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09/01/2020 17:15

I am writing ths cause my friend Jordy has gotten his paidverts and mtv account email changed yesterday and as I am told he opened a ticket within a few minutes after it has happened to get the hack attempt solved. But so far no one has replied to him about the issue. Is there anyone who can take the time to resolve the problem he is facing at the moment?

Support ticket id is: 277175 and his username is: jordy186
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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09/01/2020 19:12
I've banned the account for now so it can't be abused. Other than that he'll have to wait for the support to answer.
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09/01/2020 19:54
thank you very much for your reply Marc. I will tell him this right away... Again Thank you so much
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10/01/2020 22:31
i got my account back and email changed. thanks  a lot for the help!

I do have a suggestion though. 
It would be really much better to have an extra security with an SMS service instead of the app. Im to good in crashing my phone and having to reinstall it several times a year.  its really a hassle to get back into the PV account when that happens.I wished i could add the extra security but it feels like its not an option for me to active it at this moment.
DomingoX6 - Administrator
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11/01/2020 12:01

Actually, Google 2FA (or any other app) is much safer than SMS.

There is a way to recover your Google 2FA, you only have to save the 16 digits code (or the QR code) that you introduce in the Google Authenticator app. Then if you lose your phone or something, you can just put that code in another device and recover the 2FA.
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13/01/2020 18:32
oh cool, i am going to check that out this weekend to see how that works .

thanks for the tips
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