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Why I was wrong about MTV / Paidverts

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23/05/2023 19:31
No problem. I was a long lasting fan (and still keep an eye on it as you see) but nothing ever moved in a right direction, and many years passed.

If you have your BAP on PV then ads and RPs are your only option as far as I know. PtcShare is a bit more liberal as you could buy ads with BAP aswell (and at least make a rotate4all campaign or something) but on PV those are the only options.
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23/05/2023 20:03
Hi, but at Paidverts isn't it the same (buying RP back and then selling RP for cash) as converting BAP (instant convert BAP to cash)? Seams the same for me. 

Today I've sold 1.2 mil BAP for RP and then sold it for MTV cash - got ~76$, but could easily get it with instant swap BAP into cash.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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24/05/2023 19:33
Well, you do have the market and some "actual" buyers and sellers for RPs and BAPs... but then again you can only reasonably use it for getting out with some pennies, so that's that.
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04/06/2023 07:29

Truth I realized after so many years of internet marketing and earnings is only one. You can enter into projects where people spend money for own interest, and you know some project is exactly what they search and might help them, so you got profit with that, OR you are not aware into what you step into, nor people which go in (sometimes not even admins).

In short what I mean:

1. Only invest online what you can scratch as lost right away, because you never know, risks are always there, and DO NOT use money you need in private life. Disasters are always possible.

2. Do not invite people into ponzy things unless you have no problem into scamming people.

3. Even some admins do not know into what they are going, because YOU CAN NOT return 110 % back, unless SOMEONE is directly right away flagged as someone who lost money, since you have taxes to country, payments for employees etc etc. If that money does not go around, someone will be winner, and majority marked as loosers becuuse of obvkious matrix or cycler when they go away after no results, unless admin invests money into something more profitable what will give even more money, but that is risk, and probably money washing and forbidden anyway. Risk no matter how you turn.

4. Only way how YOU can setup project is that you build advertising project where you explain that YOU CAN PAY ONLY based on daily results, AND ONLY part of daily revenues, because of taxes to company, wages etc etc. So not everyone can get money back and specially not 110 %, why would anyone then come to websites? Because you can offer what they want and not all want the profit, but service, you will explain that only around 40-75% actually goess back and be honest in TOS nad FAQ, and you will make project that will be profitable till forefer, with low costs to run, so that even in no results you can run the site and put out all remaining payments or just run site on auto mode without failure at all.

Most people are not aware of those basic facts, or the fact that is miracle or result of dedication that all those websites are still around. Mostly because of fact that online casino games saving the day, or the fact that there are still some good products which saving the future of this project despite massive mistakes made even after Jo/Joel, which did not paid off on long run as they could.

I tried to explain this world needs ne generation of project, sadly noone considered my words seriously, and they should because internet earnings would finally be exposed, but also built on honest and open way where many still earn, while some just spend on what they need, and math besides project is built based only just part of revenues of daily results, AND NOT total profits of users and system that day.

This is reality, both in reality and online and I tried to implement same rules to online, and I decided to sell my idea to someone, and will invest inside lot of money as soon as someone finally builds real project without ponzy elements and without admins who are actually not aware how money flows, and things work.

I do not point fingers to admins or users, I popint fingers to many of those who actually knew that but did not explain to them (programmers who searching profit online, past admins who could share, experienced marketers like me who knew, but besides me almost noone cared and they were scamming people and lying to people with excuse it is their own fault). Basically I was marked as target when I made money on honest way without lying to people and because I did not scammed anyone.

If anyone will have time to read this you will understand some things lot better, if you would care.......

Have a nice weekend.
Traffic Value: $2,037.53169 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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04/06/2023 12:00
Hi MisterDD,

thanks for explaining so much of important things here. All true.
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