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Understanding the ad issue charts - GUIDE

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07/09/2015 18:55
Hey guys,

This is a tutorial-post that aims to teach you to understand the ad issue chart of PaidVerts, because some of you seem to have problems to understand it. Continue reading and you'll see that it is easier than it seems.

From monday to friday PV sends a "main ad issue" with different ads targeted to each group. This ads use to be the biggest ones and the ones that made PV popular. On weekends ads are also sent, but there's no difference between groups and there are no specific details.

However, for the main ad issue that is sent once a day during weekdays, two charts are published in the daily news. The charts show all the details about how many ads are we going to receive and the value of each of them. With this details we will know where to place our ad filter to receive every ad sent to our group.

First chart of the Paidverts' ad issue

In this first chart they will give us the details of how much money is going to be delivered and how much will receive each group

First chart of the PaidVerts' ad issue where we will be able to know the total amount of cash we will receive in ads just for being in an specific bap group

The first data, “today’s total ad issue” is the total amount of dollars it is going to be delivered in the main ad issue of that day

Now we are going to explain what each column 1 by 1

BAP GROUP: This is the easiest one, you'll have to look the numbers of the row of your bap group
Percent (x100): Percentage expressed as a decimal of the total amount available for the ad issue corresponding each bap group.
$Available: Total amount in usd that will receive each group. It is the result of the product of the total amount of the ad issue and the "percentage expressed as a decimal" or “percent (x100)”
No. Users: Just the total number of users that were in that group when the ad issue was sent. The total money of the group ($Available) will be divided amount that quantity of users
$ Ads /User: This is the most important of the chart and what matters the users the most. It is the total cash that each user in that bap group will receive IF their ad filter allow it (if you have a high filter you might not receive ALL the money sent)

Second chart of PaidVerts' ad issue

In the second chart they'll show us the value and quantity of the ads sent to each group.

imagen jpg

Thanks to this chart of the ad issue we will know hoy many ads we will receive and the value of each of them

v: This column is the bap groups. Each group has its ads itemized 1 by 1.
Default $/ad: “Default” ad or the main ad of your ad issue. You'll receive ads with the value of this column.
(Quantity): Amount of "default" ads you'll receive.
1x Ad: Value of the biggest (and unique) ad of the ad issue
19x Ads: You'll receive 19 ads of this value.
Remaining: This is a unique ad that will be sent to balance the account of the first chart. If your group has a negative ad this just means you bap group has received more cash than scheduled. That excess will be compensated with those users that have a high ad filter and do not receive all the ads sent.

***CURRENTLY 19x ads and 1x ads are merged in only 1 ad

PaidVerts ad issue charts – Example

To make everything clear we are going to extract the amount and value of the ads received by a certain group in the main ad issue (using the charts above).

Group 8

Group 8 will receive an 11.5% of the total amount of the ad issue, that's $1725 that will be divided among the 260 members. Each member will receive a total of $6.3646 if his ad filter allows it.

All that info is extracted from the first chart.

From the second chart we will extract the following info:

The group 8 will receive 17 ads of $0.20, an ad of $1.99 and 19 ad of $0.066.
The last column, that sais -$0.01, involves that the users of group 8 with a low enough filter to receive all the ads sent will receive $0.01 more than the amount written on the first chart.

That's a total of 37 ads.

PaidVerts' ad issue charts – Conclusion

With this info you have more than necessary to know where to place your ad filter and to know how many ads you'll receive and its value.

Notice that the ad issue ads ARE NOT the only ads you'll receive, but they will be supplemented by other ads (usually tinier) sent to each user no matters which group hi is in.

Also you can add another stream of ads with your recycled upgrade, that along with your ad filter is a great choice.

¡I hope it is useful for someone!

See you wink
Traffic Value: $3,117.03585 Slovenia
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07/09/2015 19:04
Nice review of PV, and how it works! It answers all the questions that are being posted daily by those newcomersgrin
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 20:34
1. This particular issue is high, your filter needs to be adjusted, in advance to prepare for lower ad issues. Don't skimp on this. So few ads are being sent above $0.002, even with recycle upgrade, I suggest starting there, Group Permitting.

2. Up to 19x and that extra ad if the 19 isn't satisfied yet, will not be 1 ad. I'm in Group 1, add issues are so low, that I don't get 19 ads of the lowest value, and even today it had none shown in the 19x column and $0.003 in the extra column...I got 6 lowest value ads.

3. How is the Percent figured?

4. Not only is the $ ads/Per user, filter dependent, do recall the 5% ref commission.

5. Now is a good time to remind people that, the BAP group you are in, only matters, when Andraz randomly (though not the first 5hrs of the server day), pulls the chart of users together. Not based on when sent to the queue, server reset, highest past 24hrs or anything else.

6. If the Daily News has not been published, AND no Group Ads have been sent, don't worry. Often, Ad Issues are sent b4 the Daily News. Sometimes, even after the Daily News has been published, Group Ads will be sent later. If you don't see a chart, and do see NEWS, wait. The day has 24hrs, and they fully know they will get to it when they can.
Traffic Value: $147.42356 Nigeria
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07/09/2015 20:58
i check the daily news for the daily chart ,most of the news don't have any chart on them. Is there any link where i can check for the chart.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 21:09
All Weekdays have a chart, under a Post by Slosumo, who is an Admin, so use Admin Only to fins his post. The first post is often hit or miss on having the chart, but somehere in the day, he does add it.

Save for Thursday, the 3rd, which I added myself, as he forgot.

BTW, Paidverts has a FB page and you can find the chart there, often b4 the News of the day is created. The link is near the end of all recent 1st News posts.
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07/09/2015 23:34
very nice info.. i like it..
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24/09/2018 22:21
hello . can some one explain to me for making 30 dollar "profit" per month . how many BAPs should i have or in another word how much should invest ?
orlan12fish - Administrator
Traffic Value: $5,500.61933 Guatemala
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25/09/2018 06:23
Hello ariabod!

At the current state, you wouldn't be able to earn $30 daily from Paid Ads. Consider that our top member is earning around $7-$15 dollars daily and he's at the 50 million BAP Group
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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25/09/2018 06:44
Think it was $30 per month.

Given that you only get paid ads Mon-Fri, there's approx 21 paid days per month, so $1.43 per (paid) day.

The most recent ad issue gave $0.98 per day to those over 1.5 million BAP and $1.95 to those over 3 million BAP.

If you wanted to own 3 million BAP you could either do it using Bulk Ads.  Each $1 spent gives you 2400 BAPs.  3,000,000 / 2400 = $1250

This would also give you the advertising that comes with this.

If you didn't want the advertising you could acquire the BAP via the RP (royalty position) market.  Currently 1 RP costs $0.001 and can easily be sold for 4 BAP (there is a 5% tax).  This means that it would cost you $790 for 3,002,000 BAP which would get you your $1.95 (Mon-Fri) or approx $40.95 per month.  That's more than 5% return per month for (in my opinion) very little risk.

Hope that helps.

PS - All of these numbers are subject to change as the business changes, but if you anticipate the business will do well (as I do) then the returns will only get better.  Don't take my word for it though, do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  Feel free to share them here, as there are plenty of people who'd be willing to discuss/disagree.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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25/09/2018 06:57
fraser explained things decently well.

I'd like to point out that if 5% per month is correct, it will take ~20 months before you can keep your BAP lvl ie maintain getting that 5% before you can start cashing out some of that 5%,

This is b/c if you don't reinvest, you won't be getting 5% anymore, and the moment you convert BAP to CASH in mass via the market which is a loss, you also can't get any ROI.
Traffic Value: $82.68595 Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)
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25/09/2018 11:43
so with this calculations it will take forever for people who want to start with no money to reach the level that they can make profit at least a dollar per day ...

so can i ask for reason why should we even do this ?
Traffic Value: $461.98399 Russian Federation
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25/09/2018 12:02
Who will tell you that with the competition for 17 to 23?
Traffic Value: $82.68595 Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)
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25/09/2018 12:36

i didnt understand what u said xD
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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25/09/2018 12:46
ariabod, PV is not investment site. But nevertheless, besides ads, you have a lot of other options to earn money with PV. You have a lot of cash offers, where you can earn dollar a day easily.

If you want to invest, look at MTV and its RP.
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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25/09/2018 22:45
Not strictly true @druth8x

Currently, if you spend $1 on RPs at .0009 you'll get 1111 RPs.  You can then sell them for BAPs at a rate of 4 and get 4222 BAPs (deducting the 5% tax).  This is worth $2.11.  

I'd even suggest that with a bit of patience and watching the RP market you could buy at .0008 and sell at 5, which gives you $2.97 for every $1 spent. Of course, delayed gratification and patience seem to be traits that most don't have any more...but they will serve you well.  Just looks at @dguy's patience in building a 20 million BAP portfolio.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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26/09/2018 00:57
So, based on 1,111 RP per $1 and 4 BAP per RP and going with your figure of needing $790 and getting $41 per month.

82K BAP needs to be rebought to maintain balance of BAP.
$18.45 (a tad more due to 5% fee) of balance is needed to maintain BAP balance.
$22.55 (a tad less due to above) can be cashed out to pay yourself back the $790.

~35 months before you've paid yourself back AND keep the $22.55 monthly revenue source coming in.

OFC, if you need it, you can sell the 3MIL BAP at 4 BAP per RP  and the RP at $0.0009 per.
Which, b4 fees, is $675.
In other words, it will only take ~5.5 months b4 you have accumulated enough profit and you can cash out your 3MIL BAP to break even.

NOTE: All of these figures are "todays" and are easily subject to change over the course of 3 years.
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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26/09/2018 01:50
I guess there are a thousand different ways to look at it.  Your numbers look sound (although I confess to not getting the calculator out)...but how many banks will give you 100% 'interest' in under 3 years (in something that is not to be considered an investment).  Some people might not get that in a lifetime.

Sure, there are risks involved and I wouldn't encourage anyone to invest anything more than they were comfortable with.

I'm a glass half full kind of guy.  I've come to the conclusion that I believe in MTV, and that it has huge potential.  Personally, I've put in an amount that I'm prepared to lose, should it all go wrong.  In the meantime, my intention is to maintain my BAP level and accumulate RPs as I see the upside as far greater than the downside from here (this is the real investment opportunity).

Does this mean I'm happy with everything?  Absolutely not.  I think the communications are poor and very inconsistent, the timelines are either non-existent or completely wrong and some of the decision making is questionable.  However, as someone who has had an involvement in many small startups, this is typical and I accept it because I understand the constraints that the team are working under.  Could I be wrong?  Definitely.

Anyway...each to their own.  People can make their own decisions and be accountable for them.
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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26/09/2018 02:11
One other thing to think about.

There are 500,000,000 RPs in circulation.  At a value of 0.001 per RP the implied valuation is $500,000. 

This months revenues are $14,944 (with the month not finished yet).  That's just short of 3% in 1 month!

All we need, is 1 big catalyst, such as a bitcoin bull market to stimulate Barter My Funds and PBG or a big influencer sharing War Clicks (hint: maybe Kongregate hot new games) and this place will go off.  

IF I'm right, RPs at this price will be an absolute steal.   
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