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May 14th - News

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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14/05/2019 09:17
** Security Tip **
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication: Go here!

Lock any payment option you don't use: Click here - Read what it does carefully!

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator posts" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "Show All Posts" if you want to read through all that).
PIN security feature has been added. You can set it up here!

When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

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The time has come!
Today we are starting the pre-registration phase of PtcShare.

This means you will be able to register, log in, see your account info, get marketing materials and finally, your referral link.
You will be able to build your downline before the launch and keep them informed whenever as soon as they sign up.
Just like in paidverts, we're trying to make it as easy as possible to export the emails of your downline so you don't have to needlessly waste time on that.

The actual launch is still scheduled early June.

Andraz and I will be marketing this both with company and with personal budgets.
I assume we can get the database of active users bigger than Paidverts at/shortly after launch.

On top of this we'll also be visible on the sites of our partners, who are also interested in referring users over there as they see the potential in doing so.

On top of that offerwalls seem to be very interested to be on the site as well and I am attempting to sell the spots to the highest bidders, instead of just adding the offerwalls to our site free of cost. (Creating money from thin air by being a smart salesman)

The launch and the first few months after that should be huge.
Very profitable for everyone involved.
People who know the mechanics of Paidverts and trust the establishment backing PtcShare will have an edge on others.
Early referrers will set themselves up for passive income for many years to come.

Play your cards right. Bet big on this one.

Link to the site


Meanwhile, Warclicks has been releasing a ton of new, big updates!

Tactical Map – extending Boot Camp gameplay

Reaching 1e200 Power Points in Boot Camp allows you to start commanding a New Boot Camp from scratch, giving you plenty of (long term)benefits:
A permanent support units MX when deploying (min +100%, +3% for starting a new BC with every e1 (X10) higher than minimum)
Specialize your new Boot Camp in a certain military branch (your land/air/sea units gain a 2x/3x/4x production multiplier in this new Boot Camp, plus a 10% permanent deploy support units boost for this military branch)
Additional perk choice for your new Boot Camp (higher privatization MX, cheaper BC upgrades, 100% extra support units deployed)
Renown Rewards are collectible from scratch (Resets Renown level)
You will be able to deploy more and more often again, increasing your War Zone army, and your convert reward will be more efficient again
Permanent score MX from your current Boot Camp gains, will be saved and multiply with all other(past) BC score MXs
You will KEEP your investors and also unlocks a set of investor upgrades
Your old Boot Camp(s) will not be playable any more – but in the future, we might be able to implement that option for potential achievement purposes only

Renewed and bigger sources of generating support units, resolving “quick deploying issue”

As you can see new Boot Camps will introduce 3 new boosts to support unit deployment, on top of giving you a never-ending chance to deploy units over and over again.
As these changes will now provide more than enough support unit generation, it allows us to put a hard cap on “quick deploying” support units, which is an annoying side effect of the current gameplay for most users and creates a bad, slow gameplay loop that requires too much micromanagement or scripting.
To deploy units to War Zone, you will need to generate at least a 50% increase in contractors boost – you will stay be able to deploy lower if you'd choose so, merely the units will not be sent to War Zone as support units in that case. This will still allow for some micromanagement/optimization via quick deploying at early/mid game, but to a far smaller extent. Especially when we will later on also add various QoL tools helping you out choose your strategy.

Incentives to play past minimum “new BC requirement”

To add choice of strategy and gameplay style, there are several factors that make pushing past e200 a sensible strategy choice, and also ensures all players who already passed it, get well-deserved bonuses from this(past) Boot Camp(s):
A higher permanent score MX
A higher permanent deployed support units MX
Additional renown rewards (new sizeable gold rewards will be added for reaching renowns at e200 and e300) – players who already reached these WILL have this additional gold added to their account when an update comes out
Some additional research Points collected for reaching higher renowns (this will be recalculated and added when the next part of updates comes out)
A higher “all time” max Power Points reached in past Boot Camps, giving you recognition amongst other players, as top players in each BC, will be listed on the “tactical map”
Also, additional BC upgrades will be added at the late-game (past e200) that will allow gameplay extension past that point faster.
Note that we will not exaggerate with these upgrades, as we have to leave some room for the addition of boosts from technologies, that will come with the upcoming research system.

On top of that we've been implementing a ton of optimisations and small fixes to improve the overall gameplay.

Since we implemented these changes, the gold sales have increased quite a bit again and we are having a "30% extra gold"-sale today.
At the end of the month we're aiming to get some Kongregate front page exposure again, hopefully they'll give it to us as we haven't asked them for about 3 months and we have a number of cool updates coming out.

Once we are done with this we will begin work on preparing localization for a Polish version of War Clicks for one of the biggest polish game portals, which also owns several other of the biggest polish news, gaming portals and social networks. These they will be able to use to promote the game further.

They will provide us with professional translations, and promote the game on their various networks, in exchange for a 6 months exclusivity of the polish translation ( excluded). Initially the game will be integrated on a few of their sites via simple iframe, and provide the current version of the game (with polish translation), but if things go well we'll prepare a full integration with some adaptation for their biggest social/gaming platform as well.

On top of this, once we do the heavy work of adapting the game to handle localizations, we'll have everything set up to also be able to translate the game to other languages relatively easily, which will allow us to market it to additional country-specific markets!
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/05/2019 09:32
A few other notes:
- All those who requested username reservation, will have to click on login -> forgot password, to get a new password so you may login to your account.

- Emails might take a while to arrive, we will try to improve the speed of that as it depends on a few factors. If you wait more than a few minutes make sure to check all, inbox, spam, trash folders for the email

- Please mark any email you receive as safe sender/not spam, as this might help us improve our email reputation from the start
Traffic Value: $390.26943 Serbia
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14/05/2019 10:44
I`m not sure how others (who reserved their usernames) are doing, but I`m waiting for that e-mail for over 30 minutes now. Hopefully it`ll come soon.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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14/05/2019 10:50
My 2 emails came in 1-2min, so it wasn't a problem. I did it 55min back.
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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14/05/2019 11:02
i had been waiting  for an hour but finally i recieved. Now i am waiting for another email with the new password. But it will surely come. Don't ask for another request.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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14/05/2019 11:30
We need all of you to unlist it as spam.
Our reputation is very poor at first, but should improve before we have the actual launch.
Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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14/05/2019 11:49
I am done .Thanks
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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14/05/2019 12:13
my emails from PTCshare (gmail) are delivered into my inbox not in my spam folder 
Traffic Value: $778.90677 Portugal
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14/05/2019 12:26
Login done! The password request email was fast and I am already promoting PTCShare on my page... soon will also post a review on my blog!
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/05/2019 12:28
Jagodinac I just checked and it seems the emails for you were bounced, apparently by your "weird" email provider.

I'd suggest to register under a new email (preferrably gmail) - or if I already set it up for you, drop a ticket with your desired new email, and notify me here you've posted the ticket.

* Your emails were actually the ONLY 2 that bounced so far, so definitely an issue with your email provider in some way.
Traffic Value: $390.26943 Serbia
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14/05/2019 12:38

Thanks for the reply. I had no issues with my non-gmail address so far, since I use the same one for PV also but nevermind.
Submitted a ticket for the e-mail change.

Thanks in advance!
Traffic Value: $753.89364 France
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14/05/2019 12:43

I asked to reset my new password from the login page after i entered my  current email (MTV/paidverts) but i got this error message :

Error : Unable To Reset Password
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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14/05/2019 13:32
Everything done. Was able to register relatively quick. smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/05/2019 13:40
@Jagodinac, replied to ticket

@Buzzool for some reason I just checked and your username wasn't reserved properly. I had it in my script, but no idea why it wasn't added when it was ran, seems like the only one. So you should just be able to register from scratch and you should be fine. Sorry about that.
Traffic Value: $753.89364 France
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14/05/2019 13:51
When i try to register with my current username, i got this message :

* domain blacklisted

i guess it concerns the email domain : ?

maybe it explains why my data were not properly transferred !
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/05/2019 13:52
Hmm indeed, that is the reason for sure. We had a bunch for multiaccounts from that domain in the past, which I believe is the reason for the blacklist.

So I'll have to suggest to create a (preferably) gmail account for your PTCshare account.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/05/2019 14:03
Alright I just did a test, and received an email within 5 seconds just now to gmail. (was lucky as it seems one-minutecron just pushed the email to our provider but still)

Our email reputation for transactional is at ideal reputation right now, so hopefully emails should be arriving fast to most!
Traffic Value: $753.89364 France
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14/05/2019 14:20
I registerd a new account with my current username - buzzool - but with a different email - a gmail one - but did not receive the activation link (inbox, spam, professionnal, trash...)  
Traffic Value: $161.22815 Brazil
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14/05/2019 14:35

So far, I have not received the activation email either. I did the checks in every box in my email (gmail), but nothing to get.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/05/2019 14:46
@edvan email was definitely sent to you about 40 minutes ago. Please make a double check of all folders.

@buzzool Should definitely receive it, if you still don't within 30 minutes drop a note of what email to check here (if you want to keep email private let me know of the email in a ticket and drop a note here).
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