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Traffic Value: $48.33096 Algeria
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20/04/2015 00:52
hi moderators and admins.

as i read this post, i'm not the first one to ask about payoneer. but i found no answer about it.
can we have an answer if MTV/PV is gonna or no use payoneer as payment processor please?
as deposit and payouts.
Traffic Value: $40.5483 Singapore
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20/04/2015 08:00
Why can't we use Payza on adding funds to our accounts?
Traffic Value: $12.9381 India
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20/04/2015 08:07
When will paypal be back ? 
Traffic Value: $17.49994 Cyprus
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20/04/2015 11:29
Hi nandha97

I check the forum, and there is no answer about paypal. As far as I see, if you make cashout from paypal you'll see a message ''paypal is not supported PV and MTV indefinitely'' . I think that paypal will never be back in PV. So pity....
Traffic Value: $16.59101 Poland
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20/04/2015 11:45
I have done a transfer of money from Payza balance to main PV balance. I have this operation in my log but I do not see this money on my PV balance. A link with a screenshot of my log is here.
Is this a bug or normal delay?
Traffic Value: $210.14336 Morocco
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20/04/2015 11:51

hi, the admins are working to separate MyTrafficValue and PaidVerts. Paypal has asked that recently. When Paidverts become separated business, there will be good possibility to have Paypal back...

Traffic Value: $141.75538 Canada
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21/04/2015 00:17
This topic is not working out very well... alot of unanswered questions..
Traffic Value: $284.84745 Nigeria
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21/04/2015 10:43
Hi admin, is paidverts still accepting paypal for transaction on paidverts site only, because i still see paypal logo on paidverts site....Pls help
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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21/04/2015 14:58
Once and for all, regarding PayPal:

IT IS NOT WORKING WITH PV ANYMORE! Maybe in the future if PV is separated from MTV. Until then FORGET about PayPal!

Why keep asking the same question over and over again when it has been replied more than enough times??
Traffic Value: $9,986.66582 United Kingdom
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21/04/2015 20:02

I am trying to add funds on mtv with you tutorial page which is really useful, I couldn't tranfer more than £60 from paypal cuz I haven't got a business acc , can you tell me if thats a daily limit? Then tmrrw I am able to do it again
thank you Gata!
Traffic Value: $253.78299 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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21/04/2015 20:21
Can i Fund my neteller balance on pv and mtv payment procesors, why is it even listed there if you cant use it?
Traffic Value: $338.25617 Algeria
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22/04/2015 00:31
please, i have a question, i would like to know how can i change wallet Bitcoin Adress to add funds with another one ?

( from Blockchain ( already in use ) to xapo wallet )

thank you

best regards
Traffic Value: $3,285.39467 United States
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22/04/2015 02:27
Is there any chance that the option to simply fund our Paidverts account from Payza will be made available, like we can with STP and other processors, or will it only remain as an option for buying ad packs?  For example, people that live in states that cannot get STP, but have Payza, might like to be able to do other things with their money from Payza along with buying ad packs.  Can the option to just fund Paidverts with Payza be made available?  Thanks
Traffic Value: $4,835.35362 Portugal
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22/04/2015 11:41
I know that times to times ,when a hacker get to a user account,they add new pay processor or change what we have there.Its possible the admin block the ones we have and anything new we need (add new one etc) need to be by support ticket? And sorry i put this concern in other topic,try to delete but give me an error
best regards to all
Traffic Value: $8,460.97212 India
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22/04/2015 13:06
Should I have to send support ticket to change the Bit-coin address..??
Traffic Value: $2.78033 United Arab Emirates
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22/04/2015 13:28
we need PAYPAL

plz make solution
Traffic Value: $244.94947 Honduras
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23/04/2015 00:38
Would it be possible to get Paytoo added to the Payment processors offer? question

I have some earnings stuck in Clicksense that cannot cashout since they removed Payza. Paypal was never a viable option for me as my country does not receive payments. 

I don't really have any other site where I would want to use that processor or funds. cwy

Or maybe anyone knows a good way to convert Paytoo to any other processor?
Traffic Value: $281.27685 Serbia
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23/04/2015 07:25
Please can someone answer!?
There were three questions about Skrill 
and two about Payoneer!
Please answer and explain:

What is the progress/status with Payoneer and what about manual deposits with Skrill?

Thank you.
Traffic Value: $145.02984 Tunisia
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23/04/2015 12:31
Any Explanation Please?

Let's say i used many paiement processor for Buying Ads and Adding Funds to Investment in Shares and FTQ etc..
- Neteller to Buy Ads
- Perfect Money to Add Funds: to Buy Ad filter, Buy Ads Pack, Shares, FTQ
- Payza to Buy Ads
- Bitcoin to Add Funds

witch processor i had to use for Cash Out? can i use anyone even an other Processor i never used to Add funds or Buy Ads?

I'm Talking about Cashout of Earning Balance and not transfering Balance between processors?

Other way if i spend all my Perfect Money Balance, can i cash out with an other processor?

Thank you and excuse my English et my Ignorance
Traffic Value: $9,986.66582 United Kingdom
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23/04/2015 17:09
I 've tried to add funds on mtv with bitcoin, but it says is too low! Whats the minimum then?
Thanx a lot
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