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Time to get positive on Paidverts?

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29/11/2023 22:57
Let's look at some numbers and see...

If you go to Paidverts/Statistics/Ad Stats you will see a stat called "Bonus Ad Capacity Remaining During Last 30 Days"

I suggest everyone pays close attention to this. Why?

Well, it shows a trend and it's a good one.

30th Oct
BAP debt 1,069,140,180 ($534,570)
Active BAP debt 859,033,010 ($429,516)

27th Nov
BAP debt 1,045,528,366 ($522,764)
Active BAP debt 835,318,240 ($417,659)

(Each BAP has a $ equivalent of $0.0005, so that's the value you see in the brackets)

So what does that tell us?

Well, total BAP debt has decreased by $11,806 and active BAP debt has decreased by $11,857 IN 28 DAYS!

That also happened at a time when we were running some of the best promotions of the year and giving out more BAP than usual.

So what does this mean?

It means that debt is still significant. Half a million $ is not a small amount. But it also shows that the business model put in place by the team over the last few years is more than sustainable and burning debt a quick pace.

This is not get rich quick (anyone that's been here for years can testify to that!) but for anyone that's willing to show patience, you are going to be handsomely rewarded.

Also, because the model is sustainable, once people realise it, the payback of the debt is only going to speed up and that's good for:

- the value of Ad Issues (less debt means higher value ads for those that have BAP).
- the value of RPs (as the business proves it is positive cash flow the RP value increases)
- the value of advertising (as advertisers will be advertising to higher value customers)
- all other parts of the business that people are exposed to as they arrive looking to earn from watching ads.

Watch out for the day that BAP debt drops below 1,000,000,000. That's going to be a big day!

Maybe it's time you starting paying attention again?
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