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Daily News: Tuesday, 4th Feb

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03/02/2014 23:25

The first fast tracks will roll out tomorrow, as per our new 7 day rolling reserve. And that will mark the "beginning" of the all new MTV pretty much!

Slosumo has been working on building a slot machine for the last 6-12months... and with Rayners help I beleive that is nearly ready. I think later this week Brian will get a look at it, and we'll investigate installing it!

Fingers crossed the code is up to scratch! As in theory, its a nice slot machine, multiple pay lines and some simple bonus games. With a 2500x jackpot. It should be a lot more interesting to play than our simple slot machine at present.

Brian has the spec for this now. And i've offered him a $2000 bonus if he can deliver it within 5weeks.

MTV is going to explode via this product, for so many reasons:
1) It's an awesome and completely sustainable system, that's going to get a lot of attention i'm sure... And the right people are going to earn, and shout about it.
2) It's going to be able to accept every payment processor known to man. As it's completely legal. You're buying advertising. The earning mechanism is completely separate to that. The only way you earn is via clicking on paid ads. Completely legal. No gray area!
3) The re-investment + direct revenues from PaidVerts, are going to rocket out development funding. Allowing MTV to start pursuing much bigger subsidiary businesses. That'll be awesome.
4) PaidVerts is going to give users an indirect way to fund their MTV account with all the payment processors. As all your PaidVerts earnings (from clicking high value ads!) can be pushed to your MTV balance in a flash, and used to play whichever game, or investment you like... Without any risk of chargebacks or anything like that; as the initial purchase was delivered! And we can prove it like crazy with the outragious reporting.

So that's going to be awesome! I'm convinced that PaidVerts is MTV's ticket to huge things. I actually think it has more potential than MTV at the moment. But seeing as MTV owns it; it'll rocket both businesses.

Finally one person has made a move on the shares... and single handidly doubled the share price in one day. So we're up to 8cents now.

Won't be long before we're back at 15-20; which is where i'd put the price (even factoring in the uncertainty based on all the dynamic moves this business has made of late that have unsettled people).

If you're going to value this company with any form of optimism / or presumption of its potential future. Then it should be more like 50-100cents a share. As the instant one big product hits; MTV's turnover will hit 7figures overnight.

Paul is working on overhauling the competition structure for Shut The Box. That'll make it worth playing again. Then he'll build Pyramid Solitaire.

Daniel is putting the finishing touches on Tetris. And when he's done that, he and Paul will team up to build our first multiplayer game. Likely a 6 player Texas Holdem game.

If you spot any issues, post them here and we'll pay you a dollar per bug as Brian fixes them:
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04/02/2014 04:56
Congratulations to Brainy, our new #20 shareholder.  I think the bottom is in.  Time to hold, add, and ride it out.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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04/02/2014 10:41
As I predicted in the shareholder opportunity, a few eager sellers have undercut the price again. Great opportunity to bag so many shares for so little money. If you just keep chopping out the bottom of the market; wait a day, and repeat. You'll get tens of thousands of shares for peanuts.

Going to take a few thousand dollars to bump the share price back to normality. And then as you drip sell, mega money to be made. (Or hold for PaidVerts and potentially get rich)

50,000 shares can be bought for about $2500-$3000 now. And if PaidVerts is a hit; that'll turn into $25-50k by the end of this year. Fantastic opportunity.

If you double that, 100k shares for ~$5k. Gives you half a percent of all our future turnover... Or for just $10k well spent right now, gets you 1% of MTV. That's nuts. We only have to increase our turnover by 4x last years turnover, and you'll be earning $20k per year in dividends. That's a minimum wage type living, all off a $10k investment lol.

That is the opportunity to get filthy rich. $10k well spent now. Will yield incredible value, PRESUMING we pull this model off!
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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04/02/2014 11:32
An appropriate factoid for many of you;

The guy that painted the first Facebook office opted against being paid cash and was paid in shares. He is now worth over $200m.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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04/02/2014 11:49
I've pruned the forum of all junk topics... I figure if we keep the other folders well pruned and up to date, it'll focus attention onto the daily news!

And all pending cashouts have been paid.
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04/02/2014 12:39
Shares price again 0.05 grin
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04/02/2014 12:57
it's a pity share market doesn't work for bids. it will wait for paidverts ~5weeks?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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04/02/2014 13:40
Bids aren't coming back in a hurry. I want Brian 100% focused on PaidVerts.

Impatient sellers can undercut the list price if they want a fast sale.
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04/02/2014 13:43

Could you say something more about paidverts ?be honest i have no idea how does it work
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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04/02/2014 13:57
First previews of our new gamepage layout are in:

Very tidy, I reckon we can use an almost identical format for MoneyMyGame when we come to build that. Just gotta add the balance box around it someplace.

And i've asked Rayner to make a footer image / box, to promote the gaming referral commission.

But that's looking good.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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04/02/2014 14:08
PaidVerts is a real clever system. It's basically a Paid To Click ads system. Where buying ads gives you "155% worth of bonus points" in addition to the targeted views you're actually buying ; and the more bonus points you have. The more "bonus ads" you'll receive, as a result of advertisers wanting to target proven valuable users. Not freebie junk traffic.

The bonus ads are high value clicks (like a return on investment) ; but you gotta view them to earn... And if you don't view them, you sacrafice that part of your earning; and the ad gets recycled to another user.

So active users are going to earn a lot, and quickly! At the expense of inactive users (or genuine advertisers).

Meanwhile, the system as a whole is completely sustainable - even if every user clicks every ad. Their full 155% return is doable via a small re-investment into MTV... So everytime a user misses an ad; it creates more money in the system than there needs to be. And that's gonna be awesome!

And the fact your ad purchase doesn't result in ANY passive earnings. Means it's not an investment. The only way to earn is via viewing paid ads. So its completely legal. And that means we can accept any payment processor.

As buying ads is a perfectly acceptable use for PayPal... Moreover; the subsequent earning from viewing ads, are not tied to the payment processor anymore. So they can go straight to your MTV earnings balance - where you can do whatever you like with them. Irrelevant of the terms and conditions of the payment processor you used to purchase the ads with in the first place.

As that transaction is complete. You got what you purchased. Getting paid to view ads, is completely separate to that.

So that's real cool. It means MTV has an indirect way of accepting every payment processor on the planet... And as far as your MTV account goes; it gives you lots of "cashout only" options. (You can't fund your MTV account via paypal, but you can cashout to it)

And at the same time, if you want to fund your account with PayPal. Buy ads! Then click on bonus ads, and the earnings enter your account. Perfect!

* And obviously MTV has to be careful of money laundering and chargebacks of course... But we will have a strict limits system involved with various payment processors. Like with PayPal, you'll be able to deposit $15/week or something for the first month. Then $25/week for the next 2months. And then $100/week after you've proven yourself trustworthy.
And we have incredible reporting on each of your purchases - so we can fight chargebacks very easily. As we can prove beyond a doubt that what you purchased was delivered.

So, MTV is waiting on this right now.
That's going to be our ticket to huge things. (And MTV earns 10% of every ad sale + 100% of the premium upgrades to get priority receiving recycled ads) -- So that'll make the portfolio a fortune. And in turn grow MTV!
slosumo - Administrator
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04/02/2014 14:48
That new game page looks very nice!
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04/02/2014 15:05
"3) The re-investment + direct revenues from PaidVerts, are going to rocket out development funding. Allowing MTV to start pursuing much bigger subsidiary businesses. That'll be awesome."

Maybe we should start a list of Subsidiary businesses we are looking into creating. 

I know of the games made.


Stand alone monitor

Stand alone Casino

Traffic Value: $27,232.49886 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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04/02/2014 15:28
Something was also mentioned about (or something like that)?
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04/02/2014 15:43
The list will appear on the portfolio as it gets built. But yes; there's going to be a bunch of websites.

I'm basically "breaking up MTV" into it's constituent parts; and giving them their own "simple website". But the clever part is; its all one website. The same database. And the same login details for all the websites... It just has multiple different interfaces for you to use / promote.

And yes, I want to build a really simple website called "The Investment Queue". And that website will only display our Fast Track plans + a simplified view of our portfolio and results... So it looks completely like a hyip, keeping all of MTV's complexity out of site. But it's all still there at the same time.

As hyip investors are simpletons, they don't care about the details. They don't believe any of it anyway... They just want the plan info. And a one click solution to invest.
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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05/02/2014 17:53
Hey ,

Las primeras pistas rápidas pondrán en marcha mañana , de acuerdo con nuestro nuevo 7 días de reserva rodante . Y eso va a marcar el " comienzo" de todo el nuevo MTV o menos !

Slosumo ha estado trabajando en la construcción de una máquina de ranura para la última 6 - 12 meses ... y con Rayners ayuda que beleive es casi listo . Creo que a finales de este semana Brian conseguirá una mirada en ella , y lo investigaremos instalarlo !

Crucemos los dedos el código está a la altura ! Al igual que en la teoría , es una máquina tragaperras agradable, varias líneas de pago y algunos juegos de bonificación simples. Con un premio mayor de 2500x . Debería ser mucho más interesante de jugar que nuestra máquina de ranura simple en la actualidad.

Brian tiene la especificación para este momento. Y yo le he ofrecido un bono de $ 2000 si se puede entregar en el plazo de 5 semanas .

MTV va a explotar a través de este producto , por muchas razones :
1 ) Es un sistema increíble y completamente sostenible , que va a obtener una gran cantidad de atención que estoy seguro ... Y las personas adecuadas van a ganar , y gritar al respecto.
2 ) Todo va a ser capaz de aceptar cualquier procesador de pago que el hombre conoce . Ya que es completamente legal . Usted está comprando la publicidad. El mecanismo de ganancia es totalmente independiente a eso. La única manera de ganar es a través de hacer clic en los anuncios pagados . Completamente legal. No hay un área gris!
3 ) La reinversión + ingresos directos de PaidVerts , van a cohete a cabo la financiación del desarrollo . Permitir MTV para iniciar la búsqueda de las empresas subsidiarias mucho más grandes. Eso es impresionante.
4 ) PaidVerts va a dar a los usuarios una forma indirecta de financiar su cuenta de MTV con todos los procesadores de pagos . Como todas sus ganancias PaidVerts (de clic en anuncios de alto valor !) Puede ser empujado a su saldo de MTV en un instante, y se utilizan para jugar cualquier juego , o la inversión que desea ... Sin ningún tipo de riesgo de devoluciones de cargo ni nada de eso , como la compra inicial fue entregado ! Y podemos demostrarlo como loco con la información intolerable .

Así que va a ser impresionante! Estoy convencido de que PaidVerts es el boleto de MTV para cosas grandes . De hecho, me parece que tiene más potencial que MTV en el momento. Pero viendo que MTV es el dueño , que va a cohete ambos negocios.

Finalmente una persona ha hecho un movimiento en las acciones ... y solo handidly duplicó el precio de la acción en un día. Así que estamos hasta 8cents ahora .

No pasará mucho tiempo antes de que estemos de vuelta en el 15-20 ; que es donde me gustaría poner el precio ( incluso el factoring en la incertidumbre sobre la base de todos los movimientos dinámicos de este negocio ha hecho en los últimos tiempos que han desestabilizado personas) .

Si usted va a valorar esta empresa con cualquier forma de optimismo / o presunción de su potencial futuro . Entonces debería ser más como 50 - 100cents por acción. Como el presente éxitos grandes productos ; rotación de MTV llegará 7figures durante la noche.

Paul está trabajando sobre la reforma de la estructura de la competencia por Shut The Box. Eso va a hacer que valga la pena volver a jugar. Luego se construirá Pyramid Solitaire .

Daniel está dando los toques finales a Tetris. Y cuando él ha hecho eso , él y Paul se unirá a construir nuestro primer juego multijugador. Probablemente una de 6 jugadores de Texas Holdem juego.

Si encuentra algún problema, publicarlos aquí y te pagaremos un dólar por error como Brian corrige ellos :
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