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Traffic Value: $778.90677 Portugal
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08/08/2018 12:14
I can help unthink translating to Portuguese!
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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08/08/2018 13:02

This is what im talking about, thanks for the fast answer.

Yes i wanna do it but like i said i never did such stuff so im a newbie here in that matter. 
There are a lot of stuff that we(MTV crowd) could help you with, im pretty sure we have a small group of people that would spend time in doing this small tasks you guys can't complete.
Make a list Marc and show us how could we help MTV to be better for everyone.

Ain't we all in the same boat? Let's work all together!
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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08/08/2018 17:28
i guess tomorrow double ads for pv ?
i got none today
Traffic Value: $5,949.79952 France
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08/08/2018 17:46
I'm in to help translating in French !
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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08/08/2018 18:37
Ads have been rolled out. The workers weren't living up to their name LOL
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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12/08/2018 12:26
what is that 'cost incurred' and 'monetization generated' in my bitcoin cashout? wassat
Traffic Value: $1.9214 Bangladesh
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12/08/2018 18:37
Last 2 days games are very limited winning chances but why ?
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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12/08/2018 18:56
The games aren't changed, so your chances of winning are still the same as before. However, maybe you had some bad luck lately, which is always possible. Better luck in the next plays? smile 
Traffic Value: $1.9214 Bangladesh
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12/08/2018 19:29
I have $30 missing deposit how can i get easily that in my account?
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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13/08/2018 03:53
`write a support ticket with the details
Traffic Value: $17,409.62296 Romania
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13/08/2018 14:35
Do something, i want to adversite paidverts and mtv but is nothing to keep people to stay. Add more features, more posibilities, a faucet in btc ant altcoins for makeing people to stay and keep them around so people can invest in advertiseing and you also make money from advertiseing. Is too bad to give a foot kick for such a big memberbase and put every hope in just ONE STUPID GAME that could not last for long. Is unbelieveble to have such a big diversity like BMF, PPMG,PBP, PAIDVERTS, MTV and every news is just about an idiot game which is about nothing, only clickingsmile), i can't believe we are so dumb.
Traffic Value: $684.68747 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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13/08/2018 19:34

totally agree with you, but still  WC is  making a lot more money than any other  project  made by MTV  until now. which i know it can  go down overnight if players find  next   fun, addictive,  meaningless clicking game, which by judging on kongregate  ratings  which went from 4.3  to 3.1*  in three to four days plus the comments   which goes something like "1/5 for being so f greedy bastards " or "One of two new "Adventure Capitalist" like games. And both are bad clones. Just cash grabbing trash. 1 star for both" really discourages  me from any thought of real  success of WC.

If  there was a monetary  aspect in WC ( making a game where players  can earn money  while playing ) like in  SumoRoll maybe it would be   interesting for us  who are here to make money not play games...

Also  Faucet is a awesome idea  for which we are probably gonna get answer that  there is no programing power  to spare  for development  of  new project. I take that conclusion  out of all the good ideas from other members and  they all got same  answer  as i stated above.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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13/08/2018 20:27
I was just going to ignore this, but when I saw a 2nd post about a faucet being a good idea, I simply had to respond.

A faucet is a laughable project which MIGHT make you $200 per month, per faucet.
We literally can't even repay construction costs for anything that looks presentable.

"Stupid clicking game".

You don't have to like the game, half a million other people did.
100+ million liked adventure capitalist.
Everything with such a market is not an opportunity for the dumb, but for the smart.

Comments from gamers who do not wish to spend and want to win every game for free is nothing new btw.
And occasional gamers fail to see idle games are a genre of itself and not "just a rip off of AC".
It definitely is not a money grab in any way, as we've got more than $100k in the game as of now and we're not yet running it profitably.

Also your statement about warclicks being our biggest earner is very far off.
Paidverts and playperfectmoneygames made far, far more.
Traffic Value: $17,409.62296 Romania
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13/08/2018 21:02
I'm shocked about how clear you see things like everything is working as you hoped and ''skyrocket age'' is already heresmile). Mate, there are like 10 000 people active out of 2 500 000, this is what you wish for when you came here? The faucet idea is not about bringing huge revenues is about makeing people more active, some prefer faucet, other games, other clicking ads but now i know that you are seeing all very clear, to be profitable through iour ideas and projects. All this ''stupid'' ideas comeing from us can make pv,mtv have more than 100 000 daily clickers/visitors/earners but your ''smarter'' are makeing us SKYROCKET in revenues<3. 

  Btw do you know how much money neobux is makeing now, even if they are already scam, because they have more than 200 000 active members daily from advertiseing??
 Try to find this information, you may have a revelation.
Traffic Value: $22,743.69462 Spain
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14/08/2018 06:18
i think the reason WC is not working that great is becouse people hate P2W, and not to say in a multiplayer game, if it was a single player game then it would be ok, after all you are competing vs AI
but when we talk about a competitive game you dont want it to be a pay to win (PTW) what this kind of games usually do is sell skins and stuff like that that doesnt give you advantage over other players. Trust me in this i have thousands of hours in multiplayer games

Anyway if u want to maintin it like this you may want to make the game restart after lest say 1 year or maybe add 1 new server every year / 6 months something like that, to keep the people interested and give them the chance to win again, becouse someone who joins after some time knows that has no real option to reach top places unless he uses a lot of money and that wont happen, he will just go to another game.
Just trying to be constructive here smile
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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14/08/2018 07:10
is every game really to reach the top? imo people may find amusing to play such games just for fun and such a big game may appeal big to them? angel
Traffic Value: $22,743.69462 Spain
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14/08/2018 07:17
most people that play this kind of games (multiplayer competitive games) aim to reach the top places, of course there are people that just want to play it but that kind of people are a low percentaje and most of them will eventually leave becouse there are a lot of games more suitable for them.
Traffic Value: $962.1283 India
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14/08/2018 07:55
any one know mtv paying FTQ?
Traffic Value: $684.68747 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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14/08/2018 08:36
@Marc  I don't like the game frankly   no point in it except getting to first place and to do so you need to pay. I am always objective  and unbiased  about any MTV project so I'm doing same with WC. You can see comment  from people on gaming platforms and also from people here on MTV  game it self is not such a  success. I wish the best for MTV as any  other user here but we need to keep people in the company not  let them register and in   a week they are gone  and done with MTV. I agree with bambarec with his other comment this suggestion  and my agreement with it isn't because its going to make us  huge amounts of money its to keep  people in the system/platform for longer thus   maintaining  larger amount of active people  which is stagnating constantly for the last year... 

I was rash  with  a statement that  WC was  most profitable  project so far . what i meant it was  most profitable project lately    between sumo roll , Trading Funds tryouts.. 

Another  small idea  for keeping people in for longer and making them stay is   together with faucet to make a simple  snake game  so people could play that game   while waiting  for faucet countdown to finish and they could earn money ( satoshis , litoshis , USD micro cents)  every dot/block snakes  eats gives them a little  money or even every 10 block/dots snake eats they get some money.. 

people hate P2W
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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14/08/2018 09:44
WC's intent was never to be PTW, if it truly is, then the upgrades that have been implemented have math that wasn't fully realized, or if were, were only intended to keep the game alive until it turned a profit with non PTW elements.

BTW, I'm doing pretty good, and have spent nothing and have done very few offers.
I'm also doing well, with a totally different strategy, in WC Kron, again no money and no offers.

Personally, I was disappointed when Time Warps became unlimited, and even more when longer times were implemented. Seems more like a way to keep the select few really high up there gamers paying money. Which, since Marc says they haven't turned a profit, makes sense, but that is one PTW easy to see feature that means I'm only trying to get near the top.

Which, in all realness, I can in my mind claim I'm #1, if I'm top of all but those way higher, if anyone is in reach then I'm not.

BTW, how do you "WIN" this game? I mean what actually is winning?
I guess you could say being #1 in PP Gain, and #1 in Score Gain and doing so well you "singlehandidly" make your Country #1. However, you aren't going to even rank in Top 1000 in lvl gain, and you can't rank in Top 1000 in % gain unless you PTW.
Even if you do reach #1, you better show up the next week, and the next, and so on, b/c otherwise you are no longer #1.

Also, fun fact, they keep adding more ranks and upgrades to buy, there is no finish line, and the there is no time limit.

This game, for me, is more about keeping my mind sharp by picking the best upgrades to buy, finding new strategy/gameplays to try and improve my own gameplay.
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