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Perfect Money back to being operational!

Our perfect money issue has been solved!

All cashouts have been processed and all new ones will be processed within 24-48 hours max again.
Thank you for your patience!

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Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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01/07/2020 18:34
I thought there was at least some fancier/more organised reason for so many new users. Eh...
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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01/07/2020 19:15
lets hope some become verry active and hopefully good advertisers. time will tell 
the number of unique clickers and total clicks isnt increasing explosively as the signups do but i guess anything helps.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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02/07/2020 05:56
Doesn't need to be particularly sophisticated when you get 97,000 people watching the video.

What this shows is that when MTV start paying back the FTQ (hint: I'm guessing the small users will see something next month), when the RPs start to rise (even if only by $0.0001... hint: remember...that'll be a 20% rise) and when income increases to a point where we can subsidise the ad issues a little (hint: I have no idea when this might be) things are going to change here really fast.

This is the time to take your position, but for as long as you don't, I'll be accumulating instead of you.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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02/07/2020 06:10
Also, for an online business with a large customer base that regularly visit their website to have a $5 million valuation is really tiny these days.

Given that we have 500,000,000 RPs in circulation, a $5 million valuation would put the value of each RP at $0.01.  Currently it is $0.0006.  That is 16.7 times the current valuation!  Who would like to multiple their wealth by 16.7 times?

And...while a $5 million valuation may seem unachievable to many right now, I can assure you it is not my idea of what the actual potential of this business is (and I'm willing to bet Marc and the team feel the same).  

I realise you'll not want to set expectations that people will only use to hit you with when they are not achieved tomorrow Marc, but I can!  Any comment?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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02/07/2020 16:04
That guy is "viewing" 5 ads at once. WTF? He should be banned from HideOut for doing such a thing.

I mean the $1.50 number is a;ready a lie, but that's small potatoes to actually disrespecting advertisers to such an extent.

I mean, shouldn't we have banned him ourselves as we don't want to get our HideOut account suspended again?
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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02/07/2020 20:09
those users joining i dont think is going to do much because yes druth it right its actually a verry bad video .

1 thing we must say though. Its really an effective platform to gain referrals if you are able to make a great video. Showing what honestly can be earned on the site and how.and have a big amount of subscribers to your video channel.

To bad i dont have the time for these things
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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06/07/2020 05:11
I can't make a cashout from PTCShare. When I click on 'Submit' it keeps loading for a while, and then return to the same page and do nothing. Anybody else experienced this?
Traffic Value: $242.59861 United Kingdom
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10/07/2020 10:28
Hi Admin,

Is the 25% extra  bap for bulk ads purchase only for bitcoin and litecoin buys?
Other payment methods and earning balance not I included this time?
Traffic Value: $2,036.3384 Peru
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10/07/2020 16:58
Hello everyone!
I was thinking why not add a new system to estimulate the buying of bulks ads. 
1st buy of 1$, you get 1,000 BAPS Bonus
2nd buy of 5$, you get 2,500 BAPS Bonus
3rd buy of 10$, you get 3,500 BAPS Bonus
etc, etc.
It could be every 3 month or every month indeed.

Any thoughts?
Traffic Value: $2,036.3384 Peru
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10/07/2020 17:16
Even though, to make it different to the extra 30% you could add free spins or another type of gift related and connecting our others platforms.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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11/07/2020 01:58
Post New News post on PTCShare,     

 Bad News live long on top... post fresh good news for removing negativity ..  Because, when you post that news, my downline peoples asked, is it too closing website?  so care it.
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