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Depositing in MTV with Payza

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17/02/2016 15:15

Many people have asked why we can`t deposit on MTV using Payza. As their TOS only allows the purchase of advertising, therefore it is only available for PV, there is a way to use it on MTV through Bitcoin. It`s very simple and below I explain step by step how to do it.
Payza is taking about 24h to process bitcoin (but can go from 3-5 business days) but who has Payza balance and whishes to use it, this is a good way:

NOTE: If you haven`t, you must setup your BTC address on MTV cashier. If you wish to later on cashout from MTV to Payza, you can use your unique btc address from Payza (Deposit / Bitcoin).

1. Click Add funds on MTV cashier (top of the page)

2. Click Add Funds on Bitcoin

3. Copy the btc address shown.

4. Login to your Payza account and select Withdraw

5. Select Bitcoin

6. Select the Balance, write the amount you wish to send and paste the btc address you got from MTV.

And it`s done. You just need to wait for Payza to process the withdraw. Once it`s done, Payza will send you an email. allow 4 confirmations (20-30 minutes) and the money will be on your MTV bitcoin Balance.

To cashout from MTV, you can do it to the btc address you have prior specified on your cashier. If you had put your Payza btc address, you`ll get your cashouts on Payza as well.

Hope it helps.


PS - Of course, your Payza account must be verified. Check below:
slosumo - Administrator
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17/02/2016 15:41
Credits for this post go to DomingoX6

Also, remember that you need to verify your Payza account to do that wink

To verify your Payza account you have to send a Photo ID and a Proof of Address.

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