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Traffic Value: $4,428.2217 Romania
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26/12/2021 19:59
Merry Christmas to everyone! Congratulation to PTC SHARE admin for taking my money again this month. So we everybody wait for you to repair broken sites for days and you do not want to put 24 hour for your adds not even on Christmas holiday. You took 9.000 baps from me second time this mounth becouse I was not been able to arrive in time at home to view my adds. Verry nice from you!!! Shame on you!!!
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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26/12/2021 20:26
Well, when the site is down it's on them.

If you don't click the ads on time however, that is purely on you. 18hrs is plenty of time and it only takes some 2min to finish anyway.
Traffic Value: $4,428.2217 Romania
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26/12/2021 20:46
Whel, VIXTHRA I am trying to sleep 8 hours at night and I am staying from 8 to 12 hours at work wearing a COVID 19 costume in a hospital. How do you want to view my ads in 18 hours?
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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26/12/2021 21:28
PtcShare is not responsible for the state of your day-to-day and personal organisation.

Thumbs up for Covid work though.
Traffic Value: $1,701.2323 Honduras
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27/12/2021 05:50
Not being able to do your ads when the site is up and working is your sole responsibility. You cannot blame others for your busy life.

There is a time extension upgrade you can purchase so that your ads expire in 24 hours instead of 18. If not being able to come back in time to do your ads is something recurrent, you should buy it. Another option is to put your account on vacation mode for a number of days, in case you're busier certain specific part of the week/month/year. 
A third way to go is to block receiving the ads, by setting a block higher than the bigger ad that you regularly receive. That way, you don't get your BAP eaten by the ad issues. You can change that on your settings.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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27/12/2021 21:39
That time extender is NOT worth it. COSTS way too much for not long enough.
Vacation is only if you know you will be too busy. Even then, if you can somehow at least click your biggest ad you are better off not paying the expense to save the other ads.
Ad filter only works up to $0.99. Also, $10 is a lot to throw down these days for the ads for random days you miss a day.

ALL that said, OP knew going in they had 16 hrs 5 days a week (and 7 really for random ads, often have to check 2 times a day spread far enough apart). If not going in at least once you saw the first timer on the ads. That's on you for sticking with the site.
ALL that said, this is a feature that sucks keeping us from growing in membership and thus real advertisers paying to advertise their stuff to us.

The sites are way too much of a chore, and currently vs my wages which are low for my area, NOT worth it. I'm about to go on a long vacation from the sites (just waiting to see if there is any Christmas double or triple Ad Issue coming). I will only come back if/when the ad issues per person really grow.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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28/12/2021 04:51
what a long stories.....can it be so hard to just use 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before going to bed.
If the answer is yes.....then better sell the baps and leave the ship then this program is not for you
Traffic Value: $109.29683 United States
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07/01/2022 23:40
Where are the Cash Ads for PTCshare today?PTCshare indicates Daily release of $298.541 valu,but I didn't receive any ads today only BAP.
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