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slosumo - Administrator
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21/05/2014 15:01
I figured if many of us do this, we can help reduce the absurd number of support ticket and help deal with scaling issues as a community.

Basically, mail your referrals to not send in needless support tickets, send them every important update so they don't ask questions that have been answered over and over.

Most users probably don't know daily news exist - inform them.

I'm sure if we all try and take care of our referrals and inform them about current issues, we can prevent the mass spam Jo is receiving, plus I'm sure you'll also get more commissions if you keep in touch with them smile

Anyway this is the email I just sent to my refs, feel free to use it:


First off, just letting you know that the daily ads were just sent out.
Looks like another 2%+ result!
Don't forget to click on your ads at:

Next I would like to ask all of you to stop sending needless support tickets,
as it's preventing the staff to focus on more important support tickets and cashouts:

1. Problems with viewing ads - only send an Ad report if you have tried all you could think of
to get the ad viewed. There are known issues with the captcha and viewing errors that are being
fixed by the programmers - please don't waste their time needlessly. As you noticed the 3rd line
before viewing an ad is now a captcha, that you have to type out. Try it with and without spaces,
I've viewed tons of ads and it always worked for me.

2. Pending PayPal cashouts - Please do not send tickets regarding PayPal withdrawals. Some have
waited over 7 days as the fees were changed due to installation of bulk payments, which will enable
much faster withdrawals, but don't send tickets about it. The more tickets you send, the longer it will
take for you to receive withdrawals. PaidVerts will, pay, always has, always will, you don't have to worry
about that. The problem right now is that all PayPal cashouts are still manually sent, but as I said
they should hopefully be installing bulk payments within 48 hours. They have the cash to pay all of us,
the only problem is with PayPal slow support staff on handling account upgrades to allow for the bulk payments.

Read the daily news at MyTrafficValue, the company that crowdfunded and built PaidVerts - 90% of
your questions is answered here EVERY day.
Don't bother staff with needless questions, let the community
help you whenever we can!
Check the daily news here ( the username and login is the same as is for your paidvers accounts):

Lastly, if you have any general questions I'm always here to help. If your having problems with viewing ads,
I can probably think of a possible cause. I'm a longterm MTV/PV member, I can probably answer on most
of your questions.

Reply to this email or send me a mail to XXXX
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21/05/2014 15:43
all my referal are from forum, then i make topic in forum so my ref and me can make discussion there, but if i can answer their question, i suggest them to open ticket grin
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21/05/2014 16:12
My ref has buy ad, but system dont add BAP for him. He has send ticket three day, but he has not saw admin fixed for him, he very sad. 
He continue pm facebook of Jo, but Jo dont reply for him, and he said me help him pm Jo. Yes, I has pm Jo, but Jo very busy

Proof buy ads

Account: gamedola
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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21/05/2014 16:39
Sending multiple tickets about the same issue won't help. Just wait for the 2-4 days it's currently taking for Jo to answer. The more tickets you send the longer it takes for him to respond.
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21/05/2014 16:41
I think that you saw the image that Jo Put here. He has over 1500 tickets to answer!!!
And sending PM’s to Jo facebook is also spamming. If everyone does that, that will also flood his inbox!

You, your ref and everyone has to be patient and wait.
For example when Jo cancel every PayPal cashout. What did I did? Send him a ticket? No I didn’t. I request it again wait and I just receive the payment today smile

Sending more tickets and PM’s to Jo will only delay more the response from him, like slosumo said.
Traffic Value: $2,227.80031 Viet Nam
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21/05/2014 17:24
yes, I know admin very busy with more 1000 ticket, but he is newbie sad and i am sponsor for him. He alway ask me when i onl. You visit fanpage of me, and you'll understand. I alway get very question in day, and i alway reply and support for them

My fanpage:
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22/05/2014 02:10
If the suport ticket was create the problem will be solved!
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