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24th December - News

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/12/2016 23:13
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First of all:
Merry Christmas to all and I hope you'll have an amazing time with friends/family!

So.. Let's do something special!
We'll be giving away 5000 Royalty Positions to the 20 people coming up with the best comments in this topic!

Your comment can be about anything..
From what you liked in My Traffic Value/where you would like to see it move towards, a Christmas poem, a motivational post/speech, whatever!

Let's just have some fun and get a free christmas bonus! grin


During the 25th and 26th there are many reasons to be using our platform.

-You can buy our advertising with a 51% discount
-You can qualify for a part of a 5 million Bulk Ad Pool by placing yourself among the top 100 purchasers of bulk ads
-You can play on PlayPerfectMoneyGames and PlayBitCoinGames without any deposit or cash out costs
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Good luck! smile
DomingoX6 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,272.07399 Venezuela
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24/12/2016 23:39
Merry Christmas everyone! grin

This has been a long year for MTV, I would call it a "Transition Year", many things have changed a lot, and we are here still fighting every single day to have success together. Now we have a lot of awesome products, we are starting to market them properly and many more things will come! wink

This was an amazing year for me, as I started working here as a moderator and social media manager, and I must say it has been awesome and I have learnt A LOT. Also, I had the opportunity to talk with all kind of people from here (normal users, other mods and the administrators), and overall it has been a nice experience to chat with them, especially with some friends I made here and with the staff members (I really love the mod chat tongue).

Thanks MTV, I will always be thankful for discovering this place! The next year will be really awesome! happy

(Yeah, I was bored so I made this gif some hours ago LOL).

P.S.: I don't really know if mods can participate in the contest, but I don't really care about that, I just wanted to write something special this day smile
Traffic Value: $7,982.98431 Germany
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24/12/2016 23:51
merry christmas to marc & the team and all members they trust in MTV!
thanks for 2016 and let it grow in 2017!
Traffic Value: $10,924.06731 Germany
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24/12/2016 23:51
Marry Christmas everybody!

A very Nice idea marcgrin

Here is my MTV xmas story

Mtv is like a christmas tree

Every member is a light or a figure

This nice xmas tree only looks wonderfull with all the lights shining

Every member plays an important role

And all together makes the mtv xmas tree very beautifull

When we all will shine and hold together in the future our tree will be the biggest and most beautifull tree in the world

We are proud to be part of this wonderfull crowd

Happy holidays!
Traffic Value: $3,330.3665 Spain
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24/12/2016 23:53
I expect a great avalanche of campaign purchases
It will be very exciting, who will get the prize grin

Marc watch out for Christmas meals, you can evolve from Machop to Snorlax vampire
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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25/12/2016 00:27
-You can qualify for a part of a 5 million Bulk Ad Pool by placing yourself among the top 100 purchasers of bulk ads

can you plz explain this more? I am very interested but am not sure what the details are  thank you
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
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25/12/2016 00:37
Tony125s All members who purchase Bulk Ads are entered into the competition. 

The top 100 purchasers on the day (meaning those who have spent the most on Bulk Ad purchases) share in the prize pool.

and a very Merry Christmas everyone smile
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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25/12/2016 00:40
Thanks!  I'm gonna try and get top 10  already bought about $100 in bulk ads in last half hour. smile

Do you know if the pool is evenly spilt?  Or do those who spent more on ads receive more of it?  thanks again!
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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25/12/2016 00:44
This site is one of the best but most of what has been said has been said better by others. I'm just glad we are still around and scrapping for our place in the world. I do think next year will be more prosperous than the last as all those seeds planted begin to sprout and grow into more income.

They probably all won't work but we will work with what we have and move forward. Just like we have always done

My income at one site has doubled in the past year and the growth still has not reached it's saturation point. I think we can see that here too. The key is reinvestment and compound growth. If we do that and spend on what works while limiting what doesn't, then our potential will be realized
Traffic Value: $2,036.3384 Peru
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25/12/2016 01:50
Merry Christmas to all (In my country 3 hours left aprox.)
And always remember this:
"If you really want something, you are going to invest minimum 80% on that"
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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25/12/2016 01:54
Well, I've been here for more than 2 years now, at first as a member of Paidverts until last year. I remember when everynow and then I was checking shares and they were like 0.11$ and 140 Baps (before the last split, so they would be like 0.01$ now but didn't know anything about how shares worked so I gave up with them.

The glory days came (just 2 years ago) with a sw@p and ads of 15$ for group 6. Many of my friends came to the site and invested some money. We were about 60 people and we even made a whatsapp group to tell the news and we were sharing the ads we were getting everyday and everything was ilusion, enthusiasm... Then another sw@p came, all my friends lost the money (I exchanged my BAPs for RPs before it happened so I got my money "safe"wink. Some of them started saying PV was sc@mming and all of them left the site. From 60 to 0 in 2 months.

I felt quite alone here, thought about all the time I lost to get just some pennies and wanted to give up but don't know why, I kept visiting once in a while MTV.

Until then, we all loved Jo, every day in the news we were saying "thanks Jo for these ads", like praying God or something. Suddenly he sc@mmed us and overnight he became the most hated guy from the crowd. Hard times... Did we lost all the money?

Then somehow, Marc was wanted as the CEO. I voted for him since I was reading his posts in the forum and he sounded like a nice guy. My surprise was when I checked his facebook page and discovered he was 23 lol! 2 more years than I am now...
At first I didn't feel quite optimistic since he didn't have experience as a CEO and well, he was just one of us, why should we trust them? They were others running for the CEO like Mike Mazzone. Why was Marc better?

Until some months ago I didn't care much about him, he was doing my job, I was doing mine (investing, trading RP's, referring some people)... but after reading some posts of his, noticing how he got was critisized a lot but he was still here being just 3 years older than me... Having the responsability of 2.2 million users, some programmers, slosumo, carlos, the moderators and tons of money already invested... Sometimes I thought he was just a crazy guy that kept investing money he didn't have (he didn't got payed for a long time) in something that was drowning, but few weeks ago, we started to create new cool things and negativity left the forum. Moderators proved they got "information from Marc and employers" and they were really optimistic. Crowdfunding Projects were started, other projects too, Marc explained us that he wasn't earning a penny from MTV for a year or so but he kept pushing this business forward...

And well, I don't wanna sound like I'm idolatring Marc because he's the big fish, I'm just talking about the management of the situation, on how in just one year we have come from having 0 products and being actually a ponzi, to close FTQ, getting 2 casinos (PPMG made 70,000$ so far), an exchanger, a crowdfunding platform, a legalization process...

I just wanna remember this post I wrote just 1 year ago talking about our empty situation, with lots of debts and 0 external money coming in...

All of this made me start investing money from other sites to MTV again realising that profits won't show in 2 months like we used to expect with Jo and his "skyrocket" but this platform can be a really big thing in some years from now on. I learnt how to be patient and stop expceting a ROI of 140% in 2 months anymore, since that's not something realistic nor estable. 

PS: It's funny when I talk with the friends who joined PV with me and tell them I already invested 1000$ in here. They all are like: you are crazy, you got sc@mmed and you keep giving them money. If only you knew what it's happening in here... cool
Traffic Value: $2,182.59396 Argentina
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25/12/2016 02:41
i'm alone this cristmass i'm a stain, i'm a loser, crappy men. But i'm happy wathever. merry cristmas tomorrow, peace and love
Traffic Value: $67.0965 Algeria
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25/12/2016 03:06
Mtv is not team and not just investors it is a Great Family 
Traffic Value: $784.09406 Chile
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25/12/2016 03:46
Hi i write this poem hope you like it, merry christmas

MTV Family chrismas poem =P

"Just a few words
From the end of the world"

A new celebration with the Mtv team

The best site to achieve your dream

With the new proyects from the best boss Marc

Those old problems will never come back

Today we celebrate the lord jesus christ

And everyone will be happy even on a dark night

The upcoming surpises will make you smile

Im telling this words with a rockstar style

Bye bye =)
Traffic Value: $347.04788 Sri Lanka
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25/12/2016 04:17
smile Merry Christmas to All.....!!! smile
In this Christmas i like to share something with you,

This is how i used to invest in MTV.So don't think that some miracle will happen to you! Believe Yourself. First work for you then you can change the world around you!

"Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, but the hand of the diligent makes rich"
Traffic Value: $316.91372 United States
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25/12/2016 04:59
I wish everyone a merry Christmas. As we venture into 2017, I would like MTV executives to think about buying upstart businesses. Think about it. Facebook owns Instagram. Google owns Youtube. What does MTV own? It's paidverts. Does MTV have the money to buy Neobux? How about buying Clixsense?  Do you see what I'm driving home to you? Don't get me wrong. Building games is cool. I just think that going for bigger opportunities can increase the level of commitment from MTV investors, as well as bring in a lot more investors, especially if we get dividends from the expansion/growth/acquisitions. Another suggestion is to have more player vs player games where MTV takes a tiny portion of the winnings (like texas hold 'em). That way MTV never loses money by way of some lucky big winner. Here's to a brighter and more promising 2017, that's full of profits, dividends, and growth.
Traffic Value: $683.06885 India
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25/12/2016 05:11
Merry Christmas to all!

I just want to say that I joined here as a free user with no intention to spend even a single cent. But when I started exploring MTV products, I started spending. I might not have spent anything compared to others but surely the most on MTV/PV. The most surprising thing which I find in this platform is that even after so many members claimed of sc@m happening in Jo's time (I wasn't much active that time), members still trust and invest here. This could not have been possible on any other platform. Marc is surely a great leader. Even during the times of criticism, he maintains his cool and rather likes to talk with his work than his words. Even though there might be many problems like FTQ, dividends issue, but the great thing is that work is always in progress here, experimentation is always going on. Maybe some of our experiments failed and may fail in future also, but they only lead to better products.
I am optimistic about the future, I can now see the big picture!
Long live the MTV!!!!grin
Traffic Value: $5,145.88309 United States
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25/12/2016 05:27
I would like to see MTV pay off the FTQ so that we can move forward with the project funding aspect more secured and with more trust from user's as until this is done we are just regurgitating the same users and not bringing in new ones
Traffic Value: $161.87766 United States
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25/12/2016 05:35
Jesus is the reason for the season!
Traffic Value: $1,544.68948 Czech Republic
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25/12/2016 06:32
Merry warlock´s Christmas everyone / Geseende heksie se Kersfees Hauzel 
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