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Traffic Value: $420.31646 Germany
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23/09/2018 10:09
Here I go.

Ok, I won't do long explaining posts as I did in the past, because I learned that this is not worth the time.

If you have any questions, just ask me and I am happy to answer.

I've Just added a program to the Monitor where you can earn 1% per day (half on Weekends) for Life.
Currently, it is 2% as a Special Launch offer!

All the profits are made from Crypto Trading and everything is 100% Anonymus.

Why do I promote this and don't see it as another HYIP you find every day?

Because of the Guys that are "behind" this.

Most of you know AdClickXpress (ProfitClicking, JSS, or however you want to call it), they have "sold" the Design and Concept to the C3C owner. You could tell a lot about ACX, I know all the stories I have joined them in 2012 and I am still active. And you might have "lost" money with them (I am happy to was at ~100% ROI) lately I invested a few hundred bucks so I am at ~25% ROI now.

But If a System is able to stay alive for over 6 years without just running off with the money they still have, it means something in this Industry!

And lately, they have changed their System ( again ) to pay 1% daily for life which is working for a few weeks now.

And this is what C3C offers. 2% per day at the moment 100% ROI within 2 months and a lots more.

So come on, give me your Questions and Criticism I am happy to answer everything 100% Truthfully.

I was lucky while promoting, so I am at $6.20 as of today.
Traffic Value: $1,850.32389 Romania
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23/09/2018 10:13
Insert the link with the insert link button in the top bar of the comment so people can click it.
Traffic Value: $420.31646 Germany
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23/09/2018 10:19
Thanks a lot, don't post here often and still don't like Forum Design grin
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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23/09/2018 12:36
Let me guess, same 2x2 matrix + 2% daily tripler positions?
Traffic Value: $420.31646 Germany
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23/09/2018 15:48
No, these times are long over.

Just simple Crypto Packs for $10 paying 1% daily.

No need to watch any Ads to earn, just log in and click a Button.
Traffic Value: $114,601.66988 Spain
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23/09/2018 18:59
Im under u @igetpaid, I hope long time paying this new website
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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23/09/2018 23:49
ok joined under igetpaid, though i'm second-guessing they can pay 1% for lifetime having cryptopacks with no expiry.
Traffic Value: $420.31646 Germany
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24/09/2018 09:27
Theoretically, if there is a Crypto Market and there are experienced Traders, it is no Problem to pay 1-2% per Day for Life.

Thanks, currently you can receive 100% ROI within 2 ~Months.

So to play it Safe invest once and cashout daily, after 2 Months everything will be pure Profit.

My Plan is to go 100% Reinvest in C3C and 100% Withdrawal in ACX for the next 3 Months. After that, I should be at 100% ROI and $1000 monthly. There is also a Calculator on the Website.

As always, never invest more than you can afford to lose.
Traffic Value: $420.31646 Germany
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29/10/2018 17:13
Normally I wanted to post here more and tell you about the unique features C300C has, but I had no time lately, so I will do it soon.

So this post will only be about News.

In 2 Weeks, the program is already 2 months old and my First Packs earned 100% ROI, wow time flies by.

Launch Special is over.

Therefore the advertised Referral Comission gets down by 50% do its original Plans

  • Level One: 5% Commission on New Money Spent
    2.5% on Re-Purchases
  • Level Two: 2% Commissions on New Money Spent
    1% on Re-Purchases
  • Level Three: 1% Commissions
    .5% on Re-Purchases

[justify]And also the special 2% per Day plan will change, but in a way better way that I have expected.[/justify]

[justify]From now on all new (and old) purchases will earn 2% daily (1% on Weekends) for exactly 60 days, after this, they will go down to 1% (0.5%).[/justify]

[justify]This is an awesome boost for all new Members, as they can reach ROI in only 60 days![/justify]
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