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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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18/06/2019 23:01
** Security Tip **
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication: Go here!

Lock any payment option you don't use: Click here - Read what it does carefully!

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator posts" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "Show All Posts" if you want to read through all that).
PIN security feature has been added. You can set it up here!

When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

Marc de Koning, CEO - Facebook
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PTCshare - Facebook

Summary of why PTCshare should perform better than Paidverts, from a sustainability point of view:

1. Offerwalls are more profitable, lower payout % and it's simply far more user friendly/optimized here
2. 3% less refcom on purchases, 2% less income per ad pack.
3. Bigger cut from bulk ad sales aimed towards the ad issue
4. Less money to dev fund (Since we don't need it as much as with Paidverts)
5. 0.5% higher house edge on most games
6. We only get dev funds from bulk ad sales. Not from ANY of the upgrades, pure ads, NOTHING. (In Paidverts we take 30% in most cases)
7. Admin's ref com will be added to ad issues (This is not the case with Paidverts)
8. As long as BTC is stable or uptrending, we will earn on our fees.


We sold 13k pure ads and upgrades during these first few days.
Doing support while selling products on Facebook has been very effective.
A few days ago no one knew about the use of bulk ads or any of our upgrades, now everyone is buying every upgrade we have to offer like crazy.

We're going to manage the Super User Upgrades differently this time.

We will calculate the profitability point of the upgrades, then set up a mechanism that will keep the update active for as long as it hasn't been profitable yet.
Nothing new yet, since that's how it works on Paidverts.


Every now and then we will calculate to see whether the purchases are still really "worth it".
If not, we will lower the price drastically and advertise them as "extremely discounted for a short while".
These will have a different profitability point ofc, for which there will be an adjusted mechanism.

We will then likely generate a ton of sales.
Then we just lock it altogether for as long as is necessary to make them profitable again.

Open them up, market them being around and being an amazing opportunity again.. Cycle restarts.


This method offers 3 benefits:

-It's the best marketable option
-It's the fairest for all and keeps people happier/makes us gain respect
-It's the quickest way to turn your BAP into money, with PTCshare not having a sharemarket.

Because it doesn't have a sharemarket, it doesn't necessarily have to be a very profitable item in most cases.
Some people will use it to get out and if that's with a breakeven, they will be more than happy.
The SUU is your best option in that regard (Unless you have many millions of BAP)

In case you're a smaller user, you can buy the recycler.
As of now we've been selling recyclers with a fair warning: "We inform you that it will likely result in 200-1200 ads delivered to you within a day or so."

The offerwall had some issues at first.
Now it's working "pretty okay", but improvements can be made still.
Wannads used to do $20-$50 a day, it does $150 a day since PTCshare is live. (Before 70% user cut)


Things are going well.
We're staying level-headed though and will not let it get in the way of the work that needs to be done.
We will act like it's business as usual and a couple weeks down the line we will have a look at the finances and see what's the best method to deal with them.

This is just the kickstart.
After the kickstart we can start working on our sustainability and make this a platform that will make many people happy for years to come, instead of the initial stages of Paidverts, which was built as a ponzi/swap-machine.
We turned that into a sustainable business, this one will be even better. Paidverts will improve over time due to the work done on PTCshare.

In the near future we will add video advertising and Adsense.
Adsense we cannot add on Paidverts due to having gotten that option blocked. We have a method to get it on PTCshare.
All this should add to the sustainability of the platform.

Details regarding bulk ad sales and such will be for another time.
It's just not what I want the focus of the topic to be.
Things are going well, a few weeks from now we'll talk finances once things have normalised.

Enjoy your day!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 00:09
Added PBG profits to the portfolio..
It's finally in profit after having ran for years LOL
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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19/06/2019 00:19
I like where you are going with SUU, making it easier for the users to break even.

Just a small note that the link to PTCshare FB page is not in the heading of this news thread.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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19/06/2019 07:38
Great idea! Definitely there'll be more money made from it and happier users if the upgrade will work on the BEP/profit mechanic similar to the recycle upgrade smile
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 09:23
I've added PTCshare to the headline, thank you ^^

Figures behind SUU profitability:

$153.33 for $20 upgrade
$23 for $3 upgrade

That mechanism will be built today.
Traffic Value: $1,776.97537 Brazil
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19/06/2019 14:57
Good afternoon!

I think there's a bug on MTV's Royalty Positions list. The sales order is incorrect, you are selling my last offer of sale first. I have several sales orders from Royalty Positions at 0.0007 before the order being sold now. 

Sorry the English
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 15:37
SUUs now have a break-even mechanism and won't be for sale for a while starting on the 22nd of June, 0:00 GMT.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 16:55
@ marc

Nice That was fast.
This is something that Paidverts needed already
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 18:47
Can you tell me how you calculated break-even point for the upgrades?
I can't figure it out, must be doing something wrong.
153,33 gives you 148,73 (after 3% commission)
153,33*2000 = 306660 bap cost.
306600/2360 = 129,94 in bulk ad buy.
148,73 - 129,94 = 18,78 profit before the upgrade cost, which is not enough to buy the upgrade.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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19/06/2019 19:49
You used 20 and get 153,33. WIth that you buy ads for 361.858  which is after comm ~175$.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 20:15
100 x 115% = $15 profit
1/3rd of 115= $38.333
153.33= $20 profit= BEP.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 21:11
I hate to prove you wrong Marc, but your calculation is off.
118% - 3% commission is not 115%, but 114,46
The correct formula is:

upgrade-cost/(0.97-2000/2360) = Breakeven Point

For the $20 upgrade that would be:
20/(0.97-2000/2360) = $163,2089

For the $3 upgrade that would be:
3/(0.97-2000/2360) = $24.48133

To prove the $20 upgrade:
$163,3089 in ads deducts 326417,8 in BAP
To rebuy that thru Bulk ads, that will cost: 326417,8/2360 = $138,3126
$163,3089 in delivered ads brings $158,3126 in my account (163,3089 * ,97)
$158,3126 - 138,3126 = $20 for the upgrade cost equals break even
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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19/06/2019 21:51
The upgrade will remain active for as long as need until profit occurs.

I went to the SUU after typing some questions and it provided me with answers.

So, at min you get 1 days worth of SUU's to get the profit just like any random BAP to cash exchange, you could even get lucky and get 7 days.

However, the ROI is nowhere near 118% (or well 114.33%) on a per dollar basis.

Even if you get say $10 turned into $11.4 the final week, you did approx ~$170 worth of clicks (at $0.5 per click that is 340 clicks for $1.4 or $0.004 per click).

For the min, say you get $1.5 turned into for $2.1 the final week, you did ~$26 worth of clicks ($0.01 per click that is 2600 for $0.7 or  $0.00027 per click)

Both of those are nice enough ratios (or way better than) for a Manual Surf with Cash type deals. But I wonder just what kind of final 1-7 days profit is expected.

How much is being sent out currently per day on avg?

A quick comparison to Recycle upgrade say on avg it's 500 clicks and after the ref and cost that's 5c profit, haven't done the math on that), that's 10cpm or $0.0001. Not horrible for Manual Surf for Cash, but still lots of time for not much (takes 20 recycle upgrades and 10K clicks just to get enough for 1 BA.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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19/06/2019 22:12

Your net-profit on clicked ads is 12,25% (on daily ad issue, not counting MINI and MEGA upgrades)
With recycled ads it is 7,25%(if you receive precisely $1 for the 5 cents upgrade).
Traffic Value: $25,276.97238 Saudi Arabia
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20/06/2019 19:02
@ Marc/Slosumo

I have sent a ticket regarding a possible vulnerability which a certain guy is exploiting at our games.  Please go to it before you go through cash-outs, one of which I have flagged.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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20/06/2019 21:27
i am wondering if there is not just an easier way to handle the SUU

If a user buy it for 20$, give that user 40.000 baps and send out the SUU upgrade ads as usual for 7 days. Then you dont need extentions, some people will buy it every week and some people must wait longer before their money growned enough to rebuy it. No more calculation needed
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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21/06/2019 01:07
How about a $0.025 recycler upgrade for $0.50 worth of recycled ads.

That way it will be more manageable for the clickers.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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21/06/2019 05:47
Not a bad idea, could even have it be a few more options...or lower it to $0.005 for $0.1.

It's not like there are that many recycled higher value ads that you go over $1 anyways, so no abusing it that way.

This would be so much more easy to program, I would think.

$0.10 is max 200 ads, and probably closer to 100 on avg, so that's actually quite enough to make it easier for clickers to handle at once (~1 -1.5 hrs if 2 a min...and even if one can do 5 a min, that's still 20-40min). That is enough time to be invested in one go.

I could see, if one wanted to, they could buy multiple at once, aka they want them to come in while they sleep/work (as they are not instant) and then do them when they have time.  
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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21/06/2019 05:55

How did you pick 40K BAP?

Even if they gave the BEP in BAP, why would anyone click that many times for no profit. If there is profit, what does the site get? The 2nd question is actually something that I wonder about SUU in the first place. Though, as long as the BAP is paid for somehow (though AA aren't exactly paid for) then it just means less BAP debt.

Also, why would someone not buy it as often as possible if they could. It's not like the SUU only go to those 40BAP, as the BAP is added to the BAP I have for Group Ads/Recycle/Instant etc. 
Traffic Value: $13,153.21335 Spain
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21/06/2019 11:27
And ftq news..??
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