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Wednesday, Feb 12th News!

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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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12/02/2014 11:12
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

I spoke to Paul yesterday to clarify the mechanics of how everything is supposed to work for PaidVerts. So fingers crossed we're on the same page there, and we'll see how that turns out shortly!

The share price is starting to edge its way back up. From 4-5cents, up to 6-7now. Small change in the grand scheme of things, but a 75% increase for anyone that bagged a 4cent bargain!

Other than that, not much news at the moment. Everything is ticking over perfectly adequately. But nothing of any particular interest at the same time. Just waiting on PaidVerts to re-inject some life about the place I reckon! But in the mean time, the small fast track queue is turning over nicely.

* And I strongly recommend investing as much money as you possibly can into that queue before PaidVerts launches... Not only is PaidVerts going to bomb the queue with huge investments, to flush the thing out, but it's also going to inject mega revenues to clear the queue properly at the same time!

(And remember... the fast track queue is effortless money, whereas PaidVerts you'll have to work to earn!)
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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12/02/2014 15:53
And just to give you a ballpark ETA for PaidVerts.

Paul is aiming to get it online for the second week of March. However, with inevitable issues / delays, we're hoping it won't be any later than the end of March.

So three and a half, to six weeks.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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12/02/2014 15:59
Furthermore, I have adjusted the limits for Bank Wire + Western Union.

You can now deposit / withdraw from $250+
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12/02/2014 16:30
Here on MTV dividends money goes directly to MTV Earnings Balance which can be transferred to any payment processor.

On PaidVerts money earned from clicking on ads will go to PV Earnings Balance which we will also be able to transfer to any payment processor on PV?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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12/02/2014 17:12
Your PV balance will be exactly like your MTV Earnings Balance... you can move / use it anywhere (on MTV or PV)
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12/02/2014 20:36
Las pistas rápidas de hoy se han enviado .

Hablé con Paul ayer para aclarar la mecánica de cómo se supone que todo funcione para PaidVerts . Así que crucemos los dedos que estamos en la misma página existe , y vamos a ver cómo esto resulta poco !

El precio de las acciones está empezando a afilar su camino de vuelta . A partir de 4 - 5cents , hasta 6 - 7Ahora . Pequeño cambio en el gran esquema de las cosas, pero un aumento del 75 % para cualquier persona que embolsado es una ganga!

Aparte de eso , no hay mucho de noticias en este momento. Todo está marcando más perfectamente adecuada . Pero nada de cualquier interés particular, al mismo tiempo. A la espera de PaidVerts volver a inyectar un poco de la vida sobre el lugar reconozco ! Pero mientras tanto , la pequeña cola de vía rápida se está convirtiendo más bien .

* Y te recomiendo invertir tanto dinero como sea posible en esa cola antes PaidVerts lanzamientos ... No sólo es PaidVerts van a bombardear a la cola con grandes inversiones , para vaciar la cosa , sino que también va a inyectar los mega ingresos para borrar la cola correctamente , al mismo tiempo !

( Y recuerde ... la cola de vía rápida es el dinero sin esfuerzo , mientras que PaidVerts tendrás que trabajar para ganar !)

Y sólo para darle una Estimado de tiempo para PaidVerts .

Paul tiene el objetivo de obtener en línea para la segunda semana de marzo. Sin embargo, con las cuestiones inevitables / retrasos , estamos esperando que no será más tarde de finales de marzo .

Así que tres a seis semanas.
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