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Predict SELLER'S FTQ mature date

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18/04/2015 11:13
Hi all. First of all, this is not a spam topic. The previous tutorial that I posted is about predicting FTQ mature date that you invest by your own. This tutorial is about predicting seller's FTQ mature date from the FTQ marketplace. So it's totally different topic LOL

Today I've just invested $10 on FTQ. Due to the limit of investing $10 per day for 170.2% plan, I thought of investing more. So I just went to the FTQ marketplace to have a look. After doing some research here and there, I finally understand how to predict seller's FTQ mature date, haha. So, here goes the tutorial. And I apologize if I made some grammar mistakes throughout this tutorial smile

So, to predict seller's FTQ mature date, first you have to (1) enter FTQ marketplace. In case you don't know where it is:

Then, you will see a list of seller's FTQ with details.

Before I continue, I would like to give some tips in buying FTQ.
i) Search for those that have the lowest round# & lowest debt ahead . The round# indicates the week of FTQ investment.The lower the round#, the earlier the week, and that means lower debt ahead. So, when the debt ahead is low, the mature date will reach earlier, thus you can get your profit faster. You can sort the round# by click at the Round# at the top row.

To look for low debt ahead, you have to click "More" at the info row to know the debt ahead. There are lots of seller's FTQ in the market, so it may takes time to look for low debt ahead.

ii)Search for those that have the highest profit ( Amount due - Sale price). Needless to say, you get more money if you can buy those that return high profit. But you still have to see the sale price whether it is affordable.

Between these 2 aspects, the priority will goes to round# & lowest debt ahead (in my opinion). As we don't know what's the revenue that will be generated for the future days, it will be hard to predict when will the seller's FTQ mature. But when debt ahead and round# is low, it will mature faster for sure. Though high profit is an important aspect too, but if it takes too long to mature, we will get the pay slower. Then, we may have no cash to invest another FTQ or buy FTQ.  This is my opinion though. You may ignore this paragraph if you have different opinions.

Ok, back to the main question: How to predict seller's FTQ mature date?

When you click "More", there will pop up the details about the FTQ. Then, (2) look for the total debt ahead. You can refer to the image above. After that, note that number down.

Next, go to the result tab. (3) Calculate the total revenue of the past 7 days(past 6 days if the fast track payment for today has been paid).

To know whether fast track payment has been paid for today, click on today's date("click to view" ) and notice the top row of the result. If it is not pending, then the fast track payment has been paid.

Now, to predict seller's FTQ mature date, there will be 2 scenarios:

3i) positive remaining of debt ahead. That means the mature date is still uncertain and have to predict the mature date by estimating the revenues of future days. I will give an example, let's say the total debt ahead is $730000:

Total debt ahead: $730000
Total revenue(I will refer to the image above): 30828 + 516336 + 26065 + 20450 + 28291 + 15805 + 31095 = $668870
Remaining debt ahead(total debt ahead - Total revenue): 730000 - 668870 = $61130

The result is a positive number. Thus, we need to give rough estimation for the revenue for future days, add with 7 days for rolling revenue reserve. Lets say the revenue for future days is around 25k per day.

Number of days to mature: 61130 / 25000 = ~ 3 days + 7 days = 10 days.

Thus, the FTQ that have $730000 debt ahead will be matured after 10 days.

3ii) negative remaining of debt ahead. When the total debt ahead is less than the total revenue, it means that there will be negative remaining of debt ahead. In this case we have to deduct the total debt ahead with the past 7 days(past 6 days if the fast track payment for today has been paid) revenue, day by day, start from the bottom day. For example, if the total debt ahead is $130000:

Total debt ahead : $130000
Remaining debt ahead 1: 130000 - 31095 = 98905
Remaining debt ahead 2: 98905 - 15805 = 83100
Remaining debt ahead 3: 83100 - 28291 = 54809
Remaining debt ahead 4: 54809 - 20450 = 34359
Remaining debt ahead 5: 34359 - 26065 = 8294
Remaining debt ahead 6: 8294 - 516336 = -508042

The remaining debt ahead shows negative when it reach to deducting $516336. $516336 is from 16/4/15. By this, we can certainly know that the FTQ will be matured at: 16 + 7 days = 23/4/15

In summary, to predict seller's FTQ mature date:
1) Enter FTQ marketplace.
2) Note down total debt ahead.
3) Deduct Total Debt ahead with Total revenue. If it gives positive result, use (3i). if negative result, use (3ii).

Finally, happy hunting in FTQ marketplace smile
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04/05/2015 02:52
You make it so complicated.

In the marketplace, if you see less than $500K buy it now, otherwise it will be gone, by the time you do all the math.

If more than $500K, but less than $1mil, check just how cheap it is, if it's cheap, buy it now, or it will be scoped up. If it's expensive (close 90%), that's all that is avl, usually, and rarely, for the best deals on the marketplace. So buy it right away, b/c you won't find better.

And, just divide total debt ahead by $10K, maybe even $5K, based on just how large the debt is, and what Revenue is looking like. We already dropped to $14K, and that was a few days ago. I think we are nearly $10K.
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