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royalty positions

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06/09/2018 18:25
i used to get 0.001 dividend per rp. when will they pay dividends again? i only see 0.0000000005 dividend per rp?
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06/09/2018 19:17
When the company has profits they will pay dividends again.

The FTQ isn't even paid off yet, so after that.

There is a chance we will get a random dividend b4 the FTQ is fully paid off, but regular dividends will only occur when we are regularly making more than is needed to cover expenses and debts.
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06/09/2018 19:52
how come i cant invest in the fast track 130% right now?
orlan12fish - Forum moderator
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06/09/2018 19:56
The FTQ investments are closed

But there are some members selling their spot at the FTQ market 
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06/09/2018 20:09
do you know if it will come back?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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06/09/2018 20:25

We have Project Funding for future ROI endeavors.
However, no new ones until the staff feels like funding is welcome and the devs can be given the hours to do the work.
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10/09/2018 06:48
any time frame to see 1 rp at atleast half cent
Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
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10/09/2018 07:23
My guess: between 2026 and 2028 
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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10/09/2018 11:36
my guess around 5 years or if 10 years than 10 cents- 1 dollar as guess
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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10/09/2018 11:43
within 2 months , RP will be reach 0.009

9 X in 2 months, ... Buy now and get  900% Profit. 
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10/09/2018 11:55
Traffic Value: $1,337.58071 India
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10/09/2018 12:23

you sure bhai.? ok then if possible then i will try to buy 100k again,but feel scared to see someone sold 1 million rp at 0.0011 rate
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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10/09/2018 12:59
Rehmaan, todaywork is joking, of course. No one knows when will RPs reach certain price and if someone tells you the opposite, you can be sure that (s)he's lying, joking or manipulating.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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11/09/2018 02:41
only two direction in market.

if we believe all in one direction, that is make profit.

So, yours opinion is not go up, am a right.

Okey ... Made Ask in 0.0012, if am sold in now, then i will purchase in lower price..

Waiting for your prediction.
Traffic Value: $691.41846 Pakistan
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05/10/2018 05:08
I have 18152 royalty positions. mostly came from my ftq amount. i have invest all amount in there and they converted in royalty position by 0.3. Can anybody tell me how can i recover my amount. they are not paying any dividend. even in more than 3 years they didn't clear ftq. kept saying when we went out of debt we will pay.Can anybody tell me how long will it take??
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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05/10/2018 10:17
Where's that crystal ball?
Traffic Value: $111.13841 Venezuela
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10/12/2018 18:58
[left]Hello, a couple of years ago I invested approximately $ 200 in
Paidverts to buy Baps and grow on the page,
when there was the problem of devaluation
they took away the baps I had and they became
"Stocks" which were devalued and practically lost all
my money, is there any way I have to be a part of
what I invested back? It would be very helpful thanks[/left]
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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10/12/2018 22:14
We are all in the same boat, some more "invested" than others.

Nothing you can do but keep waiting or use what you have and work with the system to try and profit.
Don't gamble though, that has a a house edge.
Traffic Value: $139.48404 Hungary
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12/12/2018 09:30
i would not say "we are all in same boots"...
lilttle users loose, big users make profits grin
just look system!
one group higher in my bap group would pay 0.006$ more.
i am in group3 so 24k baps needed to vlimb higher
on group higehr in aps would pay 0.012$more. i am in top10
so this means to me does not count how many baps you collected, because big difference is only in aps system
another problem that aps system is not transparent. i asked bosses more times where can i see how much aps should i have to climb up, but no one could answer.. maybe there is no answer.
but that is a fact, much more higher profit if you "collect" aps than if you collect baps..
and aps system can easily break  if you have a hospital visit like me, and you cant login for more than 24 hrs.. you loose almost everything. and no way to get back because you had a street accident :S
so in my opinion aps system is again for big fishes. 
but because they arent fool, they won invest more into this company, they grab little players money in trading, rebuying bulkads for cheaper.. but outer money is not coming enough to push up rp price.
i remember when rp was 0.4$ that was awesome. but then there were really outer investments. now old fishes collected enough money already, they won invest more, they play only with their money they already have. and make profit MORE.. and what about less players.. 
so once it was a good company .. when it started. there was milestone, we could collect prizes, much much baps, there were really investors.. now rich plyers are not forced to invest more :S
so i cant imagine how we will have higher RP price.. from what? when? how?
i just visit ads and buy buy rp. i cant do more, big fishes get everything. nothing to me. 
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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12/12/2018 09:47
I'm down ten plus thousand dollars and I won't be making it back via the APS or BAPS system, at least not until I've already made it back with the RP system, most likely.

And you got to be kidding me with Big Fish re APS, such a joke. The amount you get is small and even then the profit cause it consumes BAP is very small as well.

I do feel you with the kogin APS bonus being so you have to have 1 year consecutive to get it all, which while I did it (even with moving across the country and another two time no internet at home) might need some tweaks, if it truly is the difference btwn aps levels. AND, APS levels are constantly changing so there is no set number to aim for. They've looked into it and even a general idea is kinda hard to figure. Ask in the forum as a crowd source to get the general idea, at that time.

As far as outside investments that made RP $0.40, uhm no, and they were never $0.40 (based on valuation of total RP), highest was $0.11ish and that was in the highly manipulative marketplace.

As far as the future, there are plenty of things holding us back and things in early 2019 that they only told us we want to save our money for. I still see a bright future. It's just longer than anyone wants by far.
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