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Traffic Value: $1,464.16912 Spain
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19/04/2020 09:50
Monitor Listing:

GPTMINE is a new program where you can mine CASH like it was Bitcoins. It's also an advertising platform if you want to advertise your sites and programs to get visitors and referrals.

You only need to keep a tab in your browser opened to earn cash every minute, which is credited in your balance account directly. You will gain doing that $0.00010 every minute just for have it opened while you do other things with the free membership.

You also can earn from your referrals the 5% what they mine.

Other features it have and makes it sustainable:

  • Offers like Paidverts or PTCShare
  • Weekly Lottery
  • Jobs
  • Referral Contests
  • Premium Memberships
  • Banner Ads

The program is very new, so you can make a good pool of referrals and have great earnings in a mid-term  cool smile

Hope you enjoy and happy earnings.

Traffic Value: $1,464.16912 Spain
0 like this post 0 people
28/04/2020 16:33
Hi folks, 

I updated the post with a payment proof. I reached the minimun to withdraw so quick, almost in 15 days, and the payment was sent about a 20 minutes after request (I choosed BTC for withdraw to my freebitcoin wallet).

This is a very trusted site and pretty easy to use, because you can earn just for have an opened tab in your browser while the program works. Never was so easy to mine money, works like an autosurf without using cpu unlike mining btc's that consumes a lot. This is totally free and safe for your cpu and computer  smile

You can register from monitor with the link posted in the first post of this thread.
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