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Check any share page

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14/10/2015 16:04
Step 1:
Go to

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:
A window like this will open:


Step 5:
Enter your desired page number were it is written "desired page number" in this:

href=" page number here/10

In this case, let's say I want to see page 150, so this will be:

Step 6:
Now close that window:

Step 7:
Click the page 2 of list:

You will be redirected to:

I guess someone already found way to check any share page instantly, I just wanted it to be accessible to everyone.

With some practise, you will be faster to do these rather than going through 100's of pages of shares to know details.

Any doubt, you can ask me.
This method I tried on chrome, applicable in other browsers too.

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14/10/2015 16:54
Does this trick work throughout MTV?
(Sorry I'm a bit lazy to try and deal with "inspect element" code atm)

I really wish they'd just add the Go To Page that they added to PV, months ago, (which btw now instead of 15 is 50 per page, which is sweet in it's own right), throughout MTV.
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14/10/2015 16:56
Just give me the link, I will check it for you smile
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14/10/2015 17:00
It does word everywhere  smile

meworking, use https grin
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14/10/2015 17:12
It is working in the:

-Result Page
-Monetization Pages (Paidverts, Payment Processors, etc)
-investment pages

It works smooth in sharepanel smile

Enjoy smile
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15/10/2015 16:38
Just bumping for everyone to know about this.
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