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IDEA: PaidVerts ads - wasted advertising

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11/11/2018 10:07
Lately I noticed I am getting mostly "MyTrafficValue" ads to click in PaidVerts.
My personal oppinion is that these ads are wasted, because they are promoting the MTV to people who are already members.
My idea is the following: Why not try to get new advertisers to PaidVerts by offering them "free promotional advertising"? (instead of these mentioned waisted ads).
For example - instead of showing the PaidVerts members MTV ads, which in my oppinion have no real added value to them, show them adverts from other sources...
I think it would be much more interesting to both to PaidVerts clickers and also to new advertisers who could get an example of the power of the MTV and PaidVerts member base, which is not so small as far as I know. Certainly much bigger than the majority of "traffic excahnges" out there.
Well this is just an idea, definitelly a rough one and it certainly would need a deep consideration on how to actually make it work.
What do you - the MTV/PV croud think?
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12/11/2018 08:51
It would HAVE to be new advertisers (and we'd have to be wary of abuse via multi accounts etc), otherwise it's quite easy just to not buy advertising and youcanget free advertising.

If we even have a bit more advertisers we way overdeliver their ads and don't show MTV products to PV members.

BTW, right now, yeah probably only 1% or less don't know about MTV/PPMG/PBG/BMF but you do know that Pepsi/Coke etc still advertise (even if they aren't promoting a new product, right?

Just thought of this.

How about a lotto for these views?

Every $1 spent gets you 1 ticket.
Every $100 total spent across advertisers increases the amount of winners by can win more than once, granted you have more than 1 ticket.

So, if $2000 was spent, 20 winners are drawn.
I think it's best to divide the pot of credits evenly.

All of this is changeable, esp b/c programming/time spent doing this needs to be feasableand worth it.
Traffic Value: $3,418.53635 Slovenia
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12/11/2018 09:19
Well what I had in mind was that PV/MTV approaches potential advertisers and offer them a free trial, not to give it as any automatic option instead of buying ads.
I am sure there are "heavy advertisers" which spend a lot on advertising and are simply not ready to purchase advertising at PV/MTV and that kind of possible clients might be convinced to change their mind if we would offer them "free trial" advertising - for example if they advertise 10 products, we would offer a 10 day trial advertising of 1 product or something like that.
I am sure it would not bring much additional costs to PV/MTV and the potential to obtain new advertisers I think would be huge.
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12/11/2018 12:00
How about offering the guys at Kongregate some free advertising on Paidverts in return for greater promotion of WarClicks?
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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12/11/2018 12:28
Good one there, here's what my stupid brain said, i'll share it with Marc later today because this stupid brain just had an whole new idead of a new product!! Posting it here would circulate the idead, who know's if im the only one that had it? angel I'm off work at 23h hours Marc and i will contact you.

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