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Tuesday Feb 18th News

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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/02/2014 12:23
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

PaidVerts Launch Countdown:
19-38days (26days until the $2000 speed bonus expires)

Paul and Alex uploaded a bunch of bug fixes last night. I'll update the bugs thread shortly, and pay the spotters their finders fees.

We still need to investigate one users account for missing shares. But other than that, back to focusing on PaidVerts!

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $68.52568 United States
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18/02/2014 14:52
So the plan is to get PV up and going, then do the little bugfixes and whatnot, then work on the gaming website? (Along with that slots game somewhere in the middle...)
Traffic Value: $385,783.27887 Switzerland
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18/02/2014 14:55
Are you going to upgrade server before Paidverts? What payments processors you want to start with?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/02/2014 15:28
Yes, that's the basic plan.
Build PaidVerts then worry about everything else. We've already wasted 3 days fixing bugs. That's enough!

Dont know about the server config yet...
We'll get to that in the final ~week of the build. When we figure out how to run two websites (domain names) from the same code & database. But if that's an issue, it'd only take 24-72hours tops to move MTV into amazons cloud... Let's hope it's a big enough instant hit for that to become a problem wink

And PaidVerts will launch with all MTV's deposit methods + PayPal. Rest will come later.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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18/02/2014 16:15
BTW Jo, it would be good to prepare some PaidVerts promo material, to have it ready by the time PaidVerts launches. Would be good if perhaps Reyner could make some splash pages, banners etc.

They should mainly target TE/PTC croud obviously ^^ I don't have any text/message ideas right now, but I'll try to think of some tomorrow.
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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18/02/2014 16:55
Pistas rápidas de hoy se han enviado.

PaidVerts cuenta regresiva:
19-38 días (26 días hasta que caduque el bonus de velocidad de 2.000 dólares)

Paul y Alex tiene que cargar un montón de correcciones de errores de anoche. Voy a actualizar los bichos se enroscan dentro de poco, y pagar los spotters sus honorarios de intermediarios.

Todavía tenemos que investigar uno usuarios representan acciones que faltan. Pero aparte de eso, volver a centrarse en PaidVerts!

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/02/2014 18:32
PV is way simpler than MTV... so it should be real easy to sell to people;
Ignore the balance + random gaps. This is just a design mockup. (And I think we'll add the payment processor logos to the homepage also) ...
But when people see that, plus see how much people are earning (today).... All they've got to do is signup, login, and from their members mainpage; it tells them to activate + go click on paid ads.

And then its just a matter of buying an ad campaign. And clicking on the paid ads they receive.... For which they're guaranteed to get off to a good start; as for the first 10days, they'll get a minimum of 1% of their purchase back via 1 high value ad... Plus random ads & recycles.

So hopefully it'll catch on quick - especially when people start making a killing from the referral commission. And random high value ads.

But yes, in the final week or so of the build, we'll ask Rayner to put some banners together. But he needs the texts... he can do the design, but we've got to tell him what to say.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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19/02/2014 17:10
Let's wait some time before the release of promo material. 
This will give the MTV members time to discover bugs.

Just in case they have to take down the site and then we lose advertising expenses(while the site is down)
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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19/02/2014 18:37
Yea the first couple days will be all MTV users. And some basic word of mouth... I wouldn't expect it to explode right out the gate; it'll take a couple days to warm up definitely (and for people to realize, we're paying a lot more than you're typical 1-2cent /day PTC)

Once we get things rolling, we'll focus on the "new user experience" ... try and code something in; so that when a new user signs up, and activates their account for the first time; they get 2-10 minimum value ads issued to them instantly (totalling $0.05 in value) ; just as a warm up / demonstration for how it works. (Just to give them something to do straight away.. to get them into the swing of things) ... As if you signup, and then nothing happens until tomorrow, we'll lose half of them.

And for the sake of $0.05 per new user; it doesn't cost anything. And it helps us deliver some ad views at very little cost.


* Later on, I also foresee an issue we'll have with PV, where thousands / tens of thousands of accounts will have some micro cents in their PV balance. But not be active... We'll have to implement a "balance tax" system eventually to mop that up... Maybe $0.005/month - just for the purpose of recycling the value in dormant accounts. (If your balance is zero, then there'd be no fee... But if we can do that once a month; it'll tidy things up + gives us some money to re-issue as paid ads.
Traffic Value: $68.52568 United States
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19/02/2014 18:39
"* Later on, I also foresee an issue we'll have with PV, where thousands / tens of thousands of accounts will have some micro cents in their PV balance. But not be active..."

You could just make it as simple as after 90 days of inactivity and your account get suspended, then another 90 days until your account gets deleted.
Traffic Value: $386,747.05153 Netherlands
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19/02/2014 23:04
Who exactly is going to pay all the clicks? Because I cant imagine there are a lot of advertisers around.. Because why will the advertise at paidverts instead of some other PTC or even MTV self.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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19/02/2014 23:51
1) Our method of communication is much more intense than other PTC's -- our copy and paste text element should be real effective.

2) You can target via traffic value or gaming volume. So you can hit people of value that are liable to invest / play whatever you're promoting... Not the typical unsorted junk traffic that PTC's are infested with.

3) Users will buy advertising, as thats the primary way to earn Bonus Ad Points; 3100 per $1 spent... which will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads in total over a variable period of time. (But you have to click on them within 18hours to earn, or you miss out -- this is no passive income. You are working for your money, after proving your value!)


And remember, PaidVerts only looks like a PTC. And is "technically" a PTC.
Under the hood, it's actually a very clever re-investment system, which combined with MTV's 250 plan + users failing to click on the ads delivered to them, and them subsequently recycling to other users. It's going to be very lucrative for active users... And exceptionally profitable as a business to run, and for the MTV portfolio to own.

And the fact it's a PTC... gives us a means to accept PayPal and all other deposit methods. Vastly expanding our horizons.
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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20/02/2014 08:37
Here is an AD example for PaidVerts in 728x90

can be split in two pieces, one for PTC and one for Advertisment users, what do you think, a little reuse of both text and colors

have a little bigger 1000x300 for a static no animated page
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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20/02/2014 09:30
here is the big page non animated
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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20/02/2014 10:37
We need something more dynamic... and with much bigger and more concise wording. It's pretty much impossible to read what you've got there.

* And you don't need to design the entire banner; just a sketched story board, or list of words. Rayner can figure out the details.
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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20/02/2014 10:54
Ok, i had a little time over, rayner is much better...

but i think word about advertiser 3 unique selling points, quality of targeted traffic and also the cost because most want both cheap and good quality it is not always so easy to get both

is the key to make it stand out from the others
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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20/02/2014 11:26
I'm just trying to give constructive feedback. But thanks for trying, that's good... Even if we don't use what you make, it usually motivates me to do something my self / inspires an idea. So keep them coming!

Second one is probably a better layout.
And my idea was that on the right side, with the first one, that would be a ticker, where the value inreases up to big value (Rayner can make something nice; not just a green box)... Then it will transition that part of the slide to promote 10% Referrals. And whatever else.

The problem with PaidVerts is we cannot promote it like an investment... Users can say whatever they want in terms of getting their friends to join up. But from the websites' perspective; we've got to keep that a bit of a secret... As this is a PTC as far as anyone is concerned... How it works under the hood, is our business. All the users are going to see; is that you earn WAY MORE here than at any other PTC. After proving your value / collecting BAP.

That's why the website focuses so much on who got paid what today. With very few details as to the mechanics of it all.

All users are doing is buying ads, that we deliver.
And receiving paid ads, that somehow pay them a fortune to view them.
How it all works, is Jo's magic recipe wink
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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20/02/2014 11:53
And I was thinking about the account tax system... it could be real simple... As with PV, you have to keep your account active to receive ads... And you do that by viewing one activation ad each week. (Or every time you view an activation ad, it adds 7days to your activity period)

So we could introduce a simple system a few months down the road; where quite simply, every 10days or so. We run an automated script throughout the system; that taxes all currently INACTIVE accounts, up to $0.01 of their PV balance. And perhaps also tax their BAP, say deduct 100 BAP ($0.05 worth of ads)

If you've got less than that, you just lose the micro cents / remainder of your BAP... If you've got more than that, you lose a cent + 100 BAP max. And if your account is active, you lose nothing.

I think that'd work...
As there's no reason for your account to go inactive unless you abandon it... And this solves the problem. Plus it's such a tiny sum, that even if an active user is temporarily inactive for whatever reason; they're not losing anything of any noteworthy value.

eg. If you go on holiday for three months, you'll only lose 12cents + 1200BAP (0.60 worth of undelivered ads) - part of your vacation costs wink --- And if by purposefully going inactive, you're safeguarding hundreds of dollars worth of BAP (that you don't want to be received & recycled whilst you're away) -- then it's a tiny investment to safeguard your money.

Anyway, put that on the back burner for now. We don't need it right away.


And looking at this... I notice something; the way the account activation works. It basically allows users to earn unlimited amounts, from free.

As you can view however many activation ads you want. Everytime, it adds 7days of activity + $0.05 worth of BAP... So if you view 20 activation ads; you can receive up to $1.00 worth of paid ads (2000 BAP). For nothing!

* Might have to keep an eye on that.
Shouldn't be a problem, as you're not receiving money, but potential money! Plus you've giving us lots of ad views in the process - for no cost. Which we have to deliver as per the terms of the ad purchase. And the recycles should more than cover it.... But we don't want the freebiees to dilute things too much at the same time.

However, we do have the $0.05 upgrades... Where you can receive priority on the recycles... So even if dilution becomes an issue; there's a paid way for users to overcome it - that is even more profitable for PV.

Anyway... we'll keep an eye on it.
We can always introduce a rule, or maximum period of "pre-activation" per account.... But if people are willing to work, then why shouldn't they earn!?
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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20/02/2014 12:39
yes, logo should be first, more animated gif give more dynamics and life to banners

have only photoshop cc and it's only good for static pictures, are really an overrated program not worth the cost...
Traffic Value: $27,232.49886 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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20/02/2014 16:28

... and this is the reason why you should try GIMP - free graphic editor program
which delivers a lot for no cost. smile

And you can also create .gif images with it.

I have used it to create some simpler animated banners for promoting some of the businesses,
but think that it could be used to create more complex banners also.
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