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Sunday Feb 23rd News

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23/02/2014 11:41
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

PaidVerts Launch Countdown:
14-33days (25days until the $2000 speed bonus expires)

I'll try and get an update from Paul for tomorrows news to let you know how PaidVerts is coming along... And today I think i'll start work on the PaidVerts FAQ.

I was looking at shares yesterday, and we need to sell ~$5000 worth of shares in order to bump the price up another 50% (to $0.15/share).

But I think the fire sellers are starting to fade away now. There's definitely a few people waiting for a slightly higher price point before they attempt to bail... But it should start creeping back up over the next month or two. And i'm curious to see if a little spike occurs as we launh PaidVerts. Or whether it'll continue on the slow and steady route.

* As I think with PV launching, whilst shares are a good option, there's also fast money to be made in both our Fast Track Queue + PaidVerts directly. So there's a bit of competition for which plan gets the capital.

Anyway, just a couple more quiet weeks, and the fun begins!

Jo smile
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23/02/2014 11:45
hye jo when you open the bids again for buyers in shares market .
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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23/02/2014 11:53
No idea. It'll be after we launch PaidVerts.

In the meantime, you can post on the forum to advertise that you're willing to buy however many shares at whatever given price.. And someone can list their shares for sale at/near that price if they wish to accept your offer.

Though you'll have to accept it before someone else does!

ps. On that note... I think Brainy is on track to potentially be the most profitable (in terms of biggest % ROI) MTV user this year. He's bagged a lot of incredibly cheap shares the last few weeks... If MTV/PV shines this year; he stands to make a fortune as the price rebounds!
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23/02/2014 16:45
Thanks for the little shoutout Jo, I really hope to earn at least my BEP for 2014! smile

I see though that MTV is VERY quiet at the moment. Not much players (like a very very few) playing the games. Not much investments.

We really need PV to hit hard to get back on track with a decent development speed
MTV is not going anywhere, I know it.

But with the $100 daily revenues at the moment, it looks like 2014's success depends a lot on PV right.
If PV doesn't get as popular as we expect, what do you think will happen with MTV for the rest of the year?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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23/02/2014 17:51
Mtv will snowball regardless. It's too small not to.

But yea. Paidverts is the next potential million dollar catalyst. Let's see if it delivers. We re long overdue something actually working wink
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23/02/2014 19:04
Pistas rápidas de hoy se han enviado .

PaidVerts cuenta regresiva:
14 - 33 días ( 25 días hasta que caduque el bonus de velocidad de 2.000 dólares )

Voy a tratar de conseguir una actualización de Pablo por los mañanas noticias para hacerle saber cómo PaidVerts está llegando a lo largo ... Y hoy creo que voy a empezar a trabajar en el PaidVerts FAQ.

Yo estaba buscando en acciones de ayer , y tenemos que vender ~ $ 5.000 dólares en acciones con el fin de volcar el precio hasta otro 50 % (a $ 0.15/share ) .

Pero creo que los vendedores de fuego están empezando a desaparecer ahora . Definitivamente hay un par de personas esperando por un precio ligeramente más alto antes de su intento de rescatar ... pero debería empezar a arrastrarse una copia de seguridad durante el próximo mes o dos. Y tengo curiosidad por ver si un poco de pico se produce a medida que launh PaidVerts . O si se va a seguir en la ruta lenta y constante .

* Como creo que con el lanzamiento PV , mientras que las acciones son una buena opción , también hay dinero rápido que se hará en tanto nuestros Fast Track de cola + PaidVerts directamente . Así que hay un poco de competencia para que el plan se pone la capital.

De todos modos , sólo un par semanas más tranquilas , y comienza la diversión !

Jo smile
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