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Speedy way to dividends idea

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11/03/2021 10:51
This idea is in addition to already occurring FTQ being paid off with profits. This may have flaws so feel free to refine or disregard.

The idea is to use the RP's from the Portfolio account for compensation to fast tracks being paid off.

How it would work: First either use the present Marketplace or create a new one just for this. I, the investor, would fund my account with fresh OUTSIDE(required) money. I would go to the MP and pay off the most discounted FT(or regular FTQ if MP is empty). In return, instead of buying that investment, MTV would give me the the equivalent in RP's at Market or discount from the Portfolio account. There would be a newly special-made escrow type account for me just for these RP's I just obtained--I would NOT be able to touch them until regular dividends are occurring. This feature would be for long term view RP-investors like myself who ALSO want to help get the FTQ paid off quickly and thereafter, dividends.

What happens: The person who just received their cash from the FTQ may go and buy RP's(from the regular market) which might help raise the price. THEN, other fast track holders who not only see a new near instant way to liquidate, they also see the RP's rising and might race to get to the front of the line by further discounting their FT's.

Now if this were actually implemented and people were anticipating it before implementation, there might be a spike in the market, so it might be a good idea in the beginning to have a limited time offer at the market price BEFORE the spike happened so people can lock in. Thereafter, Portfolio would distribute its RP's at market or at a discount if needed if prices get so high that it made sense to attract people to do this.

Additionally, besides a RP buyback program, Portfolio could perhaps replenish its RP's by splitting with cash on the selling fees.
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