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Games Idea - Conditional Prize Tables

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17/05/2014 23:51
I was thinking today about creating some games with multiple prize tables. The game could be anything; from a slot machine, to a modified version of Blackjack.

There would be a "normal prize" table... where the game would have its regular house edge edge. And then it would have a "conditional prize table", where the house edge is either removed entirely, or even swings into the players favour! And it remains in effect until the payout ratio of the game returns to a given percentage of total bets that day/ week /all time.

So the game would be played like normal; then when the payout ratio of the game drops below a certain level. ie. the house is in a good profit - the prize table then flips to one where the house should either break even, or even lose.

Then when the prizes come up again; it reverts back to the regular prize table.

So all the plays are still random. And even with the good prize table, you may still lose. As if you draw bad numbers, you draw bad numbers. Nothing you can do about that.

But I think that would help increase the number of game plays. And it almost creates an investment opportunity; if/when someone loses at the games. You get to basically be the casino for a while. So you can justify your playing; as whilst there's still a risk involved; you should win in the long run - so long as you play during the bonus prize table sessions.


Rough example of a non-slots game;

Coin Flip; pays 1.97x during normal times.
Then during a "bonus session" we could add in an extra prize; if you win 10x in a row. You win 2000% of your "average bet" for those 10 plays, as the prize for your 10th win.

Odds of winning 10 in a row are 1 in 1024.
1024 * $0.015 house edge (on $1 bet) = $15.24
Winning prize pays $20... so that gives you a $5 bonus over and above a 0% house edge.

And the odds of that happening aren't going to happen in 10seconds flat; so it'll keep the juicy prize table open for a while.

-- Maybe not the best example, and we can play with the numbers involved... but you get the idea.

-- And maybe we can implement extra rules or whatever; like you must play the game 10x at regular limits, before you can unlock the bonus prize table that day... Or something like that.

-- But the idea is just a way to give something back to players; in the form of renewed opportunity / incentives to play again. Rather than cash.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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18/05/2014 00:30
This way we just make the games even harder to repay themselves and it just ruins the idea of owning a casino imo.
I don't really see the benefits for mtv itself.
We got a lot of loss days already and small profits on other days.

This would make it even harder to win or break even for the portfolio.
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18/05/2014 01:19
Conditional prize tables would boost incentive to play the games, getting more players spending more.  So long as the incentives don't appear until the house is getting a proper cut, the increased gaming volume would result in increased profits.  It would also reinforce the fairness of the games to the players.
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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18/05/2014 02:19
I've given some more thought into how the conditional prize tables could be activated and scaled on any of the games.  Let's say the coin flip game is $10 in house profit for the day.  That could activate a $10 bonus incentive that day for anyone who wins 10 games in a row.  If the coin flip game gets to $25 house profit that day, the incentive would go up to $25 for winning 11 games in a row.  Just keep doubling the conditional prize every time the day's house profit doubles and tack on another win required to get it.  This could go as high as the players are losing that day and could be applied to all the chance games.  It would be unlocked each day in each game that the portfolio is making at least $10 in and scaled up each time the game is making more money.  $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 bonus incentives activated at 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 consecutive wins.  Take the conditional prize even higher once we get that much profit daily.
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