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Design a Dashboard For MyTrafficValue

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25/01/2015 21:31
About marketplace ,

We like to see a small icon to refresh share list , without reloading the page , it takes so long to load
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25/01/2015 21:52
There is a notification system being designed in the top box... see the top blue tiny icons. They'll light up as notifications for each section come in.


And here is my first little idea, only regarding the top balance box display (for users who have never made a deposit, and who's balance is below $___) ... For regular users, we can design a different display.

* You'll see my colours are crappy. The image i've cropped is ugly. But the point of this is to explain to Rayner (the designer) what we're looking for. He'll then do it properly!


I'm asking Rayner to design working mockup for this ASAP. So we can view the page as a html page. And click through the links. Basically see it all in action - so we can design everything, and make sure it all ties together & all the sections look awesome!

Then i'll go through page by page, sketching up my ideas, and asking Rayner to make them properly.... And hopefully you guys can chip in with your own display ideas; and we'll keep evolving the page designs until we get to something we're happy with. At which point, we'll get some programmers to bring it to life!
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25/01/2015 22:11

put a binary option trading system i trust you more than the brokers out there so why not it whould be good think about it also profitable for the site
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25/01/2015 23:35
The general idea looks nice. Jo, you`re idea for the unfunded accounts is smart. I love ClearEyes`s idea about getting the shares`s live trading next to Balances but not only.

Since MTV is the "main" platform for all businesses related (including PaidVerts) it makes sense to have also BAP info. Or, alternatively, the widgets idea so we can customize MTV workplace the way it suits us better. 

Forum: It really needs some work. Redesign it and more importantly - moderation!

Marketplace: some live trading graphs would be great and probably make people more interested on trading therefore, increase transactions and fees to MTV. Just make something like this:

Traffic Value: $786.59298 Poland
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26/01/2015 00:04
Except for/ instead of recent post I would add 'Recent post of Jo' with links what subject/topic of all forum topics  comes from.
You do not write posts only in first thread of the day in daily news. Sometimes u add posts in either 10th page of daliy or in another thread. And it is hard to look for where is your every post when somebody is interested in reading all of them ( I am) so it would be nice to see any place where we all can find all of them. 
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26/01/2015 06:11
Hi guys,

This is my take on the profile page other users see. A lot more can be added feel free to add...

Also a lot of you want to see Jo's post so why not have a follow button.

if the image does not show up here is link:

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26/01/2015 06:44
I like the idea of a static navigable mockup of the ongoing new MTV designs. Something without scripts, just to show how it would look if designed as such. Go for it.

If anything, code a reply box for each state (page plus opened on-page displays), so people could add comments directly about a given section. 
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26/01/2015 08:15
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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26/01/2015 09:17
When I am at MTV and PV for that matter, which is all day & night, I do multiple things at once and would prefer to have them all on one page, if I need to interact with something then I can go to the actual place it's located. I'm thinking the more active things needs front page prominence.

1. Share Price / Marketplace - I check this every few minutes. Yes, I know I can and do place a bid for how much I want to buy and sell for. But, if it starts jumping by half cent or more, I'd like to know about it and take advantage. Also, when I don't have enough of a buffer, maybe even below my lvl, and I want to get the best BAP price / share before the Daily Ad Issue, I can possibly save $1 just by not fire-selling and catch the highest BAP Price, that the under-cutters will allow the buyer(s) to get up to. I also really would like to know just how low and high do they go, at least 24hrs and 1 week, help me set my price and not have to be around to catch the low/high end. Yes, I know I'm a penny pincher.

2. Jo's news - Not just Jo/Admin but anybody that knows what they are talking about aka a lot of likes, is the easiest, on topics that I want to learn more about. I really liked the idea of an Admin area for at least the News Section and we chat in a screen that older messages gets deleted as time passes. However, let's keep the Like function and once a post gets 5 likes, it's saved as a post, under the first post that is the Admin Section. Now, I also think moderators should delete those that get 5 likes that aren't helpful or like when Mike shows he got his ads, aka real "useful" Helpers don't have to repeat themselves over and over again and not just Jo can help us learn.

3. Questions - I like to help and find out info, but the Questions section is just too much to sift through, esp many of the same question. So, I'd also like that "1 main post, 5 like new post, live chat" expanded to the Questions section as well. We'd have our own custom FAQ section right there, then below it would be real time questions and answers. If a question was not in the FAQ 5 likes would again become a post, which would get added by the Mods to the main FAQ post, and then deleted. This even works with better explained FAQ can replace/add on to the previous one. This would eliminate a lot of the same threads started by the same questions. There would only be one thread. Now, they still might not read the FAQ, but they scroll above and the answer is probably there. In either case, helpers can just come in and answer as they please. Since this would be on the home page, minimize the FAQ and each current new 5+ like post, so the page doesn't get too long.

As an aside, all threads that are started in Brainstorm, MISC and Monitor that belong in questions are locked with a link to the FAQ thread  I mentioned previously. I think other than that, these sections can keep the typical format as long as Mods and the thread starter have the option of deleting posts that don't apply. This might need the 3 Shareholder Approval option. I'm not sure.

4. Paid Ads - This is done currently by having a separate tab for PV and refreshing it from time to time, esp during times when waiting for Recycled Ads. Can we have a simple, "You have X Paid Ads available to view. The first of which will expire in 00:00"?

Also, I'd like the "You have received $0.XXXX of $1.00 worth of recycled ads" right there and on the Paid Ads Page with a renew click as well. Maybe even color coded Green 0-75, Yellow 75-85 Orange 85-95 and Red 95 -100. And the option to buy more than 1 at once. The last 2 suggestions aren't strictly MTV dashboard suggestions but they tie in.

As an aside to #2. I do like the idea of following a user, then we can have a section that shows all of what our subscribed users have posted, since whenever. If we do that, I imagine I'd end up subscribing to 20+ people. That would be a lot to try and read all their posts. So, I propose being able to limit it to whatever number of likes & characters in post that you like. Likes b/c if it was liked, even if it's just Mike's Got Ads post, is most likely fine enough to read...I read the daily news that way. Characters b/c if it's a long post, it probably didn't get a lot of people to bother reading it, but probably contains some golden nuggets, if not, probably can skim and move on anyways.
Traffic Value: $1,312.65076 Bulgaria
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26/01/2015 09:51
The content to be displayed is obviously up for discussion, but here's my idea for how the content is displayed.

This is the settings page. Users drag what elements they want to display on their personal dashboard to the Active area with ONE element being shown on the header bar.

Once they've chosen what they want this is how it would look, I guess the area would be scrollable to accommodate all the info. I haven't bothered to design icons - thats the paid designers job, but I hope you get the idea...

Traffic Value: $1,236.16455 Finland
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26/01/2015 13:27
Slightly offtopic, since it's not a "Dashboard" thing, but I would really like to see the programmers to-do list / work queue. Maybe even sort them in importance. But who is to decide which one is more imprtant than other? Maybe PV/MTV users can vote them up/down. Add a progress bar (ex. "25% done " ) and voila, hundreds of questions in the forum are all answered in one page.
Traffic Value: $76,730.43625 Portugal
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26/01/2015 13:37
Another thing that I will like to see is total revenues that MTV made for that day.
Traffic Value: $203,540.80977 Malaysia
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26/01/2015 13:45
what I care only the current share price and today result
and the important news and latest programmer info update on a little board
Traffic Value: $437.32954 Portugal
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26/01/2015 15:05
Somethings I would like to see for sure on MTV, amoung many things already suggested:

Graphics for shares market and real-time trading, with more control.
If possible, with support for an API or an embeded advanced auto-trade feature using some programming language. The purpose of this would be to apply more advanced strategies to trade shares immediately with more complex math. The auto-trade feature could be hard to implement and also limited, so I guess an API to be used by bots (like BTC-e) would be great and easier to implement.

More advanced forums.
The current forum is fine, but it would be better to have some more nice features like phpBB forums, with avatars and things like that.

User private messages.
If users could send private messages to each other and build their contact lists would be great. Our users need a way to contact each other in private, specially shareholders.

Better use of space.
Current MTV page is a mess. The shares marketplace page have so much spare place and wee need to scroll down and up just the see thigs, we need to enter another page just to make a bid or to make a sell offer. We need to have it all in one place and not just for shares. A page which use all the available screen space to show things is much better than a static sized page. We need more organized and dynamic controls.

A query based shareholder panel.
Shareholders are owners of the company, so they need even more control over it. The implementation of some advanced query based screen to allow shareholders to search things using some standard and easy programming language more suitable for research would improve things and enable the use of advanced data search on the site. For example, if a shareholder, for some reason, wants to list all users that are making more than $100 per day in gaming, that would be a specific thing really hard to do without a programming language.
This would be good not only for viewing data but also for control. Shareholders may be able to see and change almost any data, with the need for approval from more than one shareholder and also from the target user on delicate data. Just imagine how great would be if MTV have a shareholder's army taking care of most support tickets.
Shareholders may be divided by groups, something like the BAP groups, and each group with it's own privileges.

Friendly page layout when playing games.
The current layout for playing games is not comfortable. We need more space. Optionaly, opening the game within a new window just for the game would be nice.

Friendly log lists.
On MTV (as well as on PV) we have something unique that is the logs for our balance , BAP, etc. But it is actualy hard when you we need to search for a specific log. We need to apply filters and sort logs. For example, sort logs for amount, for date or for type, filter logs between two specific dates, etc. Things like "Items per page" and "Go to page X" are also important when navigating through multiple pages.
The ability to export logs to a file is also good when some users want to check things for themselves on their own way.

Stats for everything that can be displayed.
While simple statistics are good for keep things easy for everyone, advanced and customized statiscs are things a business owner want to have without any limitation. As shareholders, we need statistics about almost anything. We need to be able to see stats and graphics about everything related to MyTrafficValue.

Examples of statiscs we need:

  • Share dividends
  • Shares trade amount per hour/day/month/year
  • Investment plans (and everything realated)
  • Specific data about specific each product (like PaidVerts)
  • New registered users, deposit amounts, cashout amounts, etc
  • Some non-sensitive technical data
  • MyTrafficValue's growth and proven traffic value.
  • Individual and overall games statistics

Well, we need advanced ways to filter and display data. The implementation of some good API for statistics and graphics like the ones from Google would be great.
I think data statistics are important not only for users but for the company's trust. By showing everything out, the company is telling that it have nothing to hide. Investors will feel a lot more confident if they can study things before investing their money.

I thing this post is already too long but I'm glad to be able to share my opinion with you. I'm sorry for my bad english, it is by far not my native language. I really like the look of the new design, even being only a work in progress yet.

Thank you for everything! smile
Traffic Value: $4,289.08875 United States
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26/01/2015 15:05
Couple of thing I think should be added to stop a lot of forum questions.

Server time/day prominent clock
Today's ad issue: pending/completed/none
Your group level calculated @ time
Traffic Value: $400.67513 Philippines
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26/01/2015 15:18
And can I suggest some additional settings for games? Like locking and unlocking password before playing GAMES? Like inserting 4 digit PIN to unlock/lock the GAMES

This will give an additional security measures for all of us in terms of playing games, I have read some story or cases in the forum about the accidentally use of someone else account with their own children, and others are saying that their account has been hacked or robbed by someone else and played some poker games. And after that asking Admin to help them recover their loss.

I know its very sad to see this kind of story, But we don't know the truth if they are really telling the truth or not. And even IF they are really telling the truth we have nothing to do with that because we can't help them back their loses in the first place.

This suggestion are pretty good for all of us. I hope this suggestion would consider by Jo
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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27/01/2015 22:34
Keep the ideas coming... Rayner should build the working mockup in the next day or two. And then we'll really be able to get going on this.
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27/01/2015 23:02
How about the ability to delete threads from appearing on the Last Posts list of 6 and 20.

This can be esp helpful when we get forum blasted with the same thread topic.
But also for those other language threads and any other thread I'm just not that interested in.

This forum can get so busy that a few threads, sometimes even the Daily New thread, becomes 21, that are still worth my attention.

Honestly, I'd like the ability to delete threads for good, if they clutter up for instance the Questions Section. But, with my above suggestion and the already there subscribe to a thread, I think I'll be a lot happier.
Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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27/01/2015 23:06

Nice work! What if the "widget landing area" were flexible. Say 800px wide. Widgets could come in various sizes:
800 x 400
800 x 200
400 x 400
400 x 200, etc.

I know my crappy android phone can do this, but it simplifies it even more, down to 1x1 "grid spaces" on up to like 5x5.
Traffic Value: $1,312.65076 Bulgaria
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28/01/2015 08:11

Thats an interesting idea and it makes sense as some widgets will need to display more info than others.
i.e: A widget for Coinflip would only need a few lines of info but Shares would need lots of space.

This would also help if the programmers are leaning towards a responsive design in the future.
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