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RP bought with BAP

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Traffic Value: $16,299.63637 Belgium
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14/12/2018 20:18
Is there somewhere I can find a history log of the RP listed for sale, with the exact time and date of the listing recorded?

I bought 25000 RP @ 3 BAP from Tony125s today @19:16:23.
The sale was registered in the control panel, but I don't see the RP in my account. There is also no record of rp listed for sale with that exact amount.
Maybe I did receive them but accidentally listed the RP together with another amount of RP.

@Tony125s, in case you are reading this, can you please check if your RP were actually deducted from your account?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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14/12/2018 21:00
19:16 Tony125s SuperSaverBE 3 25,000 3,750

14-12-2018 19:26:25 +9975 Royalty Positions: sold 3500 for 9975 BAPs 452635
14-12-2018 19:16:23 +71250 Royalty Positions: sold 25000 for 71250 BAPs 442660
14-12-2018 17:19:31 -400000 Royalty Positions: bought 100000 each @ 4 BAPs 371410

14-12-2018 19:16:23 -75000 Royalty Positions: bought 25000 each @ 3 BAPs 906144

Sell SuperSaverBE BAP 25000 3 75,000 3,750

Buy Tony125s BAP 25000 3 75,000 3,750

1st is found:
Click the date (14th) scroll to the time (19:16) and you will find it.

2nd is Tony's BAP History

3rd is your BAP History

4th is Tony's BAP Summary

5th is your BAP Summary

I'm not sure what the issue is as I see everything went as expected.

I see you haven't traded any other RP today, so is the RP you have 25K more than this?
I just remembered, in the CP they do update that number: 1,987,297
That is 25K more, just as expected. And Tony has 0, not 25K or more.
I got this via the once a day updated RP Holders list, button on the RP Page.

SuperSaverBE 1,962,297 0.3925
Traffic Value: $16,299.63637 Belgium
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14/12/2018 21:27
tx druth, we can always count on you!

2, 3, 4 and 5 I knew they existed, and were already checked before I asked here. The first link I didn't know yet. Thanks for sharing.

The issue is that at the time of buy/sale, I was also busy listing other RP for sale.
So the 25000 RP I bought @ 3 and listed for sale @4, were probably listed together with other RP, as I don't see an entry with that same amount.
Since there now are only 10000 RP left in my account that aren't listed for sale, there seems to be no way to know for sure if I really received the RP or not.

I'm pretty sure I've received them, but only wanted to know if there was a place I could double check.
Traffic Value: $16,299.63637 Belgium
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14/12/2018 21:44
1,962,297 0.3925

First time I see this number. Do you know what it means?

Edit: sorry, stupid question, found the answer seconds after posting;
Profitability (% Stake)
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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14/12/2018 21:46
Just stocking up bap so I can win this gaming contest about to start!
Traffic Value: $16,299.63637 Belgium
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14/12/2018 21:51
Good luck Tony!
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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15/12/2018 03:01
Play smart Tony wink
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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22/12/2018 07:03
See! Told yall id win! grin   now i just gotta turn on safe gaming and hope ad issues become unlaughble again haha
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