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Traffic Value: $62,242.81014 Netherlands
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07/03/2020 09:20
A statement of the team of MTV's lack of success:

"crypto came around and tons of people moved over there.":

Change direction completely and go into crypto also. Swap all the RP's into ERC20 tokens, make a supply of 1 Billion for example. Make a good funded White Paper and start a ICO ( as a crowdfunding ) to raise funds
and make some serious working products which are well promoted.

This way the RP's are also tradable on the open market.

This option has to be considered seriously. The current approach has proven to be not successful
after all these years. I think it is useless to go on like this, I/we have waited long enough.

It will take a decent amount of effort and money, but Mark when you took over MTV you said I will never
give up. And you didn't, I appreciate that, but now you have to think about how to make MTV to
a real successful business.

Better go for "all or nothing", we as members have nothing to lose any more.

I hope for a response from as many members as possible and especially from Mark.

Thank You.

P.S. my apology if this is discussed before in the past.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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07/03/2020 11:14
This has been discussed many times already indeed.

Objections from the team are the same as always:
1) Do an ICO for what exactly?
2)Erc20 tokens are worthless pre-mined tokens
3)It´s not 2017 anymore, ICO´s will not just magically give you 10 million in funding for no reason
4)There´s a ton of scrutiny from the SEC in the blockchain industry atm.
5)MTV does not need a blockchain or a token to run.

We might not be extremely profitable, but we are around.
There is no reason for us to go for an "all or nothing".
All or nothing sounds reckless/like a gamble and the "all or nothing"-approach has burned me many times during the past 5 years.
Traffic Value: $62,242.81014 Netherlands
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07/03/2020 14:29
Thanks for you reply Marc. (sorry for the Mark above). 

But we are "around"  for such a long time now. I am waiting for some recover of my immens loss.
I am only waiting for some improvement of the RP price.

I know the chance is small that  this wil happen in the crypto world. But after so many years of waiting and if we go on this way, price increase will also not happen. 

So what do think to give this compagny more value? I am convinced now that if nothing chances over 5/10  years we are still just "around". 

Is this what you will achieve after all?  
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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09/03/2020 03:29
Are you sure that people won’t invest “for nothing” ? People did invest for a juicer that could be juiced with hands and it was valorized at 120 millions. Remember pet rocks ? People will invest in dumb thing but mostly they will invest in good stuff. We have two casinos working pretty well and a game. I see a very useful way to create value here. Coins could be created to be either used on the website or gambling or the game as in-use currency. Making the local coin more attractive (eg no fees or better rates) could pull some good investors. Then we can extrapolate our coin to other purposes. The point being if city issue more and more local coins and we’ve been around for quite some times, could be a great idea. Besides why can’t we also make video ads and fixed ads as those in the ptc community ? Those have been discussed for years and being told as good but still don’t appear on the website.
Traffic Value: $3,590.48053 United Kingdom
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09/03/2020 21:07
If We use Waves Platform or Sys Platform ( Maybe there are others aa well ,) In both platform whichever we choose We can crate Tokens Lets say MTV token . First it is very easy to create , second transections fee are fraction of $0.001. This platform only paying wages of Mark and a couple admin plus expenses. As an investor I have not made a single cent . At least maybe we could gain some attention from cypto community.
Traffic Value: $64.34448 Portugal
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19/04/2020 08:33
Also the MTV Crypto could have some sort of dividend like MTV shares used to have. The MTV shares have been frozen in 0.0006$ for ages!!! eventually goes to 0.0005$ but thats not enougth to make profit because of the fees.

I think this business is just giving seriouse money to the admins and few cents to people clicking ads..... so what is the point of owning shares???
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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19/04/2020 12:47
"I think this business is just giving seriouse money to the admins and few cents to people clicking ads..... so what is the point of owning shares???"
Andrefatf, I'm confused. What serious money are you talking about? Can you elaborate on that?

As long as I know, 'admin' (I don't know who are you referring to by that) lost some serious money.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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19/04/2020 13:29
And if you buy RP´s at 0.005 and sell at 0.006 (20% higher) then you still make plenty of money after a 3% fee.
Traffic Value: $8,196.65783 Poland
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19/04/2020 15:52
Never Crypto MTV!!! We users must raise RP. Let's wait and see...
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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19/04/2020 17:17
Our shares could be tokens or crypto. They could bear value on their own or through dividends. It would the coin extremely attractive if they are pegged to the business.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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19/04/2020 18:36
Well, they have no value of their own. And there is no dividends.
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