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DomingoX6 - Administrator
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14/08/2018 09:59
I think WC is not "too" P2W. Sure, you get an advantage, but I played a lot before and I was in the top 10, and never spent anything.

Maybe we can keep it like this and also try to add more things like skins, backgrounds, etc., that doesn't give any advantage?

And the new server/restart thing may actually be interesting. New players would have a chance to reach the top, and old players can repeat the experience they had when they started playing WC for the first time.

Maybe we can also give a badge or something to those who played before the restart or reached a good position at the end, so they don't feel like everything is lost.
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14/08/2018 10:37
Whether you guys like WC or not is irrelevant. 

You do not have to play it. 

The aim is add another product to our portfolio generating an income. WC was not created to make MTV members more active. We actually want as many non MTV members as possible to join WarClicks to increase the income potential. Hence the listing on Kongregate, etc. 

Believe me, there are plenty of non-MTV members who is playing and enjoying this game, and even spending money on it. 

Maybe if we stop knocking every attempt made to generate additional income, and rather help spread the word and give positive reviews, then projects like WC will become a huge success. 

And the more Products we have generating external (non MTV member) income, the quicker FTQ gets paid. The quicker the company becomes profitable. The quicker we can start sharing in some dividends. 

But, no, rather be short-sighted in your approach and just be negative about every thing being done. You might as well just quit here and go someplace else, cause if you are not positively supporting all initiatives here (whether you agree or not), then you are obviously not interested in making money. 

My last point: I'm sure Marc, Andraz and Team did the math before embarking on the WC journey. Do you honestly think they would be putting so much effort into it, if they didn't think there would be huge potential?
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