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19/08/2016 23:42

Dear MTV friends,

I am introduce a wonderful income opportunity to you with cost $7 only.

The program called Cash Feeder and as usual everyone known about Member to Member Matrix Feeder.

I will support you to make Good money by inviting 4 peoples under your level 1, once you purchased all packs.

In here, everyone need just 4 peoples to achieve that $59996 from $7 pocket Expense.

Its 4X5 Matrix, Like 4 peoples wide and 5 level depth.

The program cost is very lower and Every level make big profit for u.

Compensation plan through downlines:
Give $7 – Get 4 X $7 = $28 (Level 1)
Give $8 – Get 16 X $8 = $128 (Level 2)
Give $15 – Get 64 X $15 = $960 (Level 3)
Give $30 – Get 256 X $30 = $7680 (Level 4)
Give $50 – Get 1024 X $50 = $51200 (Level 5)

Everyone Need 4 Peoples Only:

The first level make 4X profit and turn that amount to big by purchasing level 2 with 8$. In previously you earned 28$, through Spillover and Spillunder.

Its mean you don't need to invite any peoples.

Just join with MTV monitor Link, and get your 4 peoples through matrix Spillunder Structure. Because, Everyone able to add only 4 peoples in his first level, after that more peoples goes to under his/her first level downlines.

Spill under make big team by MTV population. So, utilize this Good opportunity and grab big dollars by spending just $7.

Matrix is best place for earning big income by very small cost (7$ only), because its team work.

Once again remember, you don't need to invite any peoples.

But, you must need to join under MTV monitor link.

If you joined under MTV Sponsor link, then Spillunder make your 4 peoples and give 28$ by new downline.

You can turn that first level income to 2nd level and up to $59996 in short months.

Payment Mode : Perfect Money , Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, Bank IMPS for Indians.

Step by Step Instruction :

1 : Register under MTV sponsor Link

Go to Link :

2 : Login Member Area and Fill your Payment details in Payment Info section.
One payment account is enough to receive payment. and Exchange service also available by admin, If you not have account in particular payment processor.

3: Purchase Positions (Matrix) - $7

4: Send Money  -  Go pending payment section and send payment to your Upline.   Or send money to admin.

5: Positive motivation is the key of success.

Reply in here only positive comments and grow our team big and big.

Join first and earn Big by MTV crowd.

$7 is very small if we earn $28 in first level.

$7 is very tiny if we earn $128 in second level

$7 is nothing if we earn $59996 through CashFeeder.

Lets go dream and aim big income and get success in short days.
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20/08/2016 00:44
as far as explained, that's totally a ponzi, users put money to pay other users since it doesn't look like they even have a single product (as far as you wrote).
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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20/08/2016 01:05

You don't need to pay any single penny..  Store everything in your pocket and Don't expense anything and for any purpose.  Because, people give money to other ppl as ponzi as your voice of thinking.

In here cashfeeder offered very good opportunity to earn Money .. You need to pay for using that opportunity ...   Also, CashFeeder products are have details about Digital Marketing and How to earn money from Home.  In level 1 have product like Digital Ads Booking contents.

Are you know, in real world we pay much money for just entry fees to seeing something like movie.. But, don't known that is good or bad. In your voice, I feel that also big cheating by paying unknown (good or bad)

short minded ppl only think about ponzi ....  Intelligent think about opportunity of big income through 7$.

As per your thinking, In all legal business are have one chance of loss,  Don't forgot that.

In here we do expense only 7$  ... Not 1K..

if you feel, 7$ is big and that also money ... feel free to leave from here... Because You need to developing your mind set to participating in this program.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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22/08/2016 04:48
The payment proof page showing amazing result, who one earned much money by spending just $7 from packet.

CashFeeder Program is work and Paying highest income by Matrix Team Formula.

In here no loss more than $7 .. But income opportunity is $59996.

Utilize this big opportunity and Earn Biggest Money.

Once again remembers, its spillover matrix.. if you joined with good promoter, then not need to recruiting new peoples in your downline, because your leader did it for you.

Join with MTV monitor link and Earn big by Nothing.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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03/09/2016 04:11
In this cashfeeder Program everyone need 4 paid members only.   If you purchased all 5 levels pack cost $110, then System fill your level 1 automatically with Leader page sponsor Link.

Also, you are able to sell all 5 packages.

Mean, directly sell whole package cost $110 and Get Full Potential Income with 1350 peopls, Not need more.

you have 1024 licenses for selling with 50$ in 5th level

Just twenty 5th level sales give you big income, 1000 $

Cash Feeder never pressure you to selling on limited period...

Try and try to win sure.

Also, in here MTV offer, you to modifying referral link with small fees.     pay that and get auto filling in here from also.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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07/09/2016 05:51
Everyday new peoples join this cashfeeder program and upgrade.

Only one time Risk $110 and  Its turn $59996 ...

utilize this opportunity in startup.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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12/09/2016 15:31
program going well and advertised widely on internet by organic traffic source which one is live long and drive traffic smooth and give perfect prospects.

Who one purchased $110, that all person get automatic spillover by leader page..  and now persons are started break the even point of investment. Like Top Earners crossed the amount of $110

Take Low Risk and Win Highest Reward.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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19/09/2016 07:45
Slow and Steady to moving level to level.

Now 3 levels builded.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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24/09/2016 14:15
2 person crossed BEP ($110) and counting
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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21/10/2016 00:25
program going well and top earner list shown great earning amount by member.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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02/01/2023 13:28
website no more  .. remove the monitor link and topic

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