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Missing deposit

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Traffic Value: $790.4418 Bahrain
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05/09/2018 10:27

I have had a missing deposit in Perfect Money Games three days ago. Sent support ticket with transaction details.

Still no reply. Whom should I contact now ?
Traffic Value: $206.5689 Pakistan
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05/09/2018 12:45
yes you are right i have also my deposite missing and i have generate a ticket on 31august but still my account 0.00$ this is not good.... if 2 mans see ticket on daily bassis for 8hours this is not imposible that these ticket pending pending and pending.......... 
i also discuse PPMG here. the PPMG chat box offline 24hours so how we will take help about PPMG if i have send massge in PPMG and get reply after 3days.. and PPMG is a instant payment casino but payment send 2 or 3 times in a day... chack at this time till one cashout done today..... 

please admin work on things like that.... 

THANKS and sorry for my harsh wording
Traffic Value: $3,781.28667 Argentina
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05/09/2018 12:57
You made the right contact, you have to wait
Traffic Value: $206.5689 Pakistan
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05/09/2018 18:11
my dear admin we have not much dollars for playing games and doing other things in MTV so please see tickets quick and complete our missing deposits please please plesae............................
Traffic Value: $206.5689 Pakistan
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05/09/2018 20:29
i suggest you that add a chat box in MTV like PPMG but agent online minimum 5 to 8hours for help people................
any modorator here for help us..................................................
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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06/09/2018 11:54
Just be patient and don't reply to your tickets if you didn't get an answer as that'll get you back to the end of the queue. Nothing else we can do, support will solve this!
Traffic Value: $790.4418 Bahrain
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13/09/2018 06:27
Its almost 2 weeks of wait now. Still no news of  my missing deposit of USD 117
at  Play perfect money games.

No reply from support whatsoever. 

Very sad state of affairs for a member who has been with MTV since 2012.
Traffic Value: $354.01015 Serbia
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13/09/2018 11:43
I saw a new notification on PV about a wagering competition so I guess Marc or Slosumo will soon post a new topic about it.

I`m hoping they`ll mention and address to your case (and similar ones) and that you`ll soon have your problem solved.
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