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Design a Dashboard For MyTrafficValue

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Traffic Value: $3,170.45051 India
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25/01/2015 11:20
like this....

Traffic Value: $59.33393 Slovenia
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25/01/2015 12:07
i like the new design very much. 

but it would be nice to have some notification button for news (topic) to notifie when some admin or "Jo" update their news or post something in news.... because, if i start to read news in afternoon i view all meaningless pages(whining and crying abaut the dialy ads)
 and search for some admins reply...  smile
Traffic Value: $174.1279 Malaysia
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25/01/2015 12:53
For additional, small notice board.

Make it the SCP(Shareholder Control Panel) /senior user can help/access it to edit or update the notice board.

PS: And Jo, u can make a new opportunity to user who help to update earn money. For example, Every time user make/post new or update info, can earn $0.0005. Or, Maybe to avoid user simple edit/access it need to be pay $0.0005, to make should that no user play with it. (But, seems like not necessary need to have the earning or paying for $0.0005 just a suggestion.)
Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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25/01/2015 13:06
I really like the ideas coming out here and @ClearEyes, nice work.
I'm not going to suggest any bits of data to display, but more in how it's achieved.
In his initial request, Jo mentioned "Widgets". Well what if a large portion of the Dashboard was blank to start or prefilled with common Widgets.
But, much like an Android phone, you could delete these widgets and add the ones that are more useful to you.
I know there are some users that don't invest in shares, but are active in PV. They could display their current BAP amount, number of ads left to view, time left to view, etc.
Those who are more involved in the investment side (shares and plans) could populate their dashboard with the share price widget as ClearEyes had, current share price, approx day of their next Fast Track, these kinds of things.
From a programming standpoint, I don't know if this is even doable, but I think it would really help please everyone here, which as we know is not an easy task.
Traffic Value: $5,145.88309 United States
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25/01/2015 13:14
the main thing I would say as other probably suggested already is a link directly to the share market, maybe a small chart indicating the current price of shares as well as the current weeks High and low prices and maybe the current FTQ's status and ETA

or better yet but more programer intensive is to create simply a white blank dash board make all sections of the site modular and the people can populate their dashboards with the info they want or need also there can be a news modal were we have simple access to your news it could if thought out right even be like an MTV OS and the various parts are like mini apps
Traffic Value: $6,007.44934 Singapore
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25/01/2015 14:03
yes maybe consider having a Widget Titled "JO" lol

every word that JO makes or writes, it can be found there.. probably archivedwink like what rokbrezovnik says above, it can be tiring just sieving through all the mindless posts just to search for Admin only posts

Traffic Value: $226.77937 Albania
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25/01/2015 15:01
I really think we should take a look at the "Must read section."
Many users come here complaining and complaining and so on. We must make a pop-up or at least an red eye chatching banner that says to read the daily news for each day. Actually that forces you to read it without allowing to browser more. Maybe add a small timer like 5-10 sec so he is forced to read. Another option would be to add the daily max add issue for the group instead of adding it in the news. Just a suggestion though. 
Best of Wishes.
Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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25/01/2015 16:41

Yeah, I posted something similar months ago. Having a pop-up page that you have to "read" all the way to the bottom before you can check the box that you've "read" it. Lot's of financial sites use something similar on their TOS or disclosure pages. I also suggested a simple multiple choice "quiz" MTV/PV related, that pops up before a user creates a new topic.

The forum is a mess, and I'm sure Jo is fully aware of it. Couple days ago when captchas weren't working the best, I be 15 of the last 20 Topics created were all about captchas. Personally, I don't understand how a person can feel compelled to post a new topic on a forum without checking if a similar topic exists, most especially if you're actually staring a list of several of them before you hit Create New Topic.

It seems all forum "etiquette" is out the window here, but I think a lot of that is cultural differences of what is correct/wrong or polite/rude or however you want to perceive it.

I do know one thing, I'd have a hard time fitting-in in Pakistan--LOL!
Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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25/01/2015 16:50
I might add one more thing--this thread is refreshing--full of intelligent & well thought out responses & ideas (well except for mine maybe--lol!). I know it was started by Jo--but this is what the form was full of 18 months ago and I miss it and I wish there were more like this.

And not a single post in this thread about missing ads, or lost BAP or late ads, or early ads, or too many ads, or too few's nice!

That's all...
Traffic Value: $76,730.43625 Portugal
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25/01/2015 17:11
I don't know if anyone already said this, as I didn't read all the comments.

I would like to see how much my shares are worth in real time (if possible) + how many $ I already invested in it and my net profit.
Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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25/01/2015 17:27
I also think that in the future, that all PV discussions be moved over to the forum at PaidVerts.
Jo routinely talks of luring the "big investor", but it's pretty embarrassing if a big investor does show up and sees the "quality" of posts being provided in the forum. We should provide an outlet for it, but hide it or "sweep it under the rug" so to speak so it's not so visible.
Traffic Value: $1,696.27057 Spain
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25/01/2015 17:42
@ClearEyes +1 best idea we need real info and detailed for shares
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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25/01/2015 18:06
ClearEyes, that's good!
Those sketches & ideas are what i'm looking for. However, let me prepare a few sketches, to show you the format of the top box + main box + side navigation.... And then you can put your sketches / ideas within the correct spaces.

* The top box, can extend downwards by clicking "more" to basically a full page size. To deal with Cashier, Notifications, Settings, Hitory etc.

* And the left navigation when you click on one of the icons will generate a list of sub-navigation icons. eg: -- then that left navigation deals with the main MTV website.
Traffic Value: $1,312.65076 Bulgaria
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25/01/2015 18:21
Ok, opening up the 'more' section to a full page is a good idea... much more space than just a popout. 

I think mrriley's idea of widgets would be very useful, afterall a lot of members come here for different reasons and have different interests within MTV.

Once consensus has been reached about everything thats gonna be added I'm happy to create a series of mockups to help your programmers.
Traffic Value: $264.40909 Turkey
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25/01/2015 18:27
Looks very professional.
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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25/01/2015 18:27
What about enabling main page to be customized? Enabling each user to define what they want to see when they open MTV page!

Like drag and drop to place on a different position of the page!

And BTW, I love ClearEyes idea of adding live share stats next to Balance!

Just saw mriley idea about the widgets and it`s basically what I was talking about wink all about customization since users have different needs regarding MTV.
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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25/01/2015 19:23
A box with the lastest posts in the NEWS section - only the ones by you and/or aliases/programmers. Just so the person won´t have to rummage through the mess to read what matters.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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25/01/2015 21:17
I've edited the first post with these two links:

Blank version of the template:

Blank version of the top box, extended:
(In reality this will only extend as much as is needed, but for design purposes, i've put it all the way down to create room for whatever!)

Now, sketch whatever crazy ideas you like!
... And don't think solely in our exiting problems. eg. If the forum is cluttered now; lets scrap the forum idea. And instead design a daily news section, where I can post updates; and users can discuss them in a chatroom on that same page perhaps. Or whatever crazy ideas you like!

The programmers can build whatever; we just need to plan it.... And all that involves, is your imigantion & a quick sketch!
Traffic Value: $30.53104 Greece
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25/01/2015 21:23
put a stock trade option and become a broker tongue
Traffic Value: $287.05158 Morocco
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25/01/2015 21:29
I like to see a notification zone , about jo last posts or any staff here, because sometimes when there is a delay ads issue , i have to read 25 pages to find news,

So it Will be nice to ad this nitification zone
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