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Some affiliate marketing help please :D

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29/05/2019 21:10
Hey all,

So somehow I managed to get about 200 referrals for ptcshare so far. My only concern is since its in pre launch many of them will fall off.  
Two questions:  
Will the admins be sending an email out to all registered users before launch to remind them?
Also, since its awesome we have easy access to our referrals emails, I am not sure what to send them in the days leading up to the launch to get them into it.
Does anybody with some experience in this have either some pointers or know where I can find some sort of well worded template I can mass mail out to them to let them know I am here to help and to keep them interested?

Thank you!      Of course ironically I wont have much to invest in ptcshare myself once it launches lol
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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29/05/2019 21:18
In a few days we should be able to start testing.
Once we know for sure we can promise a date, we will start a 7 day countdown.
During this countdown I expect to send out 2-3 emails.
As of now we're well over 10k users and we aim to get over 25k before we launch. I am pretty confident this won't be an issue.
We are definitely not going to sit back and relax.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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29/05/2019 21:26
ok cool.  Just to be sure, you mean you as in in the admin team will be sending out emails to all registered users? So I dont need to worry about it on my end?
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29/05/2019 22:07
Great, Tony & Marc, these were just the things I was wondering about myself smile
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30/05/2019 13:15

you may want to help them anyway. People love a personal touch and knowing that their referrer is there to help should give them even more confidence.

If you are looking to write a letter some of the things you can do:

Keep it short. You are looking for people with initiative who are willing to learn and build on their own.

Tell your story and why you joined PTCS. Again, keep it personal.

Tell them why you believe this site will succeed. This is where you can talk about PV and the success it has had and the success you have had here.

Talk about earning an income

Talk about how people can get free advertising

Maybe even talk to people about how they can get referrals. Since you have skill there maybe you can set up some sort of group ad co-op or rotator for your team. Keep these all as brief as possible. Teasers to whet their appetite. Maybe even break each subject into separate emails so as to have an excuse to keep 'bumping' them.

Income, advertising and referring are usually the three points people join for so those three points are key

Most importantly you want to build relationships with people you can work with on a long term basis. Down the road, you may want to help them into other programs you are in but start slow, keep it brief and let your leaders self identify
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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31/05/2019 12:26

Thanks so much for all that info. That is exactly what I needed.   So since im not the most techy person I have a simple question...

How can I email all the referalls the same message without composing a new one for each? I know there is a way to cc other people on an email without them knowing they were part of a mass mailer lol.   TY!
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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31/05/2019 13:28
That would probably be the "hidden copy" option. Never used it though to see how it works, heh smile
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31/05/2019 13:45
Blue Carbon Copy ...  ``bcc`` option is what you need, if you`re using a regular e-mail client.
Put 1 receiver in the normal ``To``field...and all the rest in ``bcc`` field.

Bare in mind (for future reference)... not to fill these kind of e-mails with many links..or you might be flagged as a spammer.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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31/05/2019 15:18
Yes, your internet provider or google could catch you and make life difficult. If you want to go that route you might want to join a bulk mailer service like traffic wave.

Apart from that it is probably best to just mail your new people as they sign up. Ten or twenty per day or whatever. That should be part of your daily routine. It can be a lot of work though

and I wouldn't fill them with any links at all until you have your new person in a definite conversation with you. they almost have to want to ask for it before you start pushing things unless it is a double opt-in mail in an autoresponder type set up.
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