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24/03/2014 11:06
This is a concept idea for a bonus investment plan, that we can offer to active/loyal users of My Traffic Value. And give them that holy grail 1% daily payment plan that everyone loves!

- You must have invested $100+ into our 186/250 plans to unlock this plan.
- You must own at least 1000 shares
- Access will be limited initially to 50 participants. This can be increased later, as our portfolio grows and can guarantee more investment.

50% goes to portfolio development funding
50% is added to the daily result cards

* No referral commission
* No shareholders

Then basically what happens; is the daily payments for this plan become a negative revenue for our daily result cards... This is offset via the 50% contribution they add to the daily result cards with each daily investment.

The plan pays 1% daily for the following 200 days.

You can invest one of the following values;

In order to get paid, you must make an additional investment (of any of the above values) each server day.

You can invest $20 on the first day; and $1 every day after that. Or $20 every day. However you like. And only one investment is required/permitted each day per participant!

If you don't invest on a given server day; then all your investments will skip a day. Thereby reducing your maximum total return for each investment by 1%.

So if you invest, then miss one day; your max possible return drops from 200%, to 199%... Payments will resume the instant you start investing daily again.

50% dev funding * 3.63x = 181.50%
+50% instant results = 231.50%

So this plan should earn 31.5% more than it pays out. And in addition to that, inevitably some people will miss the odd day and forfeit 1% of their returns from time to time.

Other than that, it has the same requirement of the portfolio as any other product. The only thing is, we guarantee the time frame.

So this plan must be capped in size, so that our portfolio and daily revenues are sufficient to cover the costs of the daily payments regardless.

* Further time saving can be achieved with this plan by allowing more participants. Scaling the plan in a controlled and predictable manner; to ensure the daily payments are met without destroying the daily portfolio results. And giving sufficient time for the portfolio to be built and return its require ROI.


As a footnote,
I wouldn't think of implementing this idea until our portfolio revenues are at least $500-$1000/day average.

At which point, it may no longer be necessary.
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24/03/2014 11:39

just one question. If i will invest on the first day 20$ and i will invest another 20$ on the next day so i will get:
1st day 1% of 20$
2nd day 1% of 40$??
200th day 1% of sum of investments? 
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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24/03/2014 13:17

All your investments pay individually; 1% daily each. For 200days after each investment was made. (Less any days you miss)

Thereby, you need at least $101 to invest into this plan. Via investing $1 each and every day. Then from the 101st day onwards; your profits exceed your daily investment.

* Hence one of the reasons for the entry requirements.. I only want users of a proven value that can definitely afford this. And users that have figured out MTV enough to understand the stated rules. As you have to stick by them, or you won't profit.


I'm just looking at the long term viability of this... As it adds up! 50 people investing $1 per day; is $10k after 200days. Thereby that's going to drain $100/day from the result cards. (Or $75, after 50* $0.50 contributions)

So assuming no growth and 100% daily participation; that's the burden it puts on the result cards. And thereby they need to be earning much more than that. So not only can they cover the cost; but so that it still yields a good daily result for the fast track queue at the end of it.

* Short term of course; the fast track queue benefits enourmously from the 50% contributions.

* And long term; the portfolio gets more financing to grow from these 1% investors; so whilst this product/plan is returning an overall loss. The products its helped build & their subsequent daily revenues; should be a net profit overall.


But the time saving concept I have in mind here, to enable these fixed payments is to use controlled growth. And with this plan we have incredible control!

So 25 or 50 people initially (less the better). Investing $1-$20/day each.
Then after 50-150days or so; this plan might start venturing into negative revenue territory... At which point; we could double the capacity; allow 50-100 participants. And this would effectively buy us another 50+ days of time saving (with this plan still contributing profitable revenues to the portfolio each day)... Meanwhile; we have time to utilize the investments & build the portfolio. And for those to start paying back.

But, once you start; you can't stop without landing the result cards a bill... So you've gotta be careful! And make sure the portfolio as a whole is performing. Otherwise you back yourself into a corner, where your promises out-weigh your revenues.

Technically you could turn this plan off; or tone it down whenever you want - reducing the max daily investment to $1/day; or disabling the requirement all together - and just requiring users to login and click a button "Pay me"... but it'd take 200days for it to stop affecting the result cards.


I don't know whether we'll build this plan or not. There's a definite risk to it. But it seems to be a system in high demand. And it could help bump our development funding (though that may not be an issue if PV is a success -- we may have the opposite problem [again] of too much funding and too few programmers!)
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24/03/2014 13:20
Jo ,
me I have invested 1 times a day, every day from 29 January! 
When will be implemented this new plan! 
Thank you!
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24/03/2014 13:25
What's the exit strategy?

invest $10 every day for 200 days. 

then on the 200th day, I stop investing. then the other 199 investments stop earning...
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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24/03/2014 13:28
hmm Jo,
I don't think this plan is a very good idea, when you look at the numbers closer,

if you're investing constantly only one amount of money for 100 days you'll reach -5050% ROI(lowest point possible) however,

continuing to invest from that day forward until 200 days of investment in total are reached breaks even with your total amount of money invested so far,

and after 200 days, every next day of investment brings you +200% ROI, and that, in my opinion, makes this plan unsustainable,
imagine someone investing daily 5$ and every day after 200th day he's 5$ in profit, he receives 10$ everyday - 5$ investment everyday = 5$ profit, on 220th day he made 100$, fastest money ever made on mtv and so on... and you see from here bigger investmets = bigger losses for MTV,

bad for MTV generally, good for users, hence I understand why the limit on users, only 50, even that is too much because these calculations show results per 1 user.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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24/03/2014 13:31
For all users that are in favour of this plan; please either reply saying so. Or click "Like" on the original post.

If the demand is there; i'll strongly consider it...

Maybe just permit 10users initially; then we can develop some "waiting list" system. And gradually accept more people as we want to grow the program / accept more risk.

But basically if we can get 20people interested right now; and accept half right away. And the rest in 50days time; and then double again in 100days time; that's a lot of guaranteed time saving. Which will probably be worth doing.


Maybe as a modification to this plan to further enhance its ability to save time. We could perhaps force users to invest a minimum of 7x $1.00 ... then they have the option of investing $1 or $5 each day. Then after 7x $5... the $10 option opens... And then after 7x $10... the $20 option opens.

And we'll leave it at that for the moment... As I want to keep the range small; so everything is more predictable.
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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24/03/2014 13:41
as you said earlier it could and should bump development funding but that's the only thing positive about this plan that I see, other than that I see no exit strategy here(debt swap?) and as a long-term plan unprofitable and risky for mtv of course
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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24/03/2014 13:48
Yes tupko, that is the risk here... And the difficulty with fixed returns.

And I agree, 50 is too many to start. Here's an example of 10 levels of time saving, with a much smaller start; basically gives us a year and a half before the portfolio starts incurring daily losses:

5... start
10... 50 days
20... 100 days
40... 150 days
80... 200 days
160... 250 days
320... 300 days
640... 350 days
1280... 400 days
2560... 450 days

And all going well; you could probably keep growing the program a little while longer. 5k, 10k, 20k users. After that; might get a bit iffy! As that requires a lot of users.

But ultimately; you need the portfolio to deliver. And can you do that in a year and a half?

2560 people = $12800 per day ($5/day avg)
That becomes a $6400 loss per day, assuming 100% participation.

Seems very risky!


Maybe 200% is too bigger return to guarantee under the 1% daily format.

200%... 200x$1 = $200 = $2.00/day (for $0.50 contribution) ... So that's costing $1.50/day per daily dollar.
Portfolio Requirement = 3x ROI
User Forfeit Ratio: Missing 1 day in 2

150%... 150x$1 = $150 = $1.50/day (for $0.50 contribution) ... So that's costing $1/day per daily dollar invested.
Portfolio Requirement = 2x ROI
User Forfeit Ratio: Missing 1 day in 3

125%... 125*$1 = $125 = $1.25/day (for $0.50 contribution) ... That's $0.75/day per daily dollar.
Portfolio Requirement = 1.5x ROI
User Forfeit Ratio: Missing 1 day in 5


So, as you can see!
Guaranteeing payments is damned difficult. Even a small return requires an awful lot to succeed.

* Think about that the next time you see a 1% daily (nevermind 2% lol)
Traffic Value: $27,232.49886 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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24/03/2014 14:55
I thought that you don't want MTV to be perceived as ponzi investment, 
and now you plan to implement the most ponziest plan to date?

A plan which could easily create mega problems for this business (like for any other business out there which are using these plans).

Looking at the current daily revenues and a lot of stuff on your pending/to do list, do you really think it is the right time to play with this idea?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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24/03/2014 15:08
We are discussing the idea, to see if its in demand, and whether or not it's viable. There are no set plans to implement this.

And i'm tired of second guessing perceptions.
People as a group, generally don't have a clue. We can't do anything about that... I'm only interested in actual viability, and raising the necessary funds to develop the portfolio.

MTV needs investment to grow. Our current users don't seem keen on providing that, and subsequently everything is going a lot more slowly than it should be. So we need to have a think!

PaidVerts is one option that's due to launch immminently. And now i'm brainstorming other ideas.

Contribute. Don't complain wink
Traffic Value: $27,232.49886 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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24/03/2014 15:35
I am not complaining, am just using common sense here.

These ponzi fixed return plans never worked and never will (at least for those predetermined soon-to-be-scams).

Trying to think at least one business which is online for years and paying without any problems with these plans and I came up with this number - 0.

MTV could actually be the first business which could somehow make it all work with all these rev. gen. products in the background which could maybe offset high risks with such plans.

But now, with such daily results... whistling

Maybe PV will bring you steady revenues which could then enable you to implement this.

But there are a lot of maybe's in the equation.

I just hope you will not rush with things.

And I never complain, am just discussing proposed idea - we are still allowed to do that question

People should express what they think, not just be quiet.

Here you have, that was my contribution and not complaining. tongue rolleye
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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24/03/2014 15:55
maybe also be like experimental fund, very high risk,
if it cannot pay 1% per day it will be refunded a bit later
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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25/03/2014 02:15
For now, let see if PV gives us the jump we need in daily results.

If not, it could be a good idea to implement this plan. Members are bored of debts swaps and they can't really see the value of shares.

The high yield investment plan of 1%/day for 150 or 200 is a good plan if you can change the earnings rules whenever you think MTV can't afford it anymore.

As you said, you could drop the daily investment to $1/day maximum.
You could completely stop new investments into the plan.

You could also debt swap only those plans with shares if you see a too big debt compared to the earnings.

Of course, I would be interested to join the plan.
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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25/03/2014 05:49
I think it is a great idea.  1% for 200 days with 50/50 dev funding/instant results could very well take mtv through 2014 and even 2015 without a debt swap.  Make it a minimum $1/day to be eligible for the 1% for that day, and make the maximum $5 for the first 50 days.  Double the maximum every 50 days while keeping the minimum $1/day to get the 1% and the portfolio can very well grow so much that debt swaps would be a thing of the past.  

I would recommend getting started on this right after paidverts launches.  I have the bitcoin ready to transfer in to cover my first 50 days.
Traffic Value: $59,525.25001 Philippines
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25/03/2014 09:13
I'm all for it, if you can automate the daily investment, where one can fund with $50 or any amount and let the system deduct $1 a day from his account without having to login to the account every day.

You already will have Paid Verts where people have to login daily and click to earn.
Traffic Value: $385,783.27887 Switzerland
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25/03/2014 09:27
I don't like this idea, as you said already it's very risky for mtv, and it remains some other ponzi scams. For sure it can work in the very begining, but sooner or later it will fail, as any other hyip. 
Right now you can promote mtv as real investment as it does not promise any fixed return, why to ruin it?

I belive with PV and some other good products we will have enough money to hire more people, build things much faster and then finally explode. 
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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25/03/2014 10:18
I think it's back to the drawing board with this one...

1) There's no fast solution / benefit here.
If we're limiting the participants to tiny investments, from 5-10people initially... There's nothing gained in terms of fast construction money.

2) Clearly guaranteeing fixed returns; means you have to guarantee a much much smaller return. As otherwise it just spirals out of control.

3) Looking at the numbers, even with doubling up participants / values for this plan; it's only going to make money for 50days; and then it'll be in a constant state of break even... So very little benefit for our results.
Traffic Value: $143,889.23643 Spain
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25/03/2014 12:06
As someone said before... We are talking about this plan with a lot of ''If's...'' I think we need to focuse only in PaidVerts at the moment and expect results.   Probably will be increasing the efficiency of all MTV with a fresh rush of members, investments and lately new products... But at the moment I think that we have to see how all it works.

New plans of investment like this seems amazing... but at the moment implement something like that is a very high risk for MTV... Honestly; (my opinion). MTV can't afford new ''debt swaps'' in the short-middle time. We need to increase the value of the shares to a ''real'' value and built more products like PV.

Greetings to everyone and sorry if my english isn't good enough. smile
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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25/03/2014 12:11
Yea, this idea is canned!

I'm playing with numbers at the moment to try and come up with something else... I want to try and design something based on my "drama theory"...

Investors want a daily drama; so let's try and design something that gives them that.
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