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Design a Dashboard For MyTrafficValue

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Traffic Value: $1,809.25245 New Zealand
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18/02/2015 09:38
I think this has already been mentioned but a live share price graph would be a very useful tool. Not just a daily one but a graph that updates maybe every 15 minutes so that users can see the trends for the day. Also one for the BAP price would be good also.
Traffic Value: $486.62463 Spain
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18/02/2015 18:10
And what do you think to change the blue page background with green ? Such as PV , could be as a color identity of our family
business , or vice versa.
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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29/03/2015 03:29
Right.. i'm back on this!

I'm trying to draw up a rough navigation tree / sitemap, here's what i've got so far:

* Widgets

* My Stuff

* Statistics

* Advertise


* 170.2% Plan
* 200% Plan
* 240% Plan

* Turnover Shares
* Product Shares

* Fast Track Queue

* Results
* Portfolio

* Staff
* Overhead Log
* Staff Billing

* Development Queue
* Submit Improvement / Non Profit Making Idea
* Submit Profit Making Idea

* Forum
* Chat
* Staff News

Crowd Control Panel

* Verify Cashouts
* Investigate User

Now, i'm trying to think what to put on the very first page -- the main dashboard... It's got to be a mix of 'what do I want to see when I login to MTV?' along with some kind of guide / pointer for new users to get them started.

If you have any ideas - sketch them up.

I want to try and draw this out (likely with pen & paper) to get a rough idea of what all the pages are going to look like / contain. And then with the basic arrangement, we can optimize it before Rayner gets his hands on it.

The hardest part... where to start!?
... And to bare in mind that the top box does a lot of the work. The pages can be really content orientated, the grunt work / profile info / user specific data is handled mostly by the top box.
Traffic Value: $8.62541 India
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29/03/2015 04:18
good look
Traffic Value: $3,170.45051 India
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29/03/2015 04:21
If anything we want to change inside profile or settings , we must enter the Secondary Password or Profile Password , and for cashouts , selling shares too ( so hacker's can't do nothing, except Games )....... If we set password for games , so many members didn't like that , so hope you like my idea ......grin
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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29/03/2015 06:57
I've sketched up the plans default page, and I think I have the format for the rest of the main section pages now. I'll keep working with pen & paper for a while (as way faster) and then i'll show you where i'm at.

But i'm thinking with the investments themselves to have a kinda 'disclaimer' page during the investment process explaining a few points;

1) How your investment is used / broken down.

2) Portfolio product requirement to repay you.

3) Explaining the 3 potential outcomes of your investment; i) Front of queue + paid... ii) Swapped for shares .... iii) Total loss (unknown external event/ risk)

4) A quick 2 or 3 bullet point section explaining that MTV is not a ponzi scheme. And giving two examples of why we use the investment queue system: time saving + security.

5) A checklist of things users should check prior to investing;
- Read the forum news
- Check out portfolio, to see if we look competent
- Check out results for the last 15months+ or whatever
- Check the fast track queue to see the debt in front of you.

6) An 'I understand what I am investing into, I take full responsibility for my actions, and I would like to invest' continue button.


The aim of the above is not necessarily to be a legally binding disclaimer or anything... That's for the eventual terms & conditions. But it's a user friendly guide, to highlight our transparency & make sure investors understand what they're getting into... As I think more people than you think don't really understand. And aren't necessarily aware of the finer points of our transparency.
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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29/03/2015 07:14

Let me see if I understand this... your answer to a 2000/2005 layout is a 1995/1998 Layout?

I say push the boundaries of what HTML5/CSS3 can do. Did you know that with the right HTML5/CSS3 layout/coding, you can make a webpage into a 6-sided 3D cube, each showing it's own content, and use clickable handles to rotate (animated) that cube to the content you want to look at?
Traffic Value: $4,507.59379 France
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23/04/2015 11:53
Yeah thank you i know exactly what we can do with HTML5 and CSS3, i'm a web dev (not web designer). ^^

All i do is deleted rounded corners and put the website in full screen because i think they want to keep something similar to the original design post. 

It's an idea, because i know a lot of nice websites are in full screen and have flat design or something similar. 

I've never said my changes were the only things to do to get a nice 2015 design and i can't see why it's looks like 1995/1998 design with them.
Traffic Value: $14.64367 Indonesia
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28/04/2015 03:22
whether the presence of this renewal, revenue in the PV also be affected? like BAP and daily ads were reduced ..
Traffic Value: $51.28877 United States
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24/12/2015 00:56
How is the site redesign going? Any progress?
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