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07/02/2014 14:10
I'm working on a game at the moment, which will operate something like this:

- $1 becomes your game balance
- $0.05 is entry to our "million play comp"

The game is basically, you select a box / roll a dice. And your balance will go up or down by various amounts. With the possibility of the game stopping at any point, or you moving onto the next level. Where your balance can move up/down by bigger amounts.

And basically, your $1 balance goes up and down. And you can call it quits whenever you like... Or you'll lose; and the game will be over regardless.


Anyway, I'm working on a second level competition for this game. Where stopping the game, to log your score (cashout prize) ; is also your entry into this competition.

LOSS games, do not enter you into the comp. But your $0.05 contribution forms a mini prize... Only positive scores, where you cashout $1+ count.

I'm planning 10*10 squares (100 plays box).
Where each $1+ score you log, fills in one square. Then once all 100 squares are filled. The user with the largest total score (be that one huge score, or 20 little ones added together) will advance.

* Rule. You're only allowed to log 20 scores in any single L1/L2 100play box. (If you log more than that, they'll automatically be issued to the next available 100 play box)

100 plays:
$5.00 official prize fund
$____ unknown mini prize fund (quantity of loss plays allocated to this box * $0.05)

The mini prize fund is split 2 ways:
1) 50% rolls over, to the next level mini prize fund
2) Is divided equally between all UNIQUE non-winning participants that logged a positive score that round... So if there were 5 different users that logged a score this box; irrelevant of the total score or quantity of scores logged by each... they all get 1/5 of the available money.
-- This might be a lot of money, or it could be zero. eg. If 100 wins are logged in a row, then its zero. (Highly unlikely)

LEVEL 1.... 100 plays. $5 prize fund. (50% of mini fund goes to Level 2)

Level 2.... 100 squares again. $500 prize fund. Plus 100% of 100 mini prize funds.

>> Same rules appply here. User with highest total score goes through, total score logged as single entry into next round. 100% of total mini fund divided by unique losers.

Level 3.... 100 squares again. $50,000 Prize Fund.

1st... $25,000
All other participants share remaining $25,000 equally. (Could be just $252 each if 99 others; $1250 each if 20 others; or $50k if one person has all 100 spots!)


Mini Fund... Lets say there are 25 losses per 100 board average. $1.25 mini fund.

Level 1 = $0.625 in mini prizes shared by 4-99 people.
Level 2 = $62.50 (shared by 4-99 people)

50 losses per 100 board average.
Level 1: $1.25
Level 2: $125

100 losses per 100 board average.
Level 1: $2.50
Level 2: $250.00



You need to gamble a bit more (rather than stopping at the first profit), in order to log the highest individual score.

It might be better to bust a few times (logging no score), and chasing a huge score, rather than submit a bunch of little scores that won't add up to much. As maybe you'll get through Round 1... but you'll need a big big score sent through to Round 2 to get through there.

And to win Round 3, you ideally need to win several Round 2's


And I think a good feature to have, will be to enable the user to SELECT which competition board they are playing for before they begin the game. (And have a spot reserved there for the duration of the play)

That way, you can know your scores at each Level 1 play set; and perhaps work on making one set all HUGE scores (or nothing). Or alternatively, you could select a box which has a lot of loss plays allocated to it already; just to log any score and cashin on the mini prize.

(As remember, if you win... you win money anyway for that gameplay. Where your competition score goes, is a bonus)


But I think this will be cool for MTV. It's both a game of chance. But one where the user has constant decision making to do.... And also a game of strategy for the player, in terms of do they risk big, or risk little.

And MTV will profit from the incentive to play lots of times. As we need 1million positive scores logged in order for the big competition to payout.

-- And the game itself; is somewhat similar to Compound Boxes... just more subtle. A lot more options, and your balance will move up and down by lots of smaller increments. Outright losing and advancing are relatively low odds (1/20 or so of the potential outcomes)
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