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Thursday Feb 6th News!

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06/02/2014 00:26
Todays fast track payments have been sent. The fast track system is a bit broken in the admin area, but I won't bother Paul with it until PaidVerts is online. Mangeable in the meantime.

And Paul is getting down to business / up to speed. He's in communication with Alex, who's setting him up with server access and what not... And he's researching the PaidVerts spec now.

We should have the basic PaidVerts environment setup by the end of this week; members area, mainpage etc. And we'll be working on the database design also. As that's the heart of this build.

But fingers crossed; if Paul and Daniel are giving it their all. This might come together relatively quickly. And that'll be awesome!
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06/02/2014 00:34
I hope it comes together quickly too.
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06/02/2014 02:14
Pagos de la pista de hoy rápida han sido enviados. El sistema de vía rápida es un poco roto en el área de administración, pero no me molestaré Paul con él hasta PaidVerts está en línea. Mangeable en el ínterin.

Y Pablo está consiguiendo abajo al negocio / a la velocidad. Está en comunicación con Alex, quien le está tendiendo una trampa con el acceso al servidor y lo que no ... Y está investigando las PaidVerts spec ahora.

Deberíamos tener la configuración básica del medio ambiente PaidVerts a finales de esta semana, área de miembros, etc mainpage Y vamos a estar trabajando en el diseño de bases de datos también. Como ese es el corazón de esta generación.

Pero los dedos cruzados, y si Pablo y Daniel están dando su todo. Esto podría reunirse con relativa rapidez. Y que va a ser impresionante!
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06/02/2014 15:13
Wont it be cheaper to buy a $500 script and just mod the hell out of it?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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06/02/2014 15:39
Money is not the issue. And whilst Brian was bitching about wanting payment up front; that wasn't why we parted ways. A lack of trust, respect and positivity is what broke that relationship up.

Plus Brian was at his limit, and thats a stressful place to be. I don't want to work in an environment where your own staff are betting agaisnt you / even themselves. It's not productive.

Programmers already dictate their working conditions far more than they should be permitted... But when you start taking the piss, and insulting the boss that's given you tens of thousands of dollars worth of work the last few months... You're done!

Anyway... all we need for PaidVerts is a system that works, and is installed into MTV. That is all, and I think Paul and Daniel have a good chance of delivering that. They're young, skilled and motivated enough to tackle the challenges there. Let's let them do it!

And whilst i'm sure there are bits of code out there that can be built upon. PaidVerts is pretty unique. Mashing together multiple ideas in it's own way. I don't think there's a quick solution for that build. The database design and implementation will be unique however you do it.
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