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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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15/02/2014 16:33
I've got a rough idea in my head for a potential subsidiary business...

There are lots of hyip forums etc, but not a good central chatroom facility. Where you can get live information & opinions on each program. Rather than out of date forum posts.

So my basic idea, is a place where users can create & participate in lots of different chatrooms. And aim to create a really nice interface for that.

And/or ... a place where users can post questions, in the form of temporary chatrooms. And as their questions are answered, the chatroom & log can be archived.


Second step is to create a form of monetization, and incentive for users to create & participate in chats.


A paid membership would be the ideal setup, and anti-spam / abuse system...
My idea there would be to create a reporting system, where users can pay $0.01 to send an abuse report about a user. And if it turns out to be valid, the person who reported it, gets a $0.10 bonus... And if their report is junk, they lose their $0.01 for wasting our time.

* And the user being reported, will have their account frozen from future chats, until they re-agree to our terms and conditions & pay a small fine for their infraction. (Which will be cheaper than signing up again)


But getting people to pay, to join a chatroom / website of chatrooms, might be difficult.

- Perhaps we could mix in a paid membership with a referral system. Turn it into an MLM type thing / income opportunity if you refer friends.

- If we could get away with charging $5/year registration; we could implement a "daily rewards" fund. Where every registered user contributes $0.01 per day to a rewards system.

And the active people that day, will share the fund in one way or another.

eg. If there are 1000 users, thats $10/day in incentives... If only 10% of users post that day; then that'd be $0.10 per user that day, just for talking.


And it'd be nice to create an incentive / reward for creating a big / active chat. If you create a room that sees a lot of activity; then there is a reward / earning potential in it for you.


Customizable chatrooms could be good. Allows you to promote things in/around the chat you're running... A bit like your own facebook page; but its not a profile / wall. It's a live chat / talk show type thing... with your own materials around the core event. Promoting / keeping things on track / in theme.


Anyway, that's the rough direction i'm trying to align my thoughts in... The key is going to making a system where people WANT to create chatrooms, and WANT to participate in them.

And somehow making the entire thing profitable to operate.

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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15/02/2014 22:15
I don't like the idea, I love the idea. Jo you are a true pioneer in this field.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/02/2014 08:43
Sounded like a nice idea at first but reading halfway I thought this could be really difficult to monetize... but I think you've found a great solution. It's like a new generation PTR/GPT mixed with the best of forums & chatrooms - I suppose the archived chatrooms, well, all chatrooms could also be searched, just like the forums to find your answers quicker.

Great idea, a mix of MLM and the activity rewards could make this work great!
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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16/02/2014 11:12
Yea... monetization might be tricky!

A completely free model could get used a lot; and potentially grow enourmous but making money would be hard... Perhaps a YouTube model of sharing ad revenues with the active chatroom creators could work. But, to pull that off; we need lots of advertisers. (And lots of traffic)

Maybe focusing on the money making niche to begin with; might enable us to double it up as an MLM with daily usages bonuses. That'd be quick money, but would limit our potential growth.

We'll decide once PaidVerts is online... It might be worth building a free version, with ad-share... even though it'll make virtually no money in the initial years. It would have the potential to balloon into a billion dollar piece of real estate.
Or. If quick cash is the name of the game, we can lower our ambitions and make a paid chatroom mlm type thing for online money making.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/02/2014 11:47
Yeh it should definitely start off as a MLM/membership as for a completely free version you'd definitely need a lot of traffic. Plus I don't think people would go and just use chat rooms over forums if it were free. Or make a mix and add in memberships (or even different types) who can create topics, post links ( and get commissions for active chat rooms they created), while the free members can only post and participate in discussion but they still get the chance to earn by being active or recruit others. Say that the 1 cent that goes from every paid member, 0.2 cent or something goes to a pool of random daily rewards to people who made some posts that day and some of them are randomly chosen to share that pool.

It can always later be changed to a completely free version once we get the traffic we need for that^^ But a really nice concept you thought of!
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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16/02/2014 15:08
Example Idea

$10.95 - Daily Rewards ($0.03/day for 365days)
$5 - Ref L1
$1 - Ref L2
$1 - Ref L3
$1 - Ref L4
$1 - Ref L5

Create Chatroom: $1.00 ($0.50 admin + $0.50 added to daily user activity rewards)
Chatroom stays open for as long as 3+ people talk each server day.

Chatroom owners earn up to $0.01 per day, per unique user posting in their room.
eg. If a user talks in 3 rooms today. Each room owner earns $0.00333 for that user.
OR. It could be a percentage breakdown, depending on lines of text submitted in each room. So if he posts 100 lines today; 50 in room 1, 40 in room 2, 10 in room 3... Then the $0.01 is broken up accordingly (50/40/10%)

Remaining $0.02 goes to regular user activity rewards.


And maybe with the rooms themselves, we could break them up; to have a general "chit chat" box for just instant messenger type talk. And a rolling "wall" type setup, where you can post statements / questions / images... and people reply in a comment type form.

And the latest replies to each topic / issue / thing, get bumped to the top/bottom of the discussion to show there is renewed activity in that sub-discussion.

* That might be a way to control lots of people talking at the same time, in the same room... As if you just have one box, with ten people talking; it quickly gets out of control.

* And maybe the room owner could allocate permissions as to who can post "new issues". And regular users can only comment / reply on each thing.
* And maybe the owner can delete / hide / close conversations that run their course / go out of control or whatever.


Anyway, the general model posted above. Has potential. But the big potential sticking point, is how many people are going to pay $20 for access to the system. It seems a lot of money.
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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16/02/2014 17:41
I would say maybe also add a forum side to it so that people talk on the website about things and those topics lead to the chat room sessions.
Ex: someone can do their seminar/ topic start on the forum and then tell everyone to join their chat.......Webcam enabled would be even better. Add an email list blaster on the website (extre feature)too for centralized advertising....

I would even give people that start a chat the ability to charge people for coming into it and MTV making a percentage of that money instead of that reward system. Remember that a lot of people pull heavy traffic and something like this would be beneficial to them.... some might not need that .01 from posters.... they can charge people per session.
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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16/02/2014 20:49
I know that a lot of vbulletin forums have a reputation system installed.  Perhaps something similar could be built into the chatroom model, with users having a different reputation level with users of different traffic value levels.  This could also work into the rewards section of the model.
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