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replace recycle upgrade and membership

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30/01/2019 20:43
I have been thinking about those 2 memberships and to be honest they are both not really adding much value at this moment.

Would it be an idea to create some kind of weekly membership where you pay a fixed fee to be eligable to receive ads from 1 group up. (the fee should be higher the higher level you have)

- group 8 (720K-1.5M) get approx. $0.40 ads a day (2.80$ a week)
- by paying a fee for example $0.70 you get the group 9 ads  approx 5.60$ a week
- the "fee" can be added to the ad issue

This option wouldnt cost or gain paidverts but hopefully the upgrade would be bought more then enough to see the amount of ad issue being sent out being much higher then it is at this moment. The higher the ad issue get the more worth the upgrade will be and the more people are willing to buy it. Also the price of the upgrade should move up or down based on the ad issue value being sent out.

I am not sure if this would work or if it would stall the bulk purchases but i do believe it would add a more valuable way to upgrade your account

Of course suggestions and addons are appreciated. i am not to good with the numbers smile
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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31/01/2019 09:18
I think the idea to boost paidverts is a good one, however it's not in our interest to implement this one. People who get ads from higher levels will see their revenue decreasing, while others will enjoy the luxury of good earnings with a small fee which won't incentivise them to stack on BAP and thus create more profit for the company. In actuality it will even decrease ads sales or investment (if using the market trick) as people will invest smaller sums and still be getting higher returns. As you can see, not the best perspective for us.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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31/01/2019 14:15
I don't have the time to know if your example fee gives profit to the weekly member...and you have to base it a a normal week, not a big ad issue day.

I don't know how easy it would be to program this, nor how much revenue it would bring directly or indirectly via lots more members who are here for the "quick buck" and can then get our membership high enough to entice advertisers to come in.

I also agree that I have hundreds if not a couple thousand that will take years to get back the money invested. If quick buck makers can come in and take some of the pie that will be even longer.

Which means, I'd only be willing to consider this as a one time thing where you can get your feet wet seeing what a bigger ad issue would do in front of you, not just numbers on a screen.

BTW, how is this at all related to the topic of the thread you titled it?
Recycle Upgrade and Membership that we have can coexist with this.
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