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update as been gone

MTV wagering competition from the 20th until the 26th!

My Traffic Value is running a competition, in which we reward a few of you with extra money for wagering the most on our games!

From the 20th until the 26th you can get a nice bonus by playing a select few of our games, which you can find in the list below.

The link will also show you the competition table.

Go and get your cut!



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13/09/2017 03:27
hello all, i have been away a while and had a few questions. if anyone could catch me up to date i would really apreciate it-and before someone says i should check the news daily, i have not been able to past few months due to a death in my family and some hardships-----so please, i am curious about -why no recent news? and whats going to happen to paidverts? and last any news on when fast tracks will ever be paid on---------thank you for your kindness ,as i do not have time to sort through months of topics, and very much apreciate it-have a good all
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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13/09/2017 03:36
Paidverts is getting a rework - basically for long time members easy to get the same BAP per day, but even more if you are even more involved. Also, ideally, Advertisers will find the new layout more to their liking, as they will be getting their own interface. This update would have already been launched but we had to let go all our full time underlyings.

Which leads to we aren't making profit to pay FTQ. They are a priority, but until we get profit, can't be paid. We can't even guesstimate on when. MyMatrix didn't do anything. PBG still has yet to explode. They aren't telling us about other revenue sources (SumoRoll/CFE/WC etc), so I doubt they are making that much either. Looks like Product Funders are going to be getting RP's for their investments.

Marc writes news when there is news. There is no solid news when he doesn't. You say don't tell me just read the NEWS, well each one has more details in regards to specifics and things you don't ask. BTW, NEWS has it's own seperate forum, so each thread's 1st esp post is NEWS and not random stuff for too busy users.
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13/09/2017 03:46

thank you very much, nice to see your still here. and i do apreciate the the update .
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13/09/2017 05:16
Welcome 'home' stranger! Sad to hear about your loss. That is the biggest issue in life. Many of us are still here. We are just a little more quiet and doing our thing.

If you are looking to build up your BAP account and restore cash flow, the RP to bap ratio is really high right now so that is probably your best bet
Traffic Value: $595.0487 United States
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15/09/2017 23:28

thank you for your kind words , much apreciated. how are you? its been a lil while but im still arround. am trying to check in more often and get back to advertising again , so nice to hear from you!
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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16/09/2017 10:24
I'm surviving grin

Hopefully we can't get back more older members like you. I think we can if we can build up the site again.

I still believe!
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17/09/2017 20:27
I'm still here I've been here since 2014
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