for me on this occasion.
With the 30% bulk ad promotion on, I invested $18 on Thursday at PTCshare.
Annoyingly PTCshare kept working but Paidverts didnt most of yesterday and today.
All campaigns bought pointed to Paidverts. Users at PTCshare would see my ads all along with a pretty "504 Gateway" message, if wanted to sign up it wasn't possible. But ads were lost as they were viewed anyway regardless of the error message.

Marc, having one programmer only is really no good.
Problems always happen in the Christmas period, at night, on the weekends and so on.
Clearly there should be at least 2 people, and a rota by which when one is off the other one can cover.
Otherwise issues like these will continue to happen.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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15/02/2020 23:48
During christmas noone will want to work. Furthermore to achieve the thing you´re talking about we´d have to hire someone on the other side of the world.
As of now we have Pawel and Andraz as programmers and David as the system administrator.
Due to having to cut back on costs this is as much as we can do.
The downtime lately has also been heavily dependent on returning/ongoing attacks, which we solved.
In case you want to get something refunded or extended, please send a ticket and we will take care of you.
Traffic Value: $242.59861 United Kingdom
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16/02/2020 02:51
Hi Mark,

OK thanks. I understood what's on the noticeboard as having 1 programmer literally, but seems there are more. Then the suggestion about implemeting an on-call amongst them is something to consider I guess
I understand budget constraints, fine.
Yes, I know when ads were missed due to expiration during downtime they have always been refunded. I opened tickets in such cases.
But this time it's tricky as there is no such quantifyable miss. As explained my $18 campaigns have advertised essentially a "broken link", so to speak, during the downtime, as PV was down but PTCSHARE wasn't.
I wouldn't dare say "Refund me $18 as the campaigns did not advertise anything during that time, but viewer-count continued adding up for them".
I guess I will have to call it a loss.
Hence the frustration, if it was $1 OK, but it wasn't a negligible amount, sadly.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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16/02/2020 07:39
Another benefit of that R4A idea is that paidverts can be the default referrer for all those that aren't members of the site and join via the adpack deal. That creates another stream of revenue for the site

And selling the free referrals idea will not be hard at all
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/02/2020 09:04
@Gcascardo If you can explain which ad exactly this was I can look into it - any why would you feel bad about asking for a refund that you think wasn't delivered properly? <- IF it is caused by something on OUR side we're more than happy to refund such cases.
Traffic Value: $242.59861 United Kingdom
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16/02/2020 15:01
Hi Slosumo, nice touch! Thanks for being this considerate.

OK I gave all this a deep thought and maybe there is a solution. Not simple though.

The 18 x $1 campaigns on Ptcshare to advertise Paidverts were created on Thursday evening.
All of them have "delivered" status now.
Campaign names are "Paidverts 30" to "Paidverts 47".

My proposed solution:
In simple terms, a solution to compensate for the views occurred during downtime as those views basically did not serve the purpose a campaign should serve, i.e. advertising a real, working link on the internet.
In order to achieve this we should check the logs for each of the 18 campaigns to determine which views took place before, during and after downtime.
I know this can be done as clicking times are recorded.
Then come up with a percentage of view loss, which will be the number of views during downtime / 100.
We apply that percentage to $1 and that would be the amount to refund for that campaign.
Repeat the process for all 18 campaigns to arrive to a total amount to refund.
In my opinion the adjustment should be cash rather than bap. 
However if bap is chosen then the extra 30% should be added.
If you agree with my suggested approach I hope the adjustment comes before the promotion deadline so I can reinvest it asap.
Bare in mind that the percentage will be different for each campaign, hence the trickiness that I was pointing out.
It's not as simple as checking which ads expired during downtime and refunding the corresponding bap.

Finally as this is a private issue (or is it? Well I am  the one raising it, but surely it affected many others), you are welcome to contact me on the email I have on the system. So we wont be using this space in further exchanges, if required.

Once again, thanks for your understanding on this.

Regards, Guido.
Traffic Value: $242.59861 United Kingdom
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17/02/2020 11:11
Hello Slosumo,

I haven't heard back from you after answering your request for additional information.
And the full proposal I made.

As said there I dont want to miss the promotion deadline tonight if a compensation is approved by you.

Thanks and regards, Guido.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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17/02/2020 11:54
Sorry Guido, was getting late for me yesterday.

I've just read through your suggestion of the refund, and it's way too complicated, so I'm afraid I won't be doing that. But just did something simpler, so just go and check your balance smile

You're probably one of the rare/if not only, advertising PV on PTC, so this shouldn't have been a problem for others. I wonder, was it effective for you even?
Traffic Value: $242.59861 United Kingdom
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17/02/2020 12:23
Hi Slosumo,

Thanks for the adjustment, great!

Yes, my idea was the only way I could come up with for an exact and just solution.
But must admit you would need at least 45 minutes to implement it, unless you have some special admin tools that could help avoid doing the checks manually. I understand you may not have 45 min for this! But my proposal made sense and was logical, wasn't it? angel

Yes, believe it or not advertising PV on Ptcshare is effective.
I got about 3 or 4 sign-ups since I am doing it.

On a different note, what are the facebook links for the official PV and Ptcshare?
We have seen that when sites are down so are the forums and hence the only way to get updates and post comments is there, right?

Regards, Guido.
DomingoX6 - Administrator
Traffic Value: $2,272.07399 Venezuela
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Traffic Value: $242.59861 United Kingdom
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17/02/2020 18:48
Gracias, Domingo. Pefecto!
Los pongo en Favoritos ahora.
Traffic Value: $48.58404 Viet Nam
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18/02/2020 18:35
cannot view ads again PHP database error
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