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slosumo - Administrator
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02/01/2016 12:34
I have finished adding all the remaining pending BTC deposits from tickets that required a double check.

The Blockchain issue is still not resolved so basically all BTC deposits are not automatically added and need to be manually check and added - which we'll try to do within 24 hours max, until it gets sorted.

Speaking of sorting that - we are just discussing of finally simply setting up our own bitcoin server and use it for all bitcoin transactions without any 3rd party software, as these downtimes & issues are simply not acceptable from a business perspective. Plus, we will need a bitcoin server setup anyway for the bitcoin casino, so now we have another incentive to simply set it up now and use it for any bitcoin transactions.

We should have a decision in the following days if we will pursue this solution.

FOR NOW (until further notice), you can simply assume your bitcoin deposit/purchase will not be added automatically so after sending your bitcoin, you can create a missing deposit ticket from the get go - please include all of the following CORRECT details in it, to avoid additional delays in adding your deposit:

Please provide the transaction details in the exactly the following format:
- transaction ID
- Amount sent (in bitcoins)
- Your BitCoin account (that you sent the funds from)
- The bitcoin account you sent the funds to
- The date you sent your bitcoins

Thanks for understanding!
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