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Play Our "World Domination" game prototype!

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slosumo - Administrator
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14/04/2020 13:17
Hey everyone!

As promised, I'm sharing the new game we are working on - "World Domination" (just work in progress name).

I've rushed to get a relatively playable version ready for you guys to get a sneak peak, and get some first feedback before continuing development. I have other priorities for the next two weeks, so figured some of you might enjoy this, and it helps us pinpoint the main issues/requests from first testers before we prepare a public prototype end of April/Early May, which is also when we begin marketing this months in advance, and starting to get more of our team involved.

You can try the game out here:

* playing in fullscreen is suggested for best experience right now

If anyone has Discord, please also join our channel here:

We will be managing most things for this game via discord, from updates, bug reports, suggestions, events for players, exclusive events etc. so if you'd like to be up-to-date with everything make sure to join!

Joining also helps us gain a few extra numbers for when we start showing the prototype publicly, so hope to see you there smile
* Please discuss only this game related things there. It is not intended for any other MTV talk.

Some last notes, if you're still here regarding this prototype to keep in mind:
- The UI/graphics are placeholders.
- Pretty much all things will be much better displayed and prepared.
- There may be a bunch of bugs.
- The game is not well balanced.
- Many of features and content is still to come so some of the things are not best presented right now
- user guidance is far from good, so if you get lost in playing, let me know

That said, feel free to write any feedback/thoughts on the game here and I'll reply ASAP. If you have any issues or need help with the game it's best to write in the discord channel.

Also any additional questions or thoughts about this project in general, its plans, etc. please write here!

Thank you smile
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15/04/2020 11:25
It might help to see the things graphically, like when you are discovering the world, to put it like in a map, so you can also see the water supplies, food... And then when you build them, see them and maybe allowing you where to put them. I guess this is in the to-do list since it will require a lot of time and the background is what it is now. I liked it more than warclick, let's see how it end up smile
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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15/04/2020 15:16
I like the game it has a good feeling. I am big fan of idle games they are fun ! I think we should more features from other games to make it a more profitable and enjoyable one. All of the suggestion seems to me be doable so I'll list what I would love to see :
- Specialisations : like a special class or bonus. Makes the game more personal and it would be cool to have one citizen be op and have a unique bonus or even more unique citizens like "heroes" you see in other games.
- Ads to speed up process or double gains : in adventure capitalist you could watch and ad and get time 2 production for a time (2hours) or speed up a process.
- Slow elements : we could increase the time of highly effective building. This way we could monetize it
-Also it would be great to add real conquest similar to coc or tribal war. and make clans. It would ad some pvp and people love it
- Achievements : give a goal to people lol
That would be the stuff I would like to see 
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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15/04/2020 17:37
@Vicura Having everything graphically like that was actually something we were considering for a while, but ended scrapping that idea, as it wouldn't work too well with "late game", as this is intended mainly as an incremental/idle game, where expanding to thousands little buildings, or micromanaging them all at late stages would be a bit too much to handle.

There will be way more graphical display though - the world map is intended to have more things, potentially display other countries, alliances etc., and (depending on where we decided to take the game in May) the world might even end up becoming a cool 3d sphere/world, that you can rotate, zoom in and interact with, while also "using a timelapse feature", that would speed up the gameplay and allow you to see the world changing as you conquer territories etc.

The map itself is intended to have mainly macro-level strategic decisions, such as which country to attack, explore, trade with/buy etc., but not actual "physical interactions" like placing buildings. I hope that makes sense, maybe if based on this info you have other suggestion to make it more graphical happy to listen smile

@totoer We have "heroes" to consider or i.e. personalize your "main tank", but more importantly we'll have a massive research/mastery tree you can choose to upgrade in tens of different ways to adjust to your strategy/play style. For example different play styles like unlock more "active skills" for battling, or more "idle" benefits for battling, or auto managing certain things etc.

When it comes to monetization we have many options we are considering how to monetize the game. In fact it might even be differently monetized between various platforms (i.e. some might have in app purchase, and steam might have none and be a premium product). When we get to mobile version that one will definitely have some type of rewarded ads to view, but I'm pretty sure we will not be implementing them in other builds, as the coverage with those is pretty crap on desktop traffic, and if it's hard to guarantee, it can deteriorate user experience while hardly generating any revenue.

While there are several ways we could add PvP/multiplayer mechanics here, one of our main design goals is to actually make it single-player first. And then potentially with time add multiplayer features on top of it (separated from single play), such as clans, common quests, leaderboards etc.

The main reason for this is because of experience from War Clicks, making a multiplayer game can be so much more time consuming (2-4x + times), and you also have to treat it as a service, meaning continuous support, updates etc.

That of course can add a ton of value, but it has to be done by a dedicated team, and requires a much higher upfront and upkeep cost. And with this game we mainly want to ensure a quick turn around time/guaranteed success of it, and be able to move onto other projects soon after launching it - or at least not be "tied down" by it.

Of course, if the game on launch does amazingly, we might consider turning more towards multiplayer and making it a "service", but we don't want to be tied to that promise from the get go. After this project we have a perfect follow-up project that could be multiplayer, which would be a "War Clicks 2"/a new version of it, but much much improved, and with much better processes set up already to handle and scale it.

There will definitely be achievements and different goals in the game as well smile

Thansk for the thoughts, keep coming with more!
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16/04/2020 08:50
Hey @slosumo, quick question, hope you can reply to it...
What is best for this kind of idle games in website developing? I mean, did you used cronjobs or recommend them for this kind of games? (I'm asking what's better for performance)

Sorry for the question, just curious decades ago grin, and didn't find a good specific info about it.

PS: Looks fun!
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16/04/2020 15:13
Is it a bug that the citizen are growing in numbers so quickly as long as there are extra resources even above the limit provided by the house?

When the number of citizen grows quickly, they eat up all the resources and it becomes harder to keep up.

Or am I just not good at this?
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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16/04/2020 15:50
And maybe a bug with the automatic water pump?
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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16/04/2020 23:08
Yes I found that bug too but I noticed that the growth is really slow compared when you do have the houses
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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18/04/2020 05:59
@Hersix Sorry if this sounds like a poke at your question, but I'm not sure you know what cronjobs are - those are scheduled tasks you usually run on a server to perform some script, it has nothing to do with game development.

We simply use Jquery, as it was the best transition for us coming from web development & slot games we made for MTV. It also has benefits that it's super easy to get prototypes running, and publish the game pretty much anywhere - i.e. make a simple page online and get it to people.

It's what most incrementals are made in, especially from hobbyists because of that - super easy to get something going and shared with others to try your game out. And with tons of libraries and tech improvements the past years, it also now has support that bring it closer to "usual" programming languages/engines for games.

So if it's your first time working on this I'd recommend that, but if you experience in any other languages - you can basically make them in anything. If you want to do as little as possible with programming, and just want to "play around" graphically more, then you might rather just use a game engine - Godot is JS based, Unity is C# based.

That's as deep as I'll go here for now, but really - anything works.

If you'd like to get more broad answers on this, and learn more about incrementals/idles in general, then this subreddit is a gold mine and a must join. You can find answers to pretty much everything here regarding your question, if not ask additional ones, and best of all - you can also later get your game tried here and get some opinions on it:
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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18/04/2020 06:02
@richiem Very likely it's a bug yea. Also how citizens grow currently is very simple and not very well balanced - it's based on how much extra food and space you have - the more you do, the faster they'll grow.

As the game is not well balanced at all right now, the easy way to "beat it", is just focus on water and food production. If you do that and keep ample stock of it, you'll be able to easily try the rest out. As right now if you mess that part up, there's no real coming back as you can't i.e. demolish buildings yet.

Regarding automatic pump bug, what exactly is there? Just so I don't waste time trying to replicate it smile

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18/04/2020 09:28
I can't create an automatic pump. I already bought the research for it. But the building doesn't appear.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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06/05/2020 14:05
Hey All,

We're almost ready for speeding up development a lot here, and get a high-fidelity prototype out by the 20th, and then to around end of May release the pre-alpha with most features, improved balance, basic graphic changes etc.

In the following days we will also have to decide on the final name for the game, so would appreciate any thoughts on our current top picks as well as any other random suggestion you might have!

Our current picks (in no particular order)

a) Empire Rebuild
b) Apocalyptic Rebuild
c) Apocalyptic Empires
d) Apocalyptic Rebuild: Rise of Empires

1) Do any of those resonate well with you, sound like an interesting game?
2) For each of those, what does it sound like the game is about (assume you don't know the game)?

Any thoughts on that would be extremely appreciated, as we're trying to get as much info from different people as possible smile

Also, feel free to suggest any names you think would be appropriate for what you know about the game so far.

* for the final decision we are not just taking how cool/unique/"brandy" the name sounds, but also various important factors like SEO, Steam & Mobile search trends, market saturation etc.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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06/05/2020 14:58
Picking from these 4 I'd go for c. "rebuild" sounds somewhat... off for me.

On a similar note, ok if you'll be going with that kind of a story, otherwise they all have somewhat contrary/exclusive namings, no? (It's not empire building but rebuilding, apocalipse (nothing) empires (everything) - maybe post-apocaliptic would be better?)
Traffic Value: $2,036.3384 Peru
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06/05/2020 16:41
I go for  Empire Rebuild. Even though, I like more the games with one single name angel
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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06/05/2020 19:09
Thanks for the thoughts, keep them coming smile
I'll explain our current pick (if it doesn't change) and reasoning behind it in a few days.

Just getting some random thoughts from different people can help us reconsider or think about something bit more smile

And just a bit to clarify on Vixthra's post:

Yes it is post-apocalyptic setting but we're atm trying to avoid unnecessary long or "combined words". For example, post-apocalyptic rebuild, or apocalyptic rebuild can have a very similar meaning, and both fit the game's theme. As for empires while the game will have you building a civlization and fighting potential neighboring civilizations, empires might imply more a game where you pick civilizations - which is a potential feature we'll add, but note core of it.

The focus of the game is on building/rebuilding/managing/expanding your civilization.

I don't want to elaborate more for now, as I really appreciate non-biased takes on any of these!
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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06/05/2020 20:10
Apocalypse: Reboot Civilization
Apocalypse: Rebuild Civilization
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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07/05/2020 03:30
Without wanting to get political, the current COVID19 crisis and the money printing that has occurred as a result (or an acceleration of what was already happening), we are going to see huge changes to nation states, the declining dominance of the USA and the $, the emergence of new powers (the countries that adapt best) etc.

Internet searches for terms that encapsulate any of that are going to trend upwards for years, and that will filter through to gaming.

Any name that refers to that (and offers some kind of better future) will do well in organic search terms. For example:

From the Ashes
Beyond the Apocalypse
Building Tomorrow
A New Empire
Operation Reset

Or words like resurrect, restart, redefine etc.
orlan12fish - Administrator
Traffic Value: $5,500.61933 Guatemala
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07/05/2020 04:42
I like the "apocalypse" within the name.

I don't like the rebuild option because it's kind of minecraft or block games, and then I don't like empire either because it reminds me of Age of Empires

My top suggestion is:


Then I have a complementary one that is basically a synonym of the first one

Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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07/05/2020 05:11
World Restart
World Regained
World Reclaimed
World Reboot
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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07/05/2020 11:12
I like Fraser´s suggestions, namely Beyond the Apocalypse or Operation Reset. I really like that last one.
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